The Brocon scene


The Sachertorte was resting, untouched, next to his coffee. He was sitting in one of the best spots of the Sacher´s hotel, next to a window only to ignore the postal view of the streets. Relena Norstein was on her way back from the ladies room when she stopped midway,  studying for a moment the handsome guy who was waiting for her return.

“Oh no, and there he goes again !” she sighed, a bit annoyed to see her beloved Tohma working AGAIN on his cursed laptop. She hadn´t been away for more than 10 minutes and he already  couldn´t resist his urge on checking his data…yep, she could tell his tendency of self-indulging with the net rather than tasting the delicacies he had on the table “NEXT TIME I AM HAMMERING THAT THING…!”

Tohma Norstein certainly knew how to make a girl feel really cherished, didn´t him?  He didn´t have the decency of at least waiting until he was back to the suite to swim in that endless ocean of data.  Now that he won the Nobel 2 days ago, he could afford one day or two without thinking in his work! That´s why he let her drag him from Stockholm  to Vienna during the last 48 hours…He  promised to take her around one of the most romantic cities from Europe without thinking in his next research or anything…!

“If only he wasn´t my onii-chan…” the 15ish year old sighed “If only…”

She shook her head, trying to think in something else. When would she learn that the guy she viewed as her prince was family and couldn´t be anything else…?

She kept watching him from afar and sighed again. She couldn´t keep her eyes away from his gentle face, his golden locks and those fingers! working tirelessly on the keyboard…if only she could wrap them with hers but…she gave herself a little slap, as a reminder. No sane person in this world should have that kind of thoughts ! Ever!

Please God, she prayed silently, grant me the strength to overcome these feelings. I don´t want to be like that anymore…please, hurry up on showing me my true Love…

But her good intentions were put in test the very following instant when a couple of girls suddenly stopped by his table. One was blonde, the other a brunette. Both were in their 25s-27s and once the sight of Tohma-oiisan caught their attention, they did not hesitate to approach him.

“Sorry to intrude…” said the brunette in German “but Maria and I were wondering if you were the Nobel Guy…”

Tohma stopped typing and smiling, he nodded.

“I knew it!” she said , gleefully “And then the guys say I don´t remember faces!”

The blonde laughed. Relena clenched her fists, she needn´t to be a clairvoyant to recognize a pair or pussycats !

“Come on, onii-chan! Just dismiss them already!” she mumbled.

Instead, he laughed.

“So that´s how people call me?”

“Well, I nicknamed you as Herr Wonderful” admitted Maria “I didn´t watch the news, is true what Lisette said? You are just 19?”

“I am”


“See?!!” the brunette Lisette put her arms on her hips, showing off her accuracy “I was completely right!”

Tohma giggled again. It wasn´t the first and wouldn´t be the last he would be approached by strangers, in other times he would had dreaded the irruption but now…finally released from his worst nightmare, he kinda was learning to be more accepting of his surroundings. And it felt good to being complimented by the rest of the world, no matter if those girls truly understood what he worked so hard on…

“Ok, I have to give you credit for it” replied Maria a bit annoyed “Mr Nostein, right?”

“Tohma is ok”


“Oh no, Tohma. I was born in japan…”such a casual response irked Relena , how dare her aloof brother behave like a normal, warm human being…towards other girls?!

The lad was just trying to be polite, of course. But the sister didn´t think so.

“May we take a picture together?” asked the girls at the same time.

“Why not?”

If he was the Tohma H. Norstein from 5 years ago, he would had told them to get lost. Instead, he showed another of his rare smiles and posed for a selfie session.

“AWESOME!” Lisette happily waved her cellphone, ready to boast about meeting one of the newest and hottest celebrities of the moment. “Danke! !”

And to express their sincerity, each girl kissed the young man on the cheeks. Relena´s goodwill sank to the bottom of the ocean, she couldn´t stand it anymore!

“Hey you two!” she hurriedly rejoined Tohma and, possessive, embraced him from behind “Could you please quit it?!”

“…ah…nice to meet you?” the girls wondered why the little blonde was staring at them with such hatred.

“Relena…?” Tohma ´s cheeks blushed , his little sister had the ominous custom of displaying her affections in public. Despite being half German, his Japanese blood still demanded for a more sober behavior.

“YOU SCOUNDREL!” Relena pointed her finger at her sibling “I leave for ten minutes and you are already FLIRTING with SOMEONE ELSE!”

“Wait..!” he barely could believe what she was saying “What…?!”

Relena´s eyes began to shed some tears.

“I am aware that my body´s far from being perfect…but…but” she began to sneeze, inconsolable “Just because they are D-CUP doesn´t mean you have the right  to CHEAT ON ME!!”

Suddenly EVERYBODY ´s eyes was following the scene. From the passing waitress to the American tourists, in less than a minute Tohma Norstein passed to be from the youngest Nobel Prize winner to a soulless jerk who dared to break his girlfriend´s heart!

“No! No!” he waved his hands nervously “It´s not what it seems!!”

Maria and Lisette kept staring at him, dumbfounded.

“I discovered a cure for my sister´s illness…and she´s my sister!” he added quickly.

Relena hugged him tighter.

“We share a bond that none of you, girls, will ever dream to have. So please, if you are done with the photo session…may you leave us ALONE? NOW?!”

Maria and Lisette exchanged a horrified glance, they once visited Japan. And they certainly learned one thing or two about their eccentricities…or at least, they read some of the mangas. Japan was the land where, at least in mangas, you could break down some taboos…

“Ugh…yes, yes…have a lovely afternoon” Unable to hide their horror, they hurried back to their table where the rest of their female friends were waiting; they didn´t hesitate to share what happened at the Northstein table.

“Hell! That´s a messed up couple of siblings!!”


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