An act of Compassion


Merukimon told his tale. He spoke about  the animosity between the digirealms that took place almost a century ago:  the Axis continent ( where the main digimon population resided and Nova landed)  had serious issues with the neighboring  the realm of the Digigods known as the Olympos XII and vice versa. The Digigods felt it was a waste of time fraternizing with individuals that they considered inferior and the other side did not take it in an agreeable way being looked down by a bunch of supposed deities.
A war erupted and after suffering considerable loses the 4 Great Gods and the Olympians ended calling a cease of fire. Instead of signing a Peace Treaty they ended settling on  a clean severance between the kingdoms´s relationship, blocking all accesses and paths  so nobody from either kingdom could cross to the other side. That was the rule both parties agreed on. Yet that didn´t prevent a certain Digigod and a certain Priestess meet each other an develop a growing friendship…”

After a sigh, Merukimon dove into a heartbreaking tale of a forbidden  love between the  holy Olympian and a holy  Priestess that used to manage the Temple of Foxes. The Priestess was none other than Taomon and the Renamons  master.

“Despite the prohibition we longed for each” confessed Merukimon “Just the first moment of the first day we met in that bridge I realized that I met my soulmate”

Nova limited to keep listening but her heart was already cheering for the couple. She never expected listening a love story in that bizarre world! Until now she believed that digimons weren´t creatures that had the ability to develop that sort of feelings. Friendship, yes, loyalty, she met a bunch of individuals that embraced it in an extraordinary way, courage…but romantic love? That was a first!

“What happened?”

Merukimon clenched his fists and managed to contain a a couple of tears that threatened to escape from his eyes. His throat became sore though, despite his millennial existence as a full fleshed deity he owned  a sensible soul.

“We used to cross over the bride and hold secret meetings. Sakuyamon-sama and I were trying to find out a way to put an end to the animosity and reestablish a new bridge between our realms, like before the war. I won´t give into long details but no matter how careful we were our affair eventually was discovered. The last time I attempted to jump to the other realm I´ve been caught  by Jupitermon himself”

“Eeek!” Nova gulped. If that Jupitermon had the slightest resemblance with the Greek Zeus and Roman Jupiter then Merukimon was doomed! The Kings of Gods from her world were known to be true assholes and prone to apply nasty punishments if enraged “How?!”

“How did he know? A brother of mine, Apollomon was the one who gave away our secret” Merukimon clenched his fists again “As a punishment I was sent to  Tartarus for a good while until I sworn I would not break the rules again and never seeing Sakuyamon anymore”

“A God will never take back an oath so in his eyes I committed a sin” explained Merukimon ” And I went against the rules”

The girl shook her head several times. She couldn´t get it.

“This may be a Digital World but you people never went beyond the Middle Ages, did you?!” so much for digital codes and wonderful powers, in terms of progression those people were hundreds of years behind of modern thinking!

Merukimon didn´t reply.

“I paid my time and obtained forgiveness, I attempted no more to contact Kabuki Sakuyamon and she seemingly accepted it” he continued, now his eyes shining with regret “Until that individual known as Piedmon made it to the Digiworld. One day, while all the twelve were gathered in an assembly, a holographic form of  the Priestess manifested in the middle of the room asking for help. She offered a vivid description of the graveness of the situation in her land, how Piedmon managed to steal the Great 4 Gods´s powers and launch a campaign of terror and destruction seeking Yggdrasil´s crown. She warned that once he achieved his goal he would eventually cross the borders and attack the Olympus  realm as well”

Nova´s heart sank. She kinda could guess the rest of the story. Taomon sometime ago told her how the Priestess´s pleas were ignored and had to depend on her own strength and powers and gather an army herself, attempting to rescue the Gods and overthrow Piedmon…with tragic consequences.

“Yes, King-sama. Taomon wasn´t wrong. The Olympus XII refused to help ” he bit his lips “Jupitrmon declared that if Piedmon dared to set a foot on our realm he would take care of him but nobody from his people was allowed to assist the neighboring continent”

“ASSHOLE! DAMNED ASSHOLE!!!” Nova offered  an abundant stock of curses in her native Russian. She could imagine the scene and cry an ocean of rivers.

“If I wasn´t so vehement on fulfilling my word given to Jupitermon…” his voice broke ” When I finally decided to leave everything, quit my status as an Olympian and join Sakuyamon…it was too late…” the memory was as fresh as if it happened yesterday, reaching the holy temple only to find it torn down and the renamons crying inconsolably surrounding a dying Sakuyamon. He only managed to reach her side and hug her tenderly while her codes were dissolving in the air.

“I´m so happy to see you one more time before I go…thank you, my dear. Thank you for coming back…”

He couldn´t speak anymore. His throat ached horribly and thinking how much Sakuyamon fought against that monster , her tragic defeat….he should had left the Olympos since day 1 and live in the temple with her..! If he had done..maybe she would be alive…

Nova felt like crying herself but instead she offered a sweethearted embrace.

“I don´t need your pity” argued  Merukimon , half enraged half confused.
“It´s not” replied the girl still hugging him
” Then what´s this?” he was never hugged before and the feeling was overwhelming
“My current mother once said that the difference between pity and empathy is that the first one is about a half-hearted feeling of sympathy but you aren´t thinking of moving a finger to help the heartbroken person ; empathy means acknowledging the suffering part´s issues and willing to do something to alleviate his/her pain besides being a hired ear. Regardless of the result, being a success or a failure doing what you can to help solve the issue  is an  invaluable asset” Nova´s voice was as soft and sweet as honey “At the beginning I didn´t give a damn about this world. I can only dream of finding my brother an go back home” she made a pause “But now I am a candidate for King, I accepted the task of freeing this world from Piedmon´s claws. I gave my word that I will fight until the very end to fix this mess”


“While I can´t revive your priestess, I hereby offer my friendship Merukimon” she continued “This world was stolen of his most wonderful asset, hope. May you help me restore Hope to this beautiful land….?”

Merukimon stared at the girl for a long moment. She was a mere human and owned no powers.
Yet she managed to gain everybody´s respect and was now known as the White King.
And her compassion was as touching as Kabuki Sakuyamon´s. Yes, he could see a little bit of his former love inside those eyes…

“Yes, I will”


6 thoughts on “An act of Compassion

  1. Alexandre José de Carvalho

    One suggestion I think the concept of the Digimon X-Antibody is very cool and full of possibilities. I would give you would be that all Digimon and its Human Partners of all Digimon sessions in one of the realities of the Digimon Multiverse are all Digimon X-Antibody or Appmon X-Antibody that would have all Evolutions totally new and different from the ones we saw in the Digimon anime series in which the Digimon (or “Appmon”) would have more powerful and completely unique ” Digimon X ” and ” Appmon X ” .

    Type would be the human companions of the Digimon or Appmon of all the different series including also in the list support characters would all have Digimon X or Appmon X as fighting partners that would reach all the Mega Level or God grade .

    I would love to see Digimon X or Appmon X with Mega Evolutions or Evolutions God Grade completely unpublished between : Taichi and Agumon X, Yamato and Gabumon X, Sora and Piyomon X, Mimi and Palmon X , Joe and Gomamon X , Koushiro and Tentomon X , Takero and Patamon X , Hikari and Tailmon X , Meiko Mochizuki and Meicoomon X , Daisuke and Veemon X , Ken Ichijouji and Wormmon X , Yolei Inoue and Hawkmon X , Cody Hida and Armadillomon X , Willis and Terriermon X , Michael and Betamon X , Takato and Guilmon X , Ruki and Renamon X , Jenrya-Lee and Terriermon X , Ryo Akiyama and Monodramon X , Katou and Leomon X , Kazuo and Guardromon X , Kenta and MarineAngemon X , Shu Chong and Lopmon X , Alice McCoy and Dobermon X , Minami Uehara and Mei the Seasarmon X , the twins Brothers Ai and Makoto ( Mako ) and Beelzebumon X , Takuya and Flamon X , Kouji and Strabimon X , Junpei Shibayama and KoKabuterimon X , Tomoki Himi and Yuki Agumon X, Izumi Orimoto and Hawkmon (Female) X, Kouichi Kimura and Bakumon X , Daimon Masaro and Agumon ( Savers ) X , Thoma H. Norstein and Gaomon X , Fujieda Yoshino and Lalamon X , Ikuto Noguchi and Falcomon X , Commander Satsuma Rentarou and Kudamon X , Daimon Suguro and BanchoLeomon X , Yushima Hiroshi and Kamemon X , Megumi Shirokawa and Miki Kurokawa and PawnChessmon ( Black X ) and PawnChessmon ( White X ) , Daimon Chika and Piyomon (Male) X , Taiki and Shoutmon X , Zenjirou Tsurugi and Ballistamon X , Akari Hinomoto and Dorulumon X, Kiriha Aonuma and Greymon (Xros Wars) X , Nene Amano and Sparrowmon X , Yuu Amano and Damemon X , Tagiru Akashi and Gumdramon X , Hideaki Mashimo and Labramon X , Kiichi Funabashi and Locomon X , Airu Suzaki and Opossummon X , Ren Tobari and Dracmon X , Ryouma Mogami and Psychemon ( THE TRUE Psychemon no “Quartzmon” ! ) X , Shinkai Haru and Gatchmon X , Eri Karan and Dokamon X , Asuka Torajiro and Musimon X , Rei Katsura and Hackmon X and Yuujin Ozora and Offmon X.

    Understand . This is just my crazy idea.You’re not obligated to follow it if you do not wish I just think it might be interesting in your webcomic. Hugs .


  2. Alexandre José de Carvalho

    In Greek mythology , the Titans – male – and Titânides – female – (Greek Τιτάν , Τιτᾶνες plural ) are the parents of the Gods of Olympus , led by Cronos the Father of Zeus / Jupiter who were later overthrown by his sons who took his place Gods in sky, who ruled the mortals so my idea is this … there are 12 Olympians correct ? So why could not also be the Titans Digimon , and their wives,the, Titânides Digimon ? You have complete freedom to imagine the look of them just ask for it to be as impressive as that of the Olympus Twelve . If you accept that’s who would be the Titans .

    The first generation of Titans

    Originally the Titans were the children of Uranosmon ( Father Sky ) and Gaiamon ( Mother Earth ) do not confuse with the two Appmon with these names :

    Titans :

    Coeusmon , titan of the night skies and stars .
    Criusmon titans cold winters, Mnemosinemon spouse
    Cronosmon , titan lord of time , which dethroned Uranosmon and was king of the Titans (not to be confused with Chronomon Chronomon HM and DM ) .
    Hyperiomon titan of sun astral fire and prophecy .
    Iapetusmon , titan of divine justice and supreme legislator who ruled the fate of the mortal .
    Oceanosmon , the titan lord of the oceans are encircling the world .

    Titânides :

    Phoebemon , a crown of gold. Titânide of moon wife of Coeusmon .
    Mnemosinemon , personification of memory and mother of the Muses wife of Criusmon .
    Rheamon , the earth titan queen of titans with Cronosmon .
    Themismon , titanic embodiment of order, laws and customs, and mother of the Hours of the day Iapetusmon wife .
    Tethysmon , Titan goddess of the sea Oceanosmon wife .
    Theiamon , Titan Vision daytime sky and light Hyperiomon wife .


  3. Alexandre José de Carvalho

    A doubt Ayhelenk and the Chosen Children of, all world of Digimon 02 ?

    American Chosen Children

    Michael and Betamon

    Evolution Line

    Betamon-> Seadramon -> MegaSeadramon -> GigaSeadramon

    Willis and Terriermon and Lopmon

    Terriermon-> Gargomon-> Rapidmon Gold (by the Digimental of Destiny) -> SaintGargomon Gold

    Lopmon-> Wendigomon-> Antylamon -> Cherubimon (Gold by the Digimental of Destiny)

    Phil and Flarerizamon

    Evolution Line


    Tatum and Airdramon

    Evolution Line


    Maria and Centarumon

    Evolution Line


    Steve and Yukidarumon

    Evolution Line


    Lou and Tortomon

    Evolution Line


    Chinese Chosen Children

    Poi Brothers and three Syakomon

    Evolution Line

    Syakomon->Octomon->Captain Hookmon->Olegmon

    Yue Hong and Apemon

    Evolution Line

    Koemon->Apemon->Etemon->King Etemon

    Vietnamese Chosen Children

    Dien and Gorillamon

    Evolution Line


    Indian Chosen Children

    Mina and Meramon

    Evolution Line


    Australian Chosen Children

    Derek and Crabmon

    Evolution Line

    Crabmon ( Female )->Coelamon->Mermaimon->AncientMermaimon

    French Chosen Children

    Catherine Deneuve and Floramon

    Evolution Line

    Floramon->Kiwimon->Sirenmon->Ceresmon->Ceresmon Medium

    Mexican Chosen Children

    Rosa and Gotsumon

    Evolution Line


    Russian Chosen Children

    Yuri and Kuwagamon

    Evolution Line


    Sonnya and Snimon

    Evolution Line


    Anna and Unimon

    Evolution Line


    Will they all show up, too? Even if they are only “special participations super brief” ?


  4. Alexandre José de Carvalho

    I had thought that you might even be a little more “diabolical” that if all the “Evil Digimon” would have come back to live in the “Dark Gennai” stated all the “dead” Digimon returned to live after the Reboot of Digital World This case the enemies of the Chosen Children ( Devimon, Etemon, Myotismon, The 4 Dark Masters, Lady Devimon, SkullSatamon, MarineDevimon, Apocalymon and Armageddemon ) could also all have returned to live in this case could appear to be commanded by Demiurgus for The final battle all evolved in their Mega levels (Tsukaimon-> Devimon-> NeoDevimon-> Daemon-> Daemon True Mode for Devimon, Black MetalEtemon for Etemon the version of the “final darkness” of MetalEtemon [Ok, ok … I KNOW that “does not exist this Digimon.” BUT SO WHAT? “Create” a “Black” version of MetalEtemon much more powerful and evil than King Etemon and MetalEtemon ! ] , VoltoBautamon for Myotismon and Piedmon [since VoltoBautamon is just a Jogress Shinka between Myotismon and Piedmon] , ChaosPinocchimon [ Why not ? If there is a ChaosPiedmon and a ChaosMetalSeadramon why could not there also be a Chaos version of Pinocchimon ? ], Plotmon-> BlackTailmon-> Lady Devimon -> BelleStarmon [ “Lilithmon”? Who needs she? BelleStarmon is much more badass! And if I do not slip up, she fills Ophanimon with bullet holes ! ], PicoDevimon -> IceDevimon -> SkullSatamon -> Murmuxmon, Gizamon-> Gesomon-> MarineDevimon-> Leviamon, BlackAgumon-> BlackGreymon->BlackMetalGreymon->BlackWarGreymon ,PicoDevimon->Soulmon->Mummymon->Pharaohmon ,Dokunemon->Dokugumon->Arukenimon->Parasimon , Apocalymon and Armageddemon). What do you think of these ideas ?


  5. Alexandre José de Carvalho

    Since we are very close to the final episode of Digimon Adventures Tri you could do something in the same style as the final battle of the Chosen Children against Apocalymon in Digimon Adventures a great battle with the participation of all Digimon allies of the Chosen Children in Digimon Adventures : Meramon, Yukidarumon, Monzaemon, Andromon, Centarumon, Unimon,Piccolomon, Elecmon, Leomon , Ogremon (the latter after much struggle to finally overcome the infection of the virus that plagues him and recover the reason for wanting to “redeem his warrior honor” again with the Chosen Children) , Gekomon and Otamamon.

    All in their evolutions Mega Levels of: Boltmon, PrinceMamemon, Callismon ( The Mega level of Monzaemon Vaccine with a much more majestic and imposing appearance instead of sinister and scary of Callismon Virus because Callismon would be a very cool Mega level for Monzaemon since he was a Digimon purified from darkness and evil ) , HiAndromon , Sleipmon ( the Mega level of Centarumon that really is part of its evolutionary line second I saw in Wikimon with Sagittarimon as your Ultimate / Perfect level ) , Griffomon (Unimon’s Mega level with Hippogriffomon as his Ultimate / Perfect Level),Jijimon (the Piccolomon Mega Level so promising and so eternally underrated in all the Digimon series for being a “Old Man” Digimon which is a mistake because age brings no weakness, brings wisdom, experience and strength then this would be a chance to show the real power of Jijimon [ Note : If you do not like Jijimon very much you could “upgrade” in his power and make he “BanchoJijimon” the Digimon “Old Bancho” of Digital World with a fighting power far superior to that of a “common” Jijimon ] ) , BlackMetalGarurumon (the Mega Level of Elecmon after he evolves to BlackGarurumon in the Champion Level, to ShadowWereGarurumon in the Ultimate / Perfect level and finally to BlackMetalGarurumon in the Mega Level) , SaberLeomon ( the Mega Level of Leomon which would have been resurrected by the Reboot of Digital World as it was what “Dark Gennai” stated that had happened to all the Digimon who died with Panjyamon as his Ultimate / Perfect Level ) , Titamon (the Ogremon Mega level he would reach through a Warp Shinka whose power to evolve would have come from Omeostasis and Ogremon would be very proud) , Pukumon ( Gekomon’s Mega Level after this evolves to Tonosama Gekomon in Ultimate / Perfect Level because he’s a very cool Digimon but terribly despised by all) , Olegmon ( Mega Level of Otamamon having Hookmon as Champion Level, Captain Hookmon as Ultimate / Perfect level and Olegmon as Mega Level ) .

    All of them would emerge in the final episode to help the Chosen Children evolved Digimon all in their Mega Levels of : Omegamon, Vikemon, Rosemon, HerculesKabuterimon, Hououmon, Seraphimon, Ophanimon (After getting rid of the darkness and abandoning the cursed evolution of ” Ophanimon Falldown Mode ” ) , UlforceVeedramon (Veemon’s Mega Level without needing to make a Jogress Shinka with Stingmon in which he would evolve into a Veedramon in the Champion Level for an AeroVeedramon in Ultimate / Perfect Level and an UlforceVeedramon in the Mega Level), BanchoStingmon, Cannondramon and Valkyrimon (the Mega level of Hawkmon by Yolei Inoue after he evolves into Aquilamon in the Champion level Garudamon [Male] in Ultimate / Perfect Level and Valkyrimon in Mega Level ) assuming you do not simply “discard” and “disappear” with the second generation of Chosen Children the same as they did in Digimon Tri in which Davis, Ken, Yolei and Cody simply disappeared and none of the Chosen Children veterans seems to have been aware of this, not even if he had cared for her absence all this time or thought anything like: “Where are Daisuke, Ken, Yolei, and Cody?” It was their duty to take care of Digital World-related threats in our absence.Taichi passed the googles and the leader post to Daisuke where he and the Other Chosen Children of the second generation will be? ” and with the astonishing appearance of the 4 Original Chosen Childrens and their Digimon Partners the 4 Holy Beasts: (Azulongmon, Zhuqiaomon and Ebonwumon and their three now adult Human Partners) led by Daigo Nishijima and his partner Digimon Baihumon , Maiki Himekawa and his partner Tapirmon which reveals itself to be in fact the 5th and most powerful Holy Beast in its evolution Mega Level Huanglongmon and Meiko Mochizuki and Razielmon ( the great Archangel Digimon sacred evolution of Meicoomon after getting rid of the darkness that dominated she ) along with all his friends allies Digimon and his Digimon partners evolved at their maximum level would have a dramatic battle against Demiurgus that as the battle against Apocalymon would appear in the skies of the entire human world and would be assisted by all the humanity that would support for the Chosen Children and after much fight would be necessary the sacrifice of Omeostasis that incarnating in Hikari would fuse Alphamon (that would have passed to the side of Chosen Children) and Omegamon through a Jogress Shinka to defeat Demiurgus.

    There would be a fraternization between the Chosen Children their Digimon allies and their Digimon Partners in which they would take a new photo to remember that moment taken by Meiko Mochizuki with duty fulfilled the Chosen Children would depart back to the human world this time accompanied by their Digimon Partners who would have decided to live forever alongside their Human Partners and Digimon Tri would end with humanity and the Digimon living in peace with each other finally. What do you think of these ideas?


  6. Alexandre José de Carvalho

    If you allow me the immense courage and impudence could I give you more suggestions for new artworks? After all ideas are always welcome and imagination is the only thing 100% democratic that we all have the same way:

    Well my suggestion is: Do you know the Earth-3 of the DC Multiverse Earth of Evil Universe of Crime Syndicate of America? A universe where everyone on Earth-1 are “heroes” there are “villains” and the opposite of all that should be “villains” in that universe are “heroes”? Well my idea is: Why do not you try to do the same in the Multiverse Digimon and creates an Earth of an Alternative Reality of the Digimon Multiverse where the heroes of Digimon series would be “evil Chosen Children” and the villains would be “heroes” and where the “evil “always win” the good “?

    Type: Versions malevolent and diabolically distorted counterparts of the evil of all the Chosen Children of Digimon with evil versions of : Taichi Kamiya and WarGreymon, Yamato Ishida and MetalGarurumon, Joe Kido and Vikemon, Mimi Tachikawa and Rosemon, Sora Takenouchi and Hououmon, Ikari Kamiya and Ophanimon, Takeru Takaishi and Seraphimon , Koushiro Izumi and HerculesKabuterimon, Meiko Mochizuki and Razielmon, Daisuke Motomiya and Imperialdramon, Ken Ichijouji and BanchoStingmon , Yolei Inoue and Valkyrimon,Cody Hida and SlashAngemon, Takato Matsuda and Dukemon , Ruki Makino and Sakuyamon , Jenrya-Lee and SaintGargomon , Ryo Akiyama and Fujinmon , Jeri Katou and SaberLeomon , Hirokazu Shiota and HiAndromon , Kenta Kitagawa and MarineAngemon , Shu Chong and Cherubimon (Female) , Takuya Kambara and KaiserGreymon , Koji Minamoto and MagnaGarurumon , Junpei Shibayama and AncientBeetlemon , Tomoki Himi and AncientMegatheriumon , Izumi Orimoto and AncientIrismon , Kouichi Kimura and AncientSphinxmon , Daimon Masaro and ShineGreymon Burst Mode , Thoma H. Norstein and MirageGaogamon Burst Mode , Fujieda Yoshino and Rosemon Burst Mode , Ikuto Noguchi and Ravemon , Kudou Taiki and OmegaShoutmon , Zenjirou Tsurugi and AtlurBallistamon , Akari Hinomoto and JagerDorulumon , Kiriha Aonuma and ZeekGreymon , Nene Amano and RaptorSparrowmon , Yuu Amano and Tuwarmon , Shinkai Haru and Gaiamon , , Eri Karan and Poseidomon , Asuka Torajiro and Uranusmon , Rei Katsura and Hadesmon , Yuujin Ozora and Rebootmon

    And at the same time versions noble and heroic counterparts of The Enemies of all the Chosen Children of the Universe of Digimon : Ogremon , Devimon, Etemon, Myotismon, Piedmon, Mugendramon, Pinocchimon, MetalSeadramon, Apocalymon , Armageddemon , Kimeramon, BlackWarGreymon, Mummymon , Arukenimon , Daemon , SkullSatamon , Lady Devimon , MarineDevimon , Dagomon, Mammothmon,SkullMeramon, Phantomon , Bakemon , Cockatrimon , DarkTyranomon , Tyranomon , Evil Greymon , Kuwagamon , Snimon , Tuskmon , Datamon , DigiTamamon, Igamon, Vegiemon , RedVegiemon , Blossomon, Jyureimon, Mihiramon , Majiramon , Sandiramon , Pajiramon , Makuramon , Vikaralamon , Kumbhiramon , Vajramon,Sinduramon , Chatsuramon,Indramon, Gulfmon,D-Reaper , ADR-01: Jeri Type , ADR-02: Searcher , ADR-03: Pendulum Feet , ADR-04: Bubbles , ADR-05: Creep Hands , ADR-06: Horn Striker , ADR-07: Paratice Head , ADR-08: Optimizer , Reaper , Mother D-Reaper , GranLocomon , Parasimon , ZeedMillenniummon , Cerberusmon, Mushroomon , ShadowToyAgumon,Bakumon,Golemon,Toucanmon,Chamelemon,Volcamon, Asuramon , Karatenmon , Honeybeemon,Parrotmon , Jureymon , Panjyamon , Phantomon , Snimon , ShadowWereGarurumon , Doggymon , IceDevimon , Sagittarimon,Centarumon , SkullSatamon, Knightmon,Mercurymon , Grumblemon , Arbormon ,Ranamon , Cherubimon , Lucemon Falldown Mode , Lord Crusadermon , Dynasmon,Ornismon , Murmuxmon , SaberLeomon , Gizumon,Akihiro Kurata,Belphemon,Kouki Tsubaza , BioDarkdramon , Manami , BioLotusmon , Ivan , BioSpinomon , Yggdrasil 7D6 , Argomon , Tactimon, Lilithmon , Blastmon , DarkKnightmon , Dorbickmon , NeoVamdemon , Zamielmon , Splashmon , Gravimon , Apollomon Whispered , MadLeomon , Neptunemon , AncientVolcamon , SkullMeramon , Daipenmon , Ebemon , HiMugendramon , Matadormon , Breakdramon , GigaWaruMonzaemon , DarknessBagramon, Quartzmon , Charismon , Biomon , Fakemon , Beautymon , Deusmon and Leviathan.

    Please I ask you not get me wrong. At no time did I wish to force you to do anything against their will. These are just suggestions that you are not required at any time to follow if you do not want I do it just because I admire their artworks and would like to help you make new ones. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your attention.


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