Digidestined Elizabeth – Tri version



I drew Elizabeth Montgomery when she was 16, during the time he and his friends went to Odaiba as exchange students and having a blast driving Taichi & Co to insanity while investigating some anomalies taking place in both the real and digital worlds.

She´s pretty much the most vocal from her group, constantly bossing her brother and friends without feeling sorry. Fiery like her ancestors from the Highlands and ready to fight dirty if needed.
liz-triBack in her first adventure as a digidestined, while venturing into the future Ophanimon´s castle in order to retrieve the legendary digiegg of miracles, Elizabeth met an hostile Lobomon who, by the way, wanted nobody irrupting in the place he was ordered to guard for centuries. Because she would not leave Lobomon attempted to scare the intruder off by attacking…which ended him being
degraded into a Gabumon! (Being mentored by Tempus Angemon and Nova she certainly learned to how to unlock several functions from her digivice )

“I am a maiden yet you dared to attack me” she said “You shall remain as my servant until I forgive you…!”

And to make sure he would obey as such Elizabeth , with her acting skills (she ´s a natural actress as well) managed to convince him she belonged to the same circle as Connor MacLeod:

” We are immortal warriors who can be killed only by decapitation..try to pull a stunt and I shall take your head!” her threat sounded so real, so vehement that poor Gabumon swore his loyalty


Several months later the digimon would finally learn the truth, while watching tv and came across the goddamed movie.

” SHE´S SO MEAN!!!!”


And the same phrase would be chanted by Taichi and his troupe during the brits´stay in Odaiaba….


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