Commission for HealerCharm: Gomamon and Virgomon



This is the third paid commission I  made  for :iconhealercharm: and had lots of fun doing it :heart:

I carefully draw what she wanted: Gomamon and her OC Virgomon  ready to go on an adventure.
She wrote me this:

“…holding onto Virgomon’s back, leaning over her shoulder (like he does with Joe) as she is leaping up in midair with him (since she can leap from distant heights) as she pets his head.

It’s like they’re leaping into a warp-digivolve together, for above them is their Mega forms – Vikemon and NeoAzuramon…side by side”

So I complied and also added their crests, glowing lovingly within them. In her fic Joe´s Gomamon and Virgomon are in love :flirty:

Since this is a paid commission I added the site watermark and disabled the donwload button.

Meanwhile, thanks for watching! Here's a kiss for you, my love!



If you are interested on getting a commission from me, click HERE


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