More Partying

Because I had so much fun drawing the Disco scene, I am posting the characters individally as well XD

Which one is your favorite?

The “Footloose” couple: Nova &Ange


The “You´re the one I want” couple: Miyako and Sora


The “Wake me up before you Go-Go” intention: Tia Yagami and Kabuki Sakuyamon


Makoto Tachikawa , Lillymon and Agumon rocking the stage


“Love touch” by Rod Stewart was my inspirtion, Makoto would gladly charm Lillymon with this song (and then the very weasel would hit off the streets and flirt with the ladies once again…)

Inori Izumi always doing what she pleases XD


The cutest pairing after the Patagato: Gabumon and Piyomon

Gabumon proved to be a neat dancer even if his moves are a bit too enthusiastic for Piyo´s taste.


I was picturing “I cant dance” by Genesis

The cutest pairing :Patagato

One of the things that helped to deepen their bond was dancing. They discovered that they shared the same hobby and kept doing it since then, aren´t they the cutest thing?


In my headcanon their first dance together was with Whitney Houston, “I wanna dance with somebody”

The booze experts: Yori Kido and Comodoro


Yori is the opposite from her reality 01 male counterpart, she´s bossy and far from being shy. And a party isn´t a party if there´s no booze around.
Of course she´s not an easy girl, you may see her drinking like Thor but is as deadly as him if someone dares to do something inappropiate to her.
I was actually inspired by the Bratislava scene from Eurotrip for Yori and Gomamon´s scene, even borrowing a few lines from the movie


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