An Angel in Juilliard


Nova, now 16, is already used to her new life in New York. A full year in the digiworld and having several digital codes embedded in her system awoken her certain powers, once back in the human world and the girl was suddenly much stronger, with an extraordinary  IQ , skilled in several fields, a psychic…there wasn´t anything she couldn´t accomplish.

But Magnus wasn´t there.
And Nova could care less about her newfound powers when she didn´t have her beloved brother by her sude…and despite having  new friends, despite being cherished by Tia Yagami´s group Nova  couldn´t stay in Tokyo anymore. Tokyo was filled with memories of a person that nobody  (except for Nova and Ryo Akiyama)remembered. Why Magnus Takariyama´s elements were erased from the collective memory, even Sakuyamon was unable to explain.
So unable to cope with such reality, Nova  needed to change the environment or she would go crazy…and with some manipulations, she finally managed to get her ticket out:
a special scholarship to Juilliard!

With Miyako Ishida´s grandfather´s connections (he was a famed conductor) and already having impressed everybody with her sudden skills in music, playing like a pro the piano, the violin and other instruments..of course Nova Takariyama would get her way to Juilliard. She was 15 when she finally traveled to USA.

“Until I find you, brother…I´ll fulfill at least one of your dreams in your stead…” she said the night before departing to the States.


For a a good while her digivice showed no signs of life, having initially sealed all the gates between the human and digital world Digimons became nothing but a bittersweet dream to her. But dreams never last too long and less than a year after her return to the human world the gates would open again, only to select a new group of digidestineds instead of her…She would only learn about Tia and her friends being the selected ones after sometime when one day, Ryo Akiyama and two unknown digimons suddenly appeared in front of her and told her what´s going on.

“I´m sorry for keeping quiet for so long..I have no excuse” were Ryo´s words ” I actually remember Magnus-san because…I also was dragged into the Digiworld while trying to save you from being sucked by that strange portal!”

Her eyes became filled with tears.

“…you remember my brother…?”

“He´s the best frenemy I ever had…”

“Akiyama-kun..!”  she rushed to his arms and cried like Saint  Magdalene. Nova cried in relief. After so long she finally found somebody who remembered Magnus and forgave Ryo on the spot.  Why he lacked the courage to speak before did not matter to her. The important thing was the fact that Ryo REMEMBERED. Because that meant she wasn´t crazy and could actually share stuff about Magnus that she longed for so long…! “Thank you…”

“I may not be Magnus-san but shall I replace him for a while, albeit in a different way…?”

From that moment they developed a special bond. Feeling relieved about his guilt, Ryo would often travel to the States and invite Nova to go out with him. They would talk about the past for hours and consol each other. He would talk to her about the Digiworld and the events taking place , introducing his Patamon and Gatomon to Nova in the process. But  while she fell heels in love with his partners she refused to go to the digiworld with him.

“Sometimes I have nightmares…I can´t”

“But everybody´s waiting for you!” Ryo never expected her refusal. She was the first digidestined and still wore her circular-bracelet digivice on her wrist! She looked like she was ready to go back to action “Tia-chan, Inori-chan…Sakuyamon-sama and the foxes miss you every day…!”

But Nova would shake her head, standing firm on her decision.

“Not yet” the girl had still unresolved traumas related to the Digiworld “besides Teacher still couldn´t figure out who placed the spell that erased my brother from everybody´s memories….what´s the point anyways…?”

And Ryo had no choice but to respect her decision. He understood her feelings.

The relief helped Nova blossom into a very beautiful girl and Ryo never forgot about the day he stole her first kiss. When Nova reached her 16th birthday he made sure to spoil her by taking her to her favorite restaurant, giving her a beautiful necklace from Tiffany´s and  confessed to her during a ride through Central Park.

“I wish to be more than your brother´s replacement…every time I look into your eyes I can´t help but being captivated by them… “

He didn´t have a little crush like in the past. He was absolutely in love with Nova Takariyama and would do everything to win her heart…

Nova initially was surprised  and did not know how to react. But she was so grateful with him and she was also attracted to Ryo that ended whispering an emotional: “Yes, please”

So she ended becoming Ryo´s girlfriend and was beginning to believe she´d never be summoned as a digidestined anymore when Fate intervened….

Fate would demonstrate that once  a digidestined, forever a digidestined; it´s  just a matter of time .

Duty was unavoidable. And it was also unavoidable the fact that  Angemon was ready to reclaim his status as Nova´s partner; after spending almost 3 human years confined to  that foreign digiworld, living and serving at Kabuki Sakuyamon´s shrine  (and regretting his initial rudeness in the midtime), the Angel was more than willing to get his second chance in life.

And Sakuyamon agreed, it was time for him to make amends with Nova and help her fulfill her mission.

It began with a random attack from a group of wild digimons in New York. Tia and her friends were already busy trying to protect Tokyo from an impending invasion from rogue digimons. So somebody had to step on the Big Apple in order to prevent another mess. Hence   Angemon got his opportunity to reunite with Nova. Like in a fairy tale, he arrived in the nick of time to save her from the claws of a Metalseadramon; like the prince in shinning armor he rescued her and, together,  fought side by side and managed to get rid of the troublesome creatures without a sweat.
“HAND OF FATE!!!!!” a shiny beam showed up from nowhere and impacted the mega digimon, forcing him to let go of his prey.

“!!!!!!!!!!!” Nova was too shocked to even scream for help. She was literally falling from the clouds, like a rock. The skyscrapers became a blur, such was the speed of the fall. Yet she didn´t open her mouth. Everything felt so bizarre, so unreal that she was sure she´s dreaming the entire scene!

And like in dreams, she didn´t meet the ground. She sighed in relief when she found herself surrounded by pristine wings and a pair of powerful arms caught her right in time. In a tone filled with emotion the newcomer said:

“Long time no see, partner….”

It was supposed to be a happy reunion.  He´d been waiting for this for more than a year.  How many times did he imagine this moment?
Every time Angemon pictured the re-encounter she would smile at him and ask what took so long. She would even mutter one joke or two (that´s what Tia assured ) and he would reply with a joke as well and declare he was more than ready to become her digital companion. Nova would then shed some tears and say yes and apologize for exiling him like a bug….

Reality spoke otherwise.

In a true Macaulay  Culkin – Kevin MacCallister fashion, Nova opened her mouth and gave the most inspirational horrified yell of her life.

“EEEEEEEEEKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


As soon as the battle ended, the princess  didn´t make a secret how much she DREADED the reunion and taking advantage of the general confusion, she  ended running away from the winged prince….

But hey! Did she think things would go her way and the angel would swiftly agree with her lovely statement?

The answer: NO.

An angel in Juilliard by Elizabeth2003

“HOW MANY TIMES DO I NEED TO SAY IT: GO AWAY!!!!!” she yelled again, one morning  ” I AM NOT YOUR PARTNER!!!!”

A week passed and much for her delight, the unwanted visitor was making himself comfortable at the dorm.

“Hum…I can´t say this sofa is comfy but I like the panoramic view” Angemon enjoyed watching her irked expression ” Aren´t you supposed to be dressed? You´ll be late for your classes..again”


“Takeru´s fine ” he explained once again “Somebody else is taking care of him so I can rest assure that he´s not alone anymore. But you, miss, cannot go on without a comrade”

“YES I CAN!” she pointed her finger at him “NOW GIVE ME BACK MY DIGIVICE!!!”

The angel shook his head, he had taken her device hostage since she tried to banish him again to the Digiworld. And judging by her expression, she didn´t quit the idea!

“Nope” the angel´s smile grew wider “I like this place already…it´s lovely listening to beautiful music all day. I think I´ll assume a human identity and join the classes as well!”

“NO. F***ING WAY” she crossed her arms “You may look like an angel but you are a winged nightmare in disguise. Besides, do you actually play an instrument?”

Angemon relaxed on the sofa.

“It´s ok, I´ll do the same as you: cheating my way by summoning my powers and master the art of music in a day or two…”

“I didn´t cheat!”

“Yes you did, my dear partner “he giggled “You gained those powers since so many digimons conceded part of their codes to your system, thus enabling superhuman skills…so if you were able to get it your way, so can I”

“NO! NO! AND NO!!!”

The digivice suddenly began to shine and Kabuki Sakuyamon´s silhouette was projected.

“Good morning” she greeted the loving couple “How are things going on between you two?”

“Pretty good, thanks” he said

“Awful, thank” Nova said at the same time.

If her eyes could shoot light beams, the angel would had been roasted!

“So still getting used to each other, I presume?” Sakuyamon gulped her coffee. Since meeting Tia Yagami´s group, she too ventured into the human world and ended becoming addicted to that delicious, sinful beverage.


“I am your partner!” Ange protested as well ” Mistress Sakuyamon, I´m afraid she´s still a brat. But I´m hopeful she´ll improve, given some time…”

“I AM 16, YOU JERK!” and Nova got closer to the digivice, now that the angel finally uncovered it from his sleeves and placed it on the table ” This jerk is driving me crazy, I can´t stand him at all! Please, teacher, I´ll do anything if you take him back!” she pleaded

“But you want to find your brother, right?”

Nova´s heart ached, of course she wanted that more than anything…!

“But he cannot be the only digimon who can travel through the multiverse!” she insisted “Are you that positive that I can´t request another digimon´s help…?”

Angemon ´s grin only grew wider. How many times would she sing the same song?

And as usual, Sakuyamon´s answer was the same:

“That would be Alphamon but Piedmon killed him a long time ago…and he already resurrected in another universe and has no memories from his previous life. So, NO”


“It´s ok” Angemon petted the girl´s head “Sooner or later we´ll be a team. I´ll train her as you said ”

“Very well. I am leaving her on your care, Angemon ” and bid her goodbyes “Nova, please, as a former King you ought to act with more dignity. Ciao!”

And Sakuyamon disappeared.

“Ok, Nova ” said the angel in the end “If you are able to catch the digivice before I do, I give up”


“I give my holy word” he put a hand over his heart, solemn.

“AND YOU ARE PACKING RIGHT NOW…!” she jumped to the table, ready to grab her device. But her movements proved not to be as fast as the angel´s who effortless took it back.

“…and I´m hanging around a bit more!” he laughed, triumphal


She glared at him dangerously but finally gave in.

“You´d better stay tranquil like a tomb. I don´t want to be kicked from Juilliard because of YOU!”

“I´ll be fine” he assured. She gave him the stinky eye anyways but he didn´t mind, during the last 2 years he already got used to the Renamons´s deathly gazes as well!” And you are getting late to your classes” and he kissed her forehead .

“I DON´T LIKE YOU, OK?!” and she hurried to her room, she needed to change and pick her things. Oh!!! It was half past 8! She was really late!

“I love you too, dear!”

And that was the beginning of a beautiful yet explosive relationship…


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