A prelude

“Before embracing love, you ought to learn the true meaning of Friendship. Because sometimes you wish to be comforted without asking for it” declared Magnus ” Because, Hikari-san, a good friend takes interest in another person´s suffering and tries to do something even at the risk of being rebuffed. You may have restored an Andromon´s heart, yet you failed   the friend who needed you the most…I can´t be  by your side anymore, Hikari-chan. In fact, when you´ll open your eyes I´ll vanish from your memories as well…”

When the morning arrived,  Hikari Yagami woke up with tears.

“I… cried in dreams?” she touched her cheeks, still soaked “I wonder why”

But when she tried to recall the dream, the memories eluded her. The more she tried to remember the more the oneiric images kept vanishing  until there was no image at all which distressed her sensible heart.

“I don´t get it!” she hugged herself “I don´t get it at all!”

The door opened at at moment.

” It´s almost 8 o´clock and  you are still in  bed?!” Taichi Yagami was the usual sleepy one and Hikari the one who always woke him up” Wow, first time I wake up before onee-chan!”

Hikari ´s reply was saddened sigh.

“Sis? Are you ok?” Taichi was planning to tease his little sister about the reversal of roles but one look at her  face and his teasing plans were forgotten at the spot ” Why are your eyes so red…? ”

The girl shook her head.

Tai , clearly concerned entered the room and sat next to her.

“You don´t look well” and placed a hand over her forehead, thinking she may have a flu “You don´t have a fever but your face looks awfully  pale and…”

The more Taichi spoke the more Hikari Yagami´s body shrieked. She wasn´t ill. The very moment she woke up she felt  as if she had just lost something extremely precious and the grievance was rising…

“Oh Taichi!! !!” she couldn´t hold the feeling anymore and rushed to her brother´s arms, seeking refuge “I don´t know why but I´m so sad!!”

And she burst in the most devastating crying since the death of Wizardmon…




Since that Dream, Hikari wasn´t the same anymore. Despite not remembering Magnus Takariyama, from time to time she could swear she could listen to his pristine, yet invisible voice whispering something at her ears. And every time, her heart ached.


But his words still had an effect on her and since that day she seemed to have a different perception about the world in general. One of the first things she did the week before Christmas, despite not understanding the reason of her constant  grieving, was calling Takeru-kun to the rooftop.

Alone. She didn´t want either Daisuke, Mikayo or Iori´s presence .

Takeru was astonished with the request but followed through.

“Ohh!!” a group of girls giggled when seeing the Takari pair heading to the rooftop “Is she going to confess?!”

“NO FUCKING WAY!!!” yelled Daisuke who was actually following the pair. Hell would freeze first before he would allow that blonde bastard steal away the girl!

But when he tried to enter to the rooftop , Gatomon prevented him on doing so.


“But I can´t let those two  alone!” exclaimed Daisuke, incensed “It´s not ok!!”

Gatomon stood firmly in front of the door. Hikari asked her to guard it.

“Who the hell do you think you are to boss me around?” the cute cat showed her claws “Hikari´s business is NOT your business, Motomiya!”

Gatomon was also concerned about her human´s sadness and had the feeling that Takeru had something to do with it. Confession or not conffession, it was irksome that Daisuke Motomiya kept on with his obsessive ways towards a girl who was only a friend and not a girlfriend.

“I don´t care about your crush” added the cat “Wherever you like Hikari or not doesn´t give you the right to dictate what she can do or not. Taichi-san NEVER oversteps his bounds concerning her personal issues, and you shouldn´t either. Leave now or suffer the consequences”

She showed her claws once again and Daisuke gulped. The cat was deadly serious and even a blockead like him knew when not to push it when Gatomon gives a warning.

The Taichi´s wannabe had no choice but to give in and reluctantly headed back to his classroom, surrounded by a  cloud of misfortune. He would so hang up himself if those two became an item…it was already dreadful that he never made it into the camp, 3 years ago and missed his chance to become a digidestined at the same time as Hikari and Taichi…


Meanwhile, outside, Hikari was looking at Takeru.

“Are you ok, Hikari-chan?” asked the blonde boy

She nodded.

“Why did you call me to this place?” unlike the others, he had the feeling he wasn´t called to the roof due to a love confession. And her face was filled with sadness, not a nervousness that preceded the shoujo moment. “You don´t look in very high spirits, did anything happen?”

Hikari nodded. She may had forgotten about Magnus Takariyama but not the reprimand part. She still could evoke the accusations of her lack of consideration towards her best friend.

“Don´t tell me you…are being haunted again by…them?”

He was referring to the dark beings that once lured the child of Light out of the safety of the real world and tried keep her trapped in their dark world for good. He prayed she wasn´t in danger of falling, once again, into their hands!

“I ´ve been haunted not by them but by my own stupidity “she looked at Takeru and took one of his hands “Takeru-kun, I …I am so sorry!” a tear rolled on her cheeks “I am deeply sorry for failing you all this time!”


The girl , sobbing, explained what she was told by Magnus and apologized once and again for not being more supportive about Takeru´s own grief while dealing with Blakwargreymon.

“I saw your suffering and didn´t do a thing to try to alleviate it, Takeru-kun” she admitted in the end “I should had asked you about your feelings, I should had asked you if Blackwargreymon´s actions triggered your most painful memories…”

Takeru´s eye opened, surprised.

“Are you ok, Takeru-kun?” she continued “I should had at least said those words instead of taking the coward´s route!”

The boy´s heart which was feeling like a ton of bricks ached woth those words.


“If compared to the old times, we, as a group SUCK” added Hikari in a humble tone “How can we win against Blackwargreymon or other foes if we are blind towards a friend´s suffering?” she took Takeru´s hands and pressed them tenderly “Takeru, screw Iori-kun and the whole DNA stuff! Here I am, now, asking you about how do you feel about Blackwargreymon´s current actions. Please, talk to me because I can let go of many things but you, Takeru, you are the closest to my heart besides Taichi and Gatomon…”

It wasn´t a love confession but Takeru Takaishi´s heart shone nevertheless. He smiled and slowly began to speak about his first Angemon, his death and how much he disliked the individuals who willingly attracted the dark forces to make use of them to accomplish their selfishness. And his constant fears of losing Angemon again and admitting that the angel passed to be a fatherly figure to him and filled the void left by his real father and Yamatto. Then his struggles to fit in the current group and Daisuke´s jealousy finally tiring him and ready to give up the group as soon as the main villain is defeated.

“Please, don´t quit” begged Hikari in the end  horrified by the prospect “Don´t abandon us!”

“It´s tiresome being considered a rival and given the cold shoulder because I talk to you, Hikari. And the others, while they are nice people, they…I don´t feel it at all. This is not a group of friends, we are just people superficially working together as digidestineds to fulfill whatever mission was given to us…Months passed and the feelings aren´t there. There´s so much lack of compassion, sympathy and a true spirit of companionship among us that, save for Ichijouji-san´s case, it´s disheartening”

Takeru´s words sent a strange wave at Hikari´s heart…she heard them before. But when? And by whom? It was like déja vu!

“I know. I´ve been aware of that despite not wanting to acknowledge it” she pressed his hands even harder “I too cannot feel any kind of affinity within our group…and if you leave, I´ll leave as well!”


Her words surprised him so much that he stumbled and almost fell over her.


“If you leave, I´ll leave” she caressed his face “Any time. Anywhere. And we´ll form a new group of digidestineds, if needed”

Takeru finally burst in a laugh.

“You aren´t serious! ”

“I am”

“No, you are not”

“And I say yes. I can´t be at my fullest without my best friend by my side”

And Takeru finally showed the bright, sweet smile that Kari didn´t remember seeing since thy were 8. And he surprised her by giving a sweet kiss on her cheeks.


“Thank you Hikari-chan. Thank you for rescuing me this time”

The dark pitch that had been haunting Takeru Takaishi was finally lifted.

“I am going to stick in this group a bit more and see what´s going to happen. If we are going to be friends or not, only God knows. But I guess I´ll just have to try a bit harder, won´t I?”

“And so do I, Takeru-kun…”


They didn´t become a couple that day but the chosen of Hope and Light deepened something much more important at that moment: the bond of their souls. And that was more than enough for the Takari kids. Eventually those two would embrace love in its fullest in the upcoming years….



Time passed but in the end Hikari Yagami didn´t change her ways too much.While she felt closer to Takeru-kun that didn´t mean she quit her amusement of provoking Daisuke Motomiya´s jealousy against Tk and so. And despite that tender moment with Takeru in the rooftop, she still kept behaving like the clueless, dense girl that rarely noticed everybody´s feelings due to her being the chosen of Light.But that was the thing about being a child, there had a lot of steps to walked before reaching maturity.

So few steps walked forward, some steps taken aback.

And as predicted by Magnus, the  02 group barely made advances in the following battles against Oikawa´s minions, Oikawa himself and finally Malomyotismon.


Magnus Takariyama, who had been watching everything from his invisible post shook several times his head disappointed with the results. In his astral form, he was able to perceive the past, the present and the future and didn´t like what he looked into Takeru Takaishi and the rest of the gang´s future.

He grew up especially disappointed with Hikari Yagami, so much light ended blinding her true potential. And her teasing, oblivious nature still annoyed him the most. In his eyes, she failed a very important  test.

I have no choice but  to focus in Takeru-kun, instead.

So when he watched Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon showing up right after Malomyotismon´s battle and taking Takeru-kun with them, Magnus decided that it was time to take a more imposing posture concerning Takeru Takaishi´s growth. He was going to prepare his actual incarnation for the upcoming challenges even if that meant altering the kid´s predestined future.

A prelude by Elizabeth2003

So after Malomyotismon´s defeat, Tk went missing for 3 days.Then he reappeared and despite his friends and family ´s relief on having him back, the Takeru that came back wasn´t the same ever.

And  Hikari Yagami was the first on noticing that fact.

When she looked at him, Takeru , once again was asleep on his chair. Luckily it was self-study period ! Patamon emerged from under the desk.

“Woah!” said  the little digimon “A handsome ghost is tickling my ears!”

The ghost was Magnus Takariyama and the teen kept playing with Patamon´s ears.

“…zzzz…then ask for his number…zzzzz” was Tk´s semi automatic reply

“Tk!!” patamon ´s cheeks turned red


Kari ´s mouth opened with astonishment when she realized the ghostly presences of Magnus and Angemon around Takeru. Was she dreaming?!


“Hi there, Hikari-san” smiled Angemon “Lovely day, isn´t it?”

The girl , puzzled, greeted the angel by waving a hand.

“A bit cloudy, I believe” added the teenager Magnus ” Like her emotions”

Hikari may not remember him  but still suddenly felt she couldn´t look him at the eyes. Unable to stand his gaze anymore , the girl abruptly stood up and fled to the bathroom.


“Is that delightful teasing poor Hikari?” asked Angemon

“Don´t pity her, she pretty much enjoys teasing her peers” replied Magnus in a casual tone “Her self confidence is so low that if she doesn´t tease someone, she´ll feel like a shadow. Poor Daisuke, poor Tk…nope, scratch Tk. In terms of naughtiness, he equals hers”

“How come?”

“My current self, Takeru, owns such a low self-confidence that he´ll too will cope with his insecurities via the teasing crap. I used to be like that too, so I know where´s going this whole thing” he tickled Patamon´s ears a bit more. Patamon may be able to see him but not actually listening to his voice “I think I am going to break some rules and push this brat´s buttons…”

“Why?” Angemon frowned “You said that as his past incarnation, you could only watch ”

“Yep, but then I caught a glimpse of a yet, distant future, and if I allow this brat go at this slow, dense rate…” Magnus made a little pause “My present self needs me”


From now own and for the upcoming years,  sometimes subtly and other times not so subtly, Magnus Takariyama would prepare Takeru Takaishi for the impending future. Takeru needed to outgrow his initial insecurities and truly learn to stand by himself.

“Before embracing love, a digidestined needs to acknowledge true friendship…and for that the digidestined in question also has to have the courage of doing so…and in order to gain the courage , he needs to embrace Sincerity as well. Because if he isn´t able to be sincere with his own heart, there´s no way he could be reliable to either himself nor the rest of world. Once the digidestined´s embraced the first 6 crests, then Light and Hope will lend their true powers…”sentenced Magnus “And I am speaking for all the digidestineds as well…”


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