Exploring the Potentials of a Supreme Digivice

This scene takes after fav.me/da7y554 when Magnus Takariyama, 16, was approached by a digital angel of Destiny called Shukumeimon. When the lad woke up he realized that he was given a peculiar circular bracelet. It was no ordinary jewel. It was a digivice.

As the  science fair (fav.me/d9v746m) was approaching, Magnus consecrated his time (awake and asleep) on exploring the secrets of his unusual gift. He´s more than willing to kick his best frenemy´s ass, Akiyama by winning the mentioned contest. When Magnus´s asleep, Shukumeimon would often show up and chuckle when witnessing Magnus still working on the configuration of his device!  Sometimes he would leave some hints, others simply tease Magnus.

“You are a special case, Magnus. Aren´t you simply going to show the digivice in the fair?”
“Nope. I am building something else that will respond to the digivice, otherwise it would  be unfair to the other contestants”

Shukumeimon grinned.

“I already squinted at the monstrosity you are building in your basement. Come on! A Frankenstein version of an organ with some computer stuff? Are you serious about winning your bet with THAT?!”

(By the way this scene takes few weeks before fav.me/d93stkv)

“Yup!” Magnus didn´t bother to look at the angel, he was more than entertained figuring out certain algorithms ” It certainly looks ugly, but hey! My highschool does not allow part-time jobs and father rarely gives more than 7,000 yens in my monthly allowance. So I am literally a poor, starving student!”

Of course he wouldn´t tell the part where he had so many fangirls that he rarely had to buy his lunch. Everyday he was given several delicious bentos, courtesy from his adoring classmates. Yet he could never beat Tia Yagami´s record. Tia was the most popular student from the entire school…or district!

“But you put in shame my gift! That thing you are building is HORRIBLE!” Shukumeimon facepalmed “Okay, young man. What´s the PURPOSE of that asquerosidad?”

“I am going to emulate the Stargate movie, it will open portals” explained Magnus” Einstein always said that it was possible to travel through time , and I say that through time and space. I am also following Pythagoras because music will be the key to open the gates to wherever place I want”

Shukumimon didn´t reply but his smile grew wider. Given some more time his current human incarnation may nail Yggdrasil´s code frequency!

“You are nuts” finally declared the blond long haired angel “Totally my type”

“Sorry, you are not my type” replied Magnus.

“Bummer!” Shukumeimon got closer to Magnus and caressed one of the lad´s fringes “Is because of the Y chromosome stuff? ”

“Neah!” Magnus finally stared at him and showing a solemn expression he continued “I am not into winged assholes, if I had to share a closet with an asshole I already have Akiyama!”and winked an eye.

Shukumeimon ended exploding in laughter.

“Holy digimentals! You are really a piece of art!”

And shukumeomon kept laughing during the entire session, not everyday he was outsmarted by one of his human counterparts…



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