Alphamon´s Challenge

Alphamon may be the challenger but he´ll learn that Hope takes many forms and when challenging a heart fueled by it…even he´s a rookie!

“..and why should I recognize a mere human as my leader?” asked Alphamon
“Because she´s the King!” replied the other Royal Knights
“Nonsense!” Despite being defeated by Omegamon and the others, Alphamon did not want to submit to the winner´s team. Unlike the others he had a quite fair knowledge about humans and he was wary about their ambiguous nature. Alphamon did not care about them at all since for him they were essentially viruses, living off of conflicts. “A little girl cannot claim such title!”
“Yes she can since there´s nothing written in the book of rules that proved the opposite” added Gallantmon “Besides, the loser party must submit to the winner so it´s not like you´ve got  a say in the matter..”
“Then you can finish me off since I vehemently refuse to acknowledge that kid as my superior no matter what you say!”


Nova sighed and looked at her Knights. Magnamon gently pressed one of her hands, trying to cheer her up. It´s not like they didn´t warn her about Alphamon´s nasty temper or his stubborn nature but still it hurt to be rejected like that.

“So I ´m afraid I must execute you, my friend” Omegamon unveiled his sword , ready to go ahead with the protocol. He didn´t want to do it, though since he highly respected his rival and brother of arms at the same time…
Nova clenched her fists.

“I don´t mind since dying by your sword is the most honorable thing . I couldn´t ask for a better death”

Omegamon´s heart sank. For him it was the same, if he had to choose his final fate he would do it in a fantastic battle and die by Alphamon´s sword…!

“HONORABLE DEATH MY ASS!!!” Nova finally couldn´t take it anymore and walked between the two.

The Knights began to murmur, astonished.

” OMEGAMON, PUT AWAY THAT CURSED SWORD…PLEASE?!” she yelled, standing in front of the fallen Alphamon.

The  Royal Knight sighed in relief and gladly obeyed.

The girl walked towards Alphamon and made a large pause before continuing her rant.


” Come on Macbeth! Are you freaking serious?!” if that jerk wasn´t so big and armory she would had slapped his cantankerous face “After all this time you are still into the Shakespearean Tragedies?!”

Alphamon answered with a blunt, hostile silence. He didn´t seem to appreciate having his life spared!

” Okay, Macbeth” she sighed , tired  of his unhidden hostility “What do I need to do in order to gain your recognition?” The quickier she settled this matter , the best otherwise Alphamon´s crankiness could ignite another World War!

“My name is Alphamon not Macbeth!” protested the big guy annoyed with the nickname

“Okay, Othello may suit you better” conceded the girl and ignoring the irked expression of Alphamon who didn´t appreciate the second nickname anymore than the first she insisted on her question “You are also bound by a code of honor. Tell me what I must do in order to win your loyalty hence no more bitching from your side!”


Alphamon moaned, tired as well from the situation. He would rather have the honorable death instead of hearing anymore chit-chat from that annoying human! Her soprano voice sounded more like a screech on the board and if she kept talking anymore he would go rogue for sure!


“Are you willing to follow any sort of challenge?” asked Alphamon, studying carefully her eyes.
“Anything but sex” was her reply and again, everybody exchanged a puzzled murmur. Nobody in that land had the slightest idea what she was talking about” I am not doing that stuff until I´m 20″

Magnamon was the one by far the most curious and asked what the word meant.

” My dear, YOU DON´T WANT TO KNOW” smirked the girl and the knights let escape a horrified exclamation. Magnamon gulped and decided to not ask anymore questions.

Alphamon almost succumbed to a chuckle. She was an insufferable brat but compared to other humans she was quite clever. Besides no sane digimon would ever mate with a human, that was beyond insane!

” A little trip to the Astral territory should be challenging enough “and before anybody could say anything or react, his hand KOed Nova´s head. Magnamon could only catch her in time before her body touched the ground “If you manage to find the exit door before the time´s up, then I will recognize you as my King…”

And so Nova ´s soul was temporarily expelled from her body and was sent all the way to the Astral plane. All she had to do was to find the door in less than a mortal hour and she would be able to go back to her body…

“YOU ASSHOLE!! WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!” growled the other knights, irked

“You shall not point your weapons against me”  declared the rebel digimon in a firm tone “She AGREED to face my challenge. She has one hour to clear it up or she´ll pay for her bluntness…now, it´s up to her to defeat me in the astral plane..” and the following instant  Alphamon ´s silhouette vanished into the air leaving the rest of  the knights in distress.


“Nova! Nova!” Magnamon shook the girl´s shoulders but to no avail, she was completely unconscious.


“We cannot do anything but wait “Omegamon sat next to them “As he said, it´s up to her to clear the challenge”

“But what can a fragile, non-powered human being do against the most powerful among us?” Lordknightmon knelt as well and caressed the King´s cheeks with a rose “She isn´t a digimon, is she?”


“But she possesses a powerful, loving heart and it will show her the way ” declared Omegamon

“And there´s also that strange device of hers that can boost any digimon´s powers and digievolution…” added Gallantmon “I am positive that Alphamon saw through it as well …”


So everybody sat down and did the only thing they could: wait.

Meanwhile Nova found herself in the digital version of the Astral Plane and after walking for a while she finally allowed herself to throw a rant:



Wherever she looked it was an interminable desert and she would had thought she was in Gobi except there were swords scattered all the way, firmly nailed on the sand. The number of swords was almost infinite and Nova couldn´t help but tremble a bit…she couldn´t decide what was more unnerving, the sands or the swords.

“Ugh, I SO don´t want to know the meaning of these weapons” it was like seeing crosses. Her instincts answered the silent question anyways and her heart ached when she figured out that each sword was the representation of a fallen warrior´s soul that never managed to reach the light.

“I hope you like them” Alphamon´s voice floated among the wind “Each sword is a memento from the enemies that fell under my blades”

“OH SHUT UP!”  she cried angrily


The astral plane was a tricky land filled with countless traps and the visitor must be extra careful otherwise the living soul would join the rest of the wandering, sad souls in that realm.

Nova certainly learned that the hard way when feeling thirsty a shiny lake suddenly appeared in front of her eyes. As soon as she put her hands in the water, a distorted version of a Metalseadramon emerged and almost ate her! Or when she found a poor granny walking all by herself, falling every few steps despite her cane and when the girl tried to help her out…she ended running for her dear life when the dear granny turned into Skullgreymon!

“ARGH!!!” the girl once again vented her frustrations by kicking one of the cursed swords out of her way “DAMMNED BE YOU, OTHELLO!!  WHY DON´T YOU SHOW YOUR UGLY FACE ONCE AT ALL AND DEFINE THIS IN A CURSED DUEL?!”

But Alphamon remained invisible. Yet he laughed his lungs off, teasing that pretender was way too fun! Pity he had to get rid of her!



Again Alphamon laughed , somehow her rants were delightful to hear. It was a true wonder how she was able to build up colorful insults without saying bad words!

“HMPH!” she crossed her arms and let her butt touch the ground. She was awfully tired since the battle and despite not being in her body she had the sensation of wearing a heavy load of sacks over her shoulders “Ugh…I know I don´t have time to spare on a rest…but hell…I need to stop anyways!”


And while she was resting she rose her right arm and spoke at the bracelet she was wearing. It was no ordinary jewellery, it was a super advanced device and much to her surprise it turned to possess numerous abilities including boosting whatever Digimon crossed her path´s powers and digivolve as well! Her MIA brother´s memento turned to be a helluva of an artifact…

“Scan this place once more ” she ordered to her digivice, at least that´s the name given. Since she was in a world known as Digiworld and it was just a natural that the device should be named that way “Where´s the bloody exit?”


But the device once again gave the same answer:


“Lovely!” she laid her back on the sand “Where´s MacGyver  when needed? Or Bill Gates?! AND I KNOW YOU RIPPED THIS CHALLENGE FROM THE GOLDEN SAINT OF CANCER YOU COPYCAT!!!”

Desperation finally began to loom and the girl moaned, now beginning to realize the gravity of her situation. This wasn´t a game, her very own life was at stake!

If she didn´t find the door Alphamon would make sure she´d be stuck in that awful place and her body would succumb for real. Unlike digimons she was a human and she couldn´t count with the possibility of passing away and being reborn in a digiegg since her dna wasn´t compatible at all with the digiworld..since she was made of blood and flesh! How she was turned into a pile of digital data, as Gallantmon and Taomon informed ..well, unlike Magnus she had no idea about the wonders of science and voodoo! Magnus was the genius child , the inventor of that lovely device that sent him to another dimension alla Stargate…his inventioncame back, he didn´t and Nova was sucked to infinity was well! She´d been looking for Magnus Takariyama for months but nobody in the digiworld recalled meeting another human. But he had to be somewhere in that cursed world!


A swift touch on her shoulders suddenly alarmed the hell out of her and her bracelet immediately summoned a digital sword. She then turned around, pointing the blade and…

“Please, don´t!”


Nova´s eyes grew wide on unbelief when she found another girl standing next to her!


“NO.WAY” Nova refused to let her blade down “I AM NOT GOING TO FALL FOR IT ANYMORE!”



Hikari Yagami ´s heart stopped beating for a moment and the girl was fairly sure she was going to die. She didn´t know how she ended in that inhospitable place or how long she´d been wandering through that endless sea of sand and crosses, and now, when she finally met another human being instead of being welcomed with roses she had a sword pointing at her face!

“Could……please…out that thing down…?”

“AS IF!” the other girl shook her head “What are you disguising this time? A phantomon? Another skullgreymon? Devimon?!”

Hikari gulped.  She had no idea what she was talking about!

“I am like you, a human girl” she fell to her knees, exhausted after walking in circles for so long!

Nova frowned, unsure.

“Digivice, scan !”


And the circular bracelet followed through.


“Living soul?” Hikari looked at Nova , unable to process the words.

Nova finally let her guard down and sighed.

“Oh boy!” and after muttering a couple of curses she turned her attention towards the other girl. Not as tall as her, white and pink t-shirt and yellowish shorts. And by the way, she had the most hideous haircut she ever saw in her life. Which sane girl would punish her dear hair that way? Her hair was so short and rounded that seemed more like a bowling ball than hair!

Hikari also studied the other girl and fell in an awe. A tall, beautiful blonde girl was standing in front of her and for a moment wondered if she was actually playing for the other team since she never met someone that beautiful except Angewomon!

But then she looked at her clothes and almost choked.

“TAKERU-KUN?! ” she had to be dreaming! Yes, it was a dream. She occasionally would have weird dreams and it wouldn´t be the first time she dreamed about her friends being gender-role-reversed! She even once dreamed about Tai as a freaking hot babe named Tia!

“Please, don´t tell me you just called me by a boy´s name” Nova´s eyes went blank “I know I am terribly flat chested but I ain´t a guy!”

Hikari was about to apologize but ended laughing instead. That girl SO reminded her of Takeru-kun!

” I may lack cups but your hairstyle is dreadful” muttered Nova “Just forgo the hairpin and wear another t-shirt and regular jeans and you could enter in the men´s restroom without any problem!”

“I AM A GIRL!” Hikari now cried in unbelief

“So why going to the barber´s instead of the hairdresser´s?” Nova really hated the style with passion “Or are you trying to be your own stylist? If that´s the case, you have no future as such”

“I am not! Mom is the one who cut my hair!” protested the chosen of light

“Ouch! Dear, I am so sorry!” Nova felt pity towards the other girl, whoever was her mom she was cursed with the worst sense of fashion in the entire nation of Japan! “But please, next time…just go to a hairdresser. It´s not THAT expensive!”


“And if you have lice problems, just buy a damned shampoo instead of punishing your image!”


Nova immediately checked on her hair and sighed. Again it was filled with a chain of knots!

“RATS! ”

And she forgo any sort of hostility while trying to untangle her golden locks, that was the curse of flauting a large hairstyle and spending entire months in a foreign world where you couldn´t get essentials like shampoo and hair conditioner!

“That´s it, I am wearing braids from now on!”

She would look more like a boy that way much to her disappointment but the braids were more bearable than spending another set of afternoons untangling her locks. Besides, didn´t she insist on being addressed as a King? So vanity has to go…

“Who are you and what are you doing in this place?” demanded to know Nova, still suspicious.

“My name is Hikari and what are you doing in my dream?”

“Your dream?”

“I know it´s you Takeru-kun and you look incredibly hot that way!” Nova blinked , totally caught off guard. Did that child take the wrong medicine or what?! But then she regained her cool. Could it be that girl was terribly confused because of wandering in the astral plane for too long? Taomon used to say that the astral plane was a quite dangerous place and it was easy to lose all sense of self-awareness so Nova wondered if that girl really believed it was a dream or was desperately attempting to evade reality…whatever was the case, she was still alive and needed to be rescued!

Nova checked on her digivice again and her face paled a bit when she realized her own time was running fast..she only had 15 mortal minutes left!

“…Ok. Let´s say I´m Takeru” it was probably better that way, besides the whole situation was so bizarre that it could only be taken from a dream after all! If Hikari realized she was in the astral realm and how her very own  life was in danger it was positive that she could succumb to a panic attack and Nova had no time to waste trying to calm her down “How do you do, Hikari-chan?” she  mimicked that unknown Takeru the best way she could.

“Not so well!” Kari let escape an exhausted sigh “This is the longest dream I ever been and cannot wake up no matter how much I try. It´s like that time in that dark place, remember?”

Nova had no idea what she was talking about but nodded anyways.

Hikari , by the way, was talking about the day she was dragged to a dark dimension and lured by false digimons on a pretense of being the Kaiser´s slaves. Kari tried to help them by unleashing her dormant powers as the digidestined of light only for them attempting to trap her!

“I still have nightmares about that place! I believed those digimons needed my help only to be offered as a mysterious´s monster´s bride! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! THEY WANTED ME TO MATE WITH A MONSTER!”

Such thought made Hikari ill and almost threw up in disgust.

Nova ´s stomach also fell to the ground, shocked. When she told Alphamon about the sex thing, she meant it as a joke! But if Hikari was like her, a traveler…someone who´s been in the digiworld….She shook her head, it didn´t matter if she was a fellow chosen or not.  Nova was 13 and she didn´t need to be a psychic to figure out that the other girl was 10 or 11 and some bastards tried to force her into a horrific situation! Underage sex in the human world was irksome but digimons wanting to enforce such to a kid?! Such scenery only made her blood boil even more!

“NEXT TIME, I´M BREAKING THEIR BONES INTO A THOUSAND  PIECES!” Nova clenched her fists , irked to the core “I´ll feed an army of Skullgreymons with them!”

Hikari managed to laugh.

“No need Takeru-kun! When you, Patamon and Gatomon showed up to rescue me I felt so relieved that I began to believe in miracles again!” and unable to contain her emotions she ended hugging Nova “I want to tell you again: Thank you for rescuing me! And now here you are again, ready to take me back home. Aren´t you?” Hikari sounded so hopeful that her tone broke Nova´s heart even more!


“Oh yes, I am sending you back home” the blonde girl showed a tender yet sad smile. Whoever was that Hikari she must had probably fallen asleep and her soul, inadvertently , astral projected to another planes. She had the suspicion that Hikari may had been wandering for too long and forgot the way back to her reality hence becoming disorientated and still believing she´s stuck in an endless dream. She needed to go back ASAP or her body could suffer! “That´s why I´m here!”

But how? Nova had no idea how to do it since she was still under Taomon´s training in the astral projection department. The Royal knights were her combat senseis and Taomon her spiritual one. Taomon always spoke about being able to move through different planes of existence and that the human and digital realms were only a couple of grains in the vast ocean of existence. The fox deity assured that the universe was composed by limitless sets of dimensions and mastering the psychic side of yourself was a must…

“Oh dear! I wish Taomon-sama was here!” the deity would had figured out the exit by yesterday!

“Taomon who?” Hikari blinked, curious.

“…wait a minute!” Nova exclaimed hitting her forehead , an Eureka moment had just manifested in her head “She once mentioned something about the door!”

She closed her eyes, trying to remember everything Taomon transmitted to her.

“If you happen to be stuck in the astral realm all you need to do is…”


The deity´s words began to vanish from her mind. Oh no! That´s one of the consequences of staying for too long in that cursed world…the memories become fuzzy and the effect worsen the more you stay there to the point of…not having memories at all!

“If you happen to be stuck in the a…in this dreamy world all you need to do it…is…” Nova bit her lips, nervous “Hikari. This is your dream, right? What do you usually do when you are in the midst of a nightmare?”

“I usually look for an exit door” answered the girl “But this time I couldn´t find any no matter how much I looked for it”

“Even if you are aware this is a dream?”


Taomon´s voice once again reached Nova´s mind.

“It´s like being in a dream. The laws of materiality and immateriality are quite different… you don´t need to look for anything when you can actually summon it….”

Nova´s heart began to race like a wild horse. IT COULDN´T BE THAT SIMPLE…OR COULD BE?!


“Hikari-chan” she petted the other girl´s head, as if she was a kitten “I was brought here to remind you that when you are trapped in an unpleasant dream or …stuck in that awful place again, all you need to do is call for the exit door!”



Nova rose up her bracelet and showed it to the other girl.

“This is my special key. Please, hold my hand and believe in me”

Hikari ´s mouth opened wide, impressed.


“Nova smiled sweetly at her.

“It´s okay, Hikari-chan. I know what I´m doing” and took Hikari´s right hand and placed it over the bracelet “This is my digivice and it´s going to take us home…”

“But Takeru-kun, it´s  SO DIFFERENT from our digivice!” Hikari´s mind was bordering the entrance of into another maze of confusion.

“I KNOW!” Nova was at her wits end “But remember that I am a boy in your world ! And if I switched genders, the device did as well!”

The chosen of light finally assented and did what Nova instructed, focus her mind on the digivice and the following moment the digivice began to irradiate a warmth. Hikari´s heart felt much more serene and Nova proceeded to shout the following command:



And the digivice began to shine and in a whim a huge column of light showed up in the middle of the desert!


Nova´s cheeks blushed for a moment but then she brushed away the embarrassment. For Hikari it was a dream and she had an evident  crush towards the unknown Takeru-kun; yet  Nova would bet a million yens that the bowling-haired girl wouldn´t spill that kind of confession when awake ! Nova met several girls like Hikari  and only a glance at her indicated that Hikari ´s personality navigated into  the sweet, shy and self denial type who wasn´t ready to jump to the boyfriend-girlfriend ship yet. Well, in fairness Nova wasn´t ready either. The day before being dragged to the Digiworld Ryo Akiyama dared to steal her first kiss and she still owed him a good slap! But no matter if she liked him or not, Nova wasn´t ready to get a boyfriend until   Magnus was found and brought back…

“And you are a dear” Nova  kissed Hikari´s forehead, although in a sisterly way. She could sense Hikari had a gentle soul and wished she could make it back to her home safe and sound “DIGIVICE, scan her system and draw the proper coordinates and…”


“NO, YOU WON´T!” Alphamon this time quit his invisibility for good and stood up in front of the girls, showing his most fearsome side “JUST BECAUSE YOU FOUND THE DOOR IT DOESN´T MEAN YOU ARE FREE TO GO!”

“WHO IS THAT?!” Hikari may had fought against several digimons in her short life but never recalled meeting someone like this one! He kinda reminded her of Blackwargreymon who was currently causing trouble in the Digiworld and he was literally unstoppable. Hikari lately had trouble sleeping wondering how to stop that dark version of her brorter´s mega form digimon without retorting to murder since…neither she nor the others could bare the thought of killing Blackwargreymon no matter how much harm he´s causing! Tai would be heartboken and so Agumon!

“OTHELLO” Nova smirked ” And we must beat that asshole back to his senses if we want to go back”


“You were DEFEATED in the last battle by Omegamon” Nova ´s smile widened again “And he can do it again!”

“It was a fluke and he was using the rest of the losers´s powers to boost his ” noted the black digimon “And your device helped as well. In other circumstances, Omegamon would had been toasted”

“Whatever!” Nova´s digivice turned into a replica of Omegamon´s sword “Hikari-chan, have you ever watched the Utena´s Ova?”

“The Adolescence of Utena?” despite her surprise Hikari assented “Of course! Oniichan still makes fun of me for picking up a yuri one! I didn´t know about that FINALE!” how much Tai teased his little sister after that…he did it like there was no tomorrow and Hikari, for the first time dreaded having an older brother!

Hikari , actually, wasn´t too much into manga or anime but Miyako insisted she had to at least watch Utena. The series wasn´t too impressing save for the sword duels but Miyako insisted she had to at least watch the Ova. And when Hikari brought the cd, Taichi and Agumon insisted to tag along and ended laughing during most of the time. They certainly erupted in hysterical laughs when Utena was turned into a car and  literally lost it when Utena and Anthy made it back to the real world , naked and making out while still laying on the wheels. Taichi and the rest of the gang teased her mercilessly for the following weeks.

” Minus the making out, why not paying a homage?” suggested Nova “This is a dream, right? So anything is possible!”

“How come?”

“Remember the car scene?” Nova never paid too much attention to the Utena´s franchise but ended liking the movie quite a bit despite Magnus´s constant teasings.  It was one of Tia Yagami´s favorites though and she remembered watching it with Tia Yagami, Inori Izumi and Yori Kido. Tia called it a masterpiece , Inori yawned during the whole time while Yori kept criticizing Himemiya´s role and wishing Utena had, instead, thrown the princess from a cliff. But the 3 ended reaching the same conclusion: Utena turning into a car was badass! “Why not pulling an Utena …?”

“I WANNA SEE THAT!” what the hell? It was a dream after all! TAKERU-KUn was now a girl, so why not seeing the digidestined of Hope transforming into something else? “So are you becoming a car?!”

“Neah, something much better!” and Nova rose up her sword and yelled “COME TO ME OMEGAMON!!!!”


And much to Alphamon´s astonishment Nova Takariyama (or Takeru Takaishi for Hikari Yagami´s eyes) literally became OMEGAMON!

“OH WOW! SO OMEGAMON´S THE TRUE PRINCE?” Hikari burst in excitement





Meanwhile, back at the Digiworld, a very concerned group or Royal Knights were watching over Nova´s unconscious body.

“Damn!” Magnamon ´s fist opened a hole on the ground “her face´s turning blank!”

“And her heart beats are dangerously low” Lordknightmon checked her pulse, clearly worried “Should be chase after that asshole…?”

“How? ” Gallantmon shook his head, sad “We cannot travel through time and space like him. There´s no way we can follow his traces”

Alphamon was more or less a cosmic digimon and if Nova could play her cards the proper way, he was the most likely to find her missing brother ! He may be fated to become Nova´s partner…but she had to defeat him first, all by herself. The Royal Knight made it clear.

“I SO HATE THAT BASTARD! WE DEFEATED HIM SO HE SHOULD HAD HONORED THE DEAL!” Omegamon was so furious that it was a miracle he wasn´t set on a rampage. Until that moment Alphamon was the unbeatable one save for his first defeat under Piedmon´s sword. Piedmon wouldn´t had stood a chance if he wasn´t linked to the 4 Great Gods´s powers making him an almighty foe! Alphamon did not want to submit to Piedmon either and like Gallantmon he self exiled until Nova´s group managed to find him. The Royal Knights had to fuse their powers upon Omegamon in order to defeat Alphamon …

“I still believe in our King” Gallantmon caressed one of the girl´s locks “And she will make it safe and sane”


Suddenly, to everybody´s astonishment,  Omegamon´s body began to shine.

“WHAT´S GOING ON?!” asked Magnamon, still embracing  his King´s body.

Omegamon looked at his hands, initially confused but then he smiled under his helmet.


He could see it clearly and felt a fatherly sense of pride when realizing she´s assumed his form to clear up the challenge.


“Come on, King-sama!” cheered the rest of the gang  “We can´t win the war without you!…”



Meanwhile at the Yagami´s place, a very concerned Taichi and Gatomon were trying to wake up Hikari.

“Come on sis! It´s almost 8 o´clock!” but it wasn´t the tardy what worried him. Hikari´s face was quite pale and he´d been shaking her for the last 10 minutes and she didn´t respond.

“Taichi-san. Is she alright?”

Tai looked at Gatomon, anxious.

“I hope so! If she doesn´t wake up in the following minute I´m calling 119!” his forehead was covered on sweat , he was so sure Hikari finally got over her health issues …! But now she was like in the old times and that scared the hell out of him. If anything happened to her he wouldn´t forgive himself…ever!

“Hikari…” a tear rolled over Gatomon´s cheek. The cat couldn´t face a future without her human either…



At the astral realm, Omegamon and Alphamon were having the fight of their lives. Well, Nova tried to make it look that way but Alphamon proved to be too formidable and Omegamon´s power wasn´t enough.

“READY TO GIVE UP, FOOLISH ONE?” Alphamon actually was whipping the floor with Omegamon´s face!

“AS HELL I WILL!” Nova couldn´t give up, not at that moment. She´d rather die before giving up everything she´d been fighting for…the digiworld, the royal Knights but especially Magnus. She couldn´t bear the thought of dying without meeting once again with her beloved elder brother! She wasn´t into him like Anthy for Akio but in many ways Magnus had been her prince. He looked after her tenderly since she could remember and was especially protective of her after their real parents passed away in an accident. She relied on him all of her life, he was so handsome and gentle that she couldn´t help but compare all the guys with him. When she gets a boyfriend he had to be, at least half as cool as Magnus otherwise she could go on as a single woman for the rest of her life. But one day he went missing and all what she had left of him was his digivice…


And Alphamon threw his opponent in such a gruesome way that Nova could barely stand.

Hikari couldn´t stand it anymore and ran to where the fallen Omegamon was.


“It´s okay, you don´t need to force yourself anymore!” tears rolled on her cheeks “Takeru-kun you will always be the bravest, please let it go!”

Omegamon shook the head. Hikari still didn´t know she wasn´t dreaming and was about to die.

“How can I do such a thing?” Omegamon´s voice trembled “Remember what Utena said to Anthy? We must go to the real world…if we stay here, we´ll be nothing but living corpses!”

That´s the part that Nova liked the most from the movie, Utena never wanted to be a prince …she was trying to come in terms with her ex boyfriend´s death and while doing so, she also met love. But love wasn´t really a priority, thanks to Utena´s actions the bride and the principal members of the student council ended realizing that they´d been trapped in a living nightmare all this time. The real revolution was opening each character´s eye and awaken them into the absurdity of the world they´d been living so far. Anthy and Utena eventually made it away from the castle of illusions while the rest promised to catch up eventually.


“What´s your dream?” demanded to know Nova “Is there anything you wish so much you cannot close your eyes without thinking on it?!”

“Yes! There´s something I wish above everything!” Hikari cried recalling all the painful events in the digiworld, since the very first time she ebcame a digidestined “I wish there´s peace between the digimons and humans! I am sick of fights! There´s no point in them!!”

Nova smiled under Omegamon´s form. Why wasn´t she surprised? She could swear she heard those same words from another mouth…in other time…in another life…from a little girl like her?

“Kibou no Hikari!” she yelled “Please,hold tight on your wish and redirect it towards my sword…we are going back no matter what!”

“…” Hikari bit her lips but she did as told. That was Takeru-kun speaking and he saved her the last time from the monster´s claws. He knew what he´s doing so why not believe in him once more and lend him everything she had…her crest´s power?

“I believe in you, Takeru-kun! Please, take us home!”


It was an allegoric moment and so special that she forgot to ask why he never brought Patamon along. But she wasn´t aware that Takeru-kun wasn´t there, that a girl known as Nova Takariyama was fighting for their lives in order for them to have a future. Nova , in that moment, realized how precious life was and how she ought to embrace it more. Magnus was waiting for her. Alphamon may be terribly powerful but even he wouldn´t be a match against the strength of the girls´s hearts. He didn´t have a will that could outdo Hikari and Nova´s dreams and their capacity of love…so when Hikari decided to give it he all to Omegamon, that was the moment that Nova´s digivice got a considerable upgrade and Omegamon became ZeedOmegamon!

Meet ZeedOmegamon by Ayhelenk


And that was the moment in which an endless mantle of light surrounded everything….



“…could you please..stop it?” the constant shakes ended bringing ikari Yagami back to the world of the living.

“FINALLY!” Taichi yelled in relief when Hikari opened her eyes “Sis, I was about to call the ambulance or something. I thought you were hibernating!”

“You wish!” the girl yawned and began to move. Gatomon, still pretty emotional jumped to her arms. “Hey! What´s going on with you?”

“Don´t do that again!” protested the cat “We thought you would never wake up!”

“Oh dear…” Kari hugged both Taichi and her cat and apologized profusely for worrying them “Yesterday my throat was itching so badly that I drank Benadryl…I think I went a bit overboard with it!”

“I see!” laughed Tai “No wonder!”

And that settled the problem. Hikari, though, remembered the dream. The last thing she remembered was an mantle of light and then seeing herself being carried by Omegamon all the way back… a series of chills swam through her spine. It´d been so vivid that it´s frightening!

“No.there´s no way it´s been real…” she mumbled after a while.


Of course it had been a mere dream but quite an interesting one and much later at school, when Takeru and Daisuke greeted her as always, Hikari ended whispering at Takeru´s ear:

“You were so cool last night.  You were really hot as a girl!”


” And when you pull the next Utena,please turn into Angemon…”

Takeru Takaishi´s mouth opened wider than a swiss cheese, unable to come up with an answer. Was Hikari-chan high or what?!

“But the most important thing is…thank you for rescuing me again” and much to Daisuke´s dismay she ended gi’ving the chosen of Hope a kiss on the cheek!

“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?!” and Daisuke Motomiya ´s mood went into a foul mood, Takeru had no choice but to focus on his textbooks otherwise he may end be killed by Daisuke´s murderous gazes!

“I don´t know!” moaned the blonde guy “Ask her!”

Hikari giggled amused by her friends ´s expressions but offered no explanation. Takeru-kun may had forgotten already but the girl woud certainly remember the dream for a good while, she didn´t recall having so much fun in Slumberland !

“No way, it´s a secret between us” Of course he hadn´t the slightest idea what Hikari was talking about and she couldn´t help but burst in a laugh when looking at his confused face…




Once the light vanished Alphamon found himself back to the Digiworld, kneeling in front of Nova Takariyama and the rest of the Royal Knights. He still couldn´t understand how he was defeated but in the end he lost to a little girl and had no choice but to give in.

“And I accept your word” Nova smiled “So, I shall declare you as the Commander Grumpy Old Man, the Royal Knight of mischief and assholyness!”

“Hey! What about the Othello name?!”

“It´s too elegant for the likes of you” declared Nova ” So following Rocherfort´s suggestion, we came up with a much more fitting name!”

Magnamon and the others exchanged a malefic smile. Did he think everybody would forgive his naughtiness?! As if!

“And we officially welcome the Commander Grumpy Old Man to our ranks!”

Alphamon rolled his eyes. For him it was the beginning of an endless nightmare…