Becoming Yggdrasil




“I am aware” Rei Saiba spoke in a tone full of contempt “about my oniichan´s actions. What he did and why he did it…”

The giant sphere , which was none other than Yggdrasil , said nothing. The DigiGod knew perfectly what was going to happen next. The Multiverse´s destiny was at stake, an ill-fated fusion of realities was nothing but the prelude of digiworlds and human worlds on the path of becoming a virtual nothing; so, as the Host Computer of Reality 02 (V-Tamer´s) and in order to effectively take action did what many of his counterparts already accomplished: seek for a human host, with a special kind of empathy, and the two become one.

Despite being Neo Saiba´s sister , the nasty digidestined that nearly destroyed everything, and the main reason why Neo wanted to rebuild the world from scratch and build his own kingdom..despite her being the cause of so many deaths, she was the best candidate for Yggdrasil´s next form.

“I am also aware that regardless of circumstances Neo would had still followed the dark path” her heart ached when she spoke those words ” Even if I had never been involved in that car accident. I KNOW”


There was a fact about Neo Saiba that for a good while she feared to see: the inherent greed and a worrisome lack of empathy. What he always wanted was being the best in everything, especially games. And once taken over by obsession, there´s no place for anything else. Even her. She would never share this thought with Taichi Yagami nor Hideto-kun : Neo was so predisposed to the Dark Side that her accident simply gave him the excuse to spread his insanity.


“So you acknowledge the darkness that still sleeps inside him?” asked Yggdrasil ” He harmed my world, he took pleasure on killing my people. Despite Yagami´s intervention he would not had stopped with his madness until you, human, threw yourself from a cliff. Only because of that, he stopped”

” If you ask me if I had forgiven him, the answer will be YES” she looked at the sphere “But that doesn´t mean I forgot. I love my oniichan yet I am still ANGRY at him”

“How come?” Yggdrasil needed to hear the words before proceding with his plans.

“While the digimons that died by Neo´s hands are already reborn as digieggs that doesn´t mean the tragedy can be forgotten. Because those digimons should had lead long, happy lives and were cut short in the cruelest way possible” a solitary tear rolled down her cheek “Hikeo-kun and the others should never had be turned into his puppets and their hands will always be tainted with blood. And my damned chair…! I dread it not because of the accident itself but it´s a reminder of how I was used as an excuse to destroy a precious world and its inhabitants!”


She would never forgive Neo for initiating a Holy War because of her sake.

“But he vanished in front of your eyes” continued the God ” He won´t be able to harm anybody else, I presume?”


“He´s my brother and nothing will change the fact that he´s my PRECIOUS brother” her eyes flamed ” Somebody STOLE him from me and I want him back! This time I am going to go forth and back, trespassing my own limits just for his sake. He´s in trouble and I am going to RESCUE him”


“So you are willing to go through the deal because of that reason? Not because of healing your legs?”


Rei Saiba shook her head.


“I don´t need your powers to heal my legs ” was her tranquil response “When we were returned to our world I realized that there was a slight itchiness going through my nervous system. I could FEEL them. I said nothing, of course, but I realized that everything was okay. I just needed to go ahead and begin rehabilitation. When the crisis is over I am 100% confident that I will be able to stand by myself and leave the chair for good. By my own merit”


“FAIR” declared the Digigod


A beautiful crown suddenly appeared in front of the girl, shining like hundreds of diamonds.





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