A Peaceful moment from the past

During summer of first year at high school, the digidestineds from the UK, following Tempus Angemon´s orders,  joined an exchange student program and transferred to Furinkan High School. At the very first day their presence did not pass unnoticed.
Instead of behaving shy, discreet in a foreign environment, Steve Worthington III, Logan and Elizabeth Montgomery were ready to bring on a revolution.

Behaving as if the world owed them a favor , challenging all type of parameters the school directives were already regretting inviting the british trio to spend 3 months in Tokyo!

But the worse headaches were suffered by  Taichi Yagami  and Yamatto Ishida since the very first day. Neither Steve nor Elizabeth , despite acknowledging as fellow digidestineds, were too keen about the original 8 and had no qualms about driving the whole group insane whenever the opportunity came.

“GO BACK TO THE UK, YOU BAKAS!”  yelled Yamatto the third day, when the group invited itself during Ishida and his band´s rehearsal. After listening for a while, the trio yawned which only irked Yamatto even more

“YOU ARE THE MOST ANNOYING PEOPLE I EVER MET!” declared Taichi one afternoon, absolutely annoyed seeing Steve and Logan winding up with all the girls instead of joining the rest of their classmates during PE.

But Elizabeth proved to be the worst of the bunch, giving for free all sort of teases and jokes towards the Japanese digidestineds. For her, nobody was sacred.

In less than a week, the Brits already made into half Japan ´s blacklist.

“OK” said Elizabeth to Steve at the beginning of the second week, they were supposed to be going to chemistry class instead they were heading to the swimming pool “Japan is officially  the island of boredom”

“Don´t be so harsh, Lizzie” Steve petted her shoulders “We still hadn´t have a chance to properly explore it”

“I´d rather being exploring other realities like the Boss instead of withering in this place …”

What none of them realized at that time was that they were being followed. Only when they reached the pool, Sora Takenouchi caught up to the Brits and solemn, faced them.

“OK” she said, crossing her arms “WHAT THE HECK IS SO WRONG WITH YOU?!”

Steve and Elizabeth exchanged a glance.  The chosen of Love was determined to put on a fight!

“I don´t know” Steve winked an eye, flirty “You are more than welcomed to tell us”

His swift tone only irritated Sora even more.

“ARGH!!!! Who the hell do you think you are by belittling every single student from my school?! You are our guests, you assholes!!!”

The pair exchanged another glare and began to laugh.

“And finally somebody shows a little sincerity!” Elizabeth applauded “Well, I have to admit we took our teasing party a bit far”

“It´s just we were bored of seeing all those courteous yet fake smiles all the time” admitted Steve in the end “And as fellow digidestineds, we wanted to see who we were dealing with”

” And being hateful is the way?!”

“Neah, just the fastest. ” Elizabeth laid down on the floor and put her hand in the water “Oh…this swimming pool is calling my name…I am tempted to dive in!”

“But Lizzie, you forgot to bring the swimsuit” reminded Steve “Miss Takenouchi, why don´t you join us since you skipped chemistry class as well?”

Sora ´s face was still rigid. She didn´t trust those people very much but at the same time, she was dying to know more about them. They were arrogant, insufferable digidestineds…but why was she feeling attracted to them? Was she, as the bearer of the crest of Love which impulsed her attractions? Or was the fact that she sensed there was way more under the surface…? Her intuition pushed her to talk to them, that they were good people.

“Sora!” Piyomon showed up in the pool as well, now escorted by another digimon “I already made a new friend..meet Gabumon!”

“So there you were, you lazy bones!” said Elizabeth “Where´s my gelatto?”
“The cafeteria already ran out of those” apologized Gabumon “But on my way back here, I met Piyomon”

“Never thought I would meet another Gabumon, cannot wait to tell Yamatto´s Gabu !” the bird was happy as a clam. She was always open to make new friends…

Ten minutes later, Sora was happily chatting with Elizabeth and Steve. It was incredible what a little, frank talk could accomplish..both parties seemed relaxed, as if they knew each other for years and were the best friends.

“So you ´ve been testing us all this time, but you are willing to apologize. Right?” asked Sora once more.
“Of course! We kinda expected getting the pranks as newcomers but since we got none, we grew bored” Elizabeth opened her shirt a bit more, wanting to get some tan.

“Why were you so harsh towards the soccer team, especially Taichi-kun?” Sora wanted to know what Steve said at Tai that irked the digidestined of Courage so much.
“I only told them that they were a bunch of egoists that would never go past the preliminaries unless they learned the basics about passing the ball…and that means, SHARING the ball. Even Beckham was aware of that”

“OUCH!” Sora couldn´t help but laugh while imagining Taichi´s expression. There were times he unconsciously held the football ball hostage during  a match and his team would had gotten more victories if the ace remembered to let it go a bit more….

“My boyfriend will be tougher to deal with” added the chosen of Love “He´s still furious about the rehearsal incident”

“On that, we aren´t going to apologize” declared Steve ” We actually didn´t like his music”

“Really?” the English boy´s words surprised her ” So it wasn´t a teasing?”

“Music is an important matter for us” replied Elizabeth in a serene tone “And we are deadly serious on that”

“It´s not that he lacks a good voice or his band doesn´t possess a good technique” began to say Steve ” His music simply doesn´t work”

Yamatto´s girlfriend opened her mouth to rebuff such thing but remained silent. There wasn´t jealousy in that guy´s words, he was plain honest.

“In this current present, Ishida may be the most popular guy from this school due to his music. The girls may kiss his feet and the guys envy him…but that´s all. If you close your eyes and listen carefully, putting aside whatever feeling of love you harbor towards him, how do you actually perceive his songs…?”

Sora closed her eyes and played mentally some of Yamatto´s songs, she replayed them carefully but in the end she couldn´t reach any conclusion.

“I doubt we´ll be ever be friends in this life, miss Takenouchi” added Steve “Not when I told him that his music was as expressionless as his heart. Unless he learns to truly open up and forgo the lonely-wolf-diva-mood, he´ll fail. His music lacks the depths, the passion of a loving heart …and that , sooner or later, will become evident when the next bag of digital villains show up…”

It was a prophecy and Sora´s body trembled a bit.

“Everybody in our group is lacking something” she said in the end “I am aware of that. I think everybody is…but we never speak about it”

“Since day 1” declared Elizabeth “But that´s your matter, not ours….well, I say to forgo the next class and enjoy the pool!” and the Scottish girl took off her shoes and socks and whitouth giving anymore consideration, she dove in!

“Hey! wait for me!” Steve followed as well.

Sora was left dumbfounded, one minute they were the most meaningful guys…the following instant they were behaving like kindergarten kids!

“It´s ok to do something stupid once in a while. Come on, Sora!” invited Elizabeth waving cheerfully her hand at the chosen of Love “The pool is calling your name as well!”

“I´m going!” sang both Gabumon and Piyomon, joining the party

Sora sighed. Those people were insane, skipping classes, swimming in unauthorized hours in their school uniforms…if they were caught, they would have to clean the toilets for a month at least!
And Yamatto would be so annoyed if he finds her befriending the hateful Steve Worthington…!

“Oh what hell!” she proceeded to take off her blazer, shoes and socks and jumped to the water “This is FUN!”

“YAY! ” congratulated Steve “Welcome to the group, princess!!”

Since that day, Sora would share a beautiful and invaluable friendship with the digidestineds from the UK….


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