Building the Bond


Despite having a rocky beginning, Nova Takariyama and Ange slowly but steadily began to bond.
Especially during those endless nights, when none of them were able to sleep due to their frequent nightmares from their respective pasts (each involving their very own death and resurrection), Nova would often lie by Ange´s side and grab his hands.

“It´s okay, fear not anymore my winged karma. Whenever you are struck with a bad dream I´ll make sure you won´t face it alone…”
“So says the King?” he was gradually getting used to those sessions and actually looking forward to them.
“Not anymore, I gave back the crown” she would say in a tranquil tone “I never cared about owning a kingdom, I just want my brother back”

He held tighter her hands.

“And I want to be by little Takeru´side once again…” despite Kabuki Sakuyamon reassuring the angel that Takeru was well cared by the new Angemon , sleeping steadily inside Patamon´s little heart, Ange just wanted things to go back to the beginning. Besides, he didn´t want Takeru keep living in the illusion that he had his partner back. No, it was a lie. Somebody else took his place and sooner or later Ange would reveal the truth!

“He´s a little sweetheart. If I was you, I would also be dying to go back to his side” Nova wondered if in the upcoming future she would get a comrade so loyal and a will of steel like Ange´s. Her heart whispered a “no”, Ange was somebody too far-from-this-world. A part of her wished he , someday, would become her partner for good but her mind immediately brushed off the wish. “When we find Magnus , after all we´d been through, then I will say the wait´s worthy”


Now a little stint of jealousy sparkled in Ange´s eyes.

“He´s really your everything, isn´t him?”

She nodded.


“Because if anything you told me about the relationship between Takeru and his elder brother is true, our bond is even deeper!” she explained ” We lost our real folks when we were little kids, sent to an orphanage and the whole thing was terrifying until the Takariyamas showed up and adopted us. During those times we had to learn to put aside our fears and rely in each other…he acted like the prince of my dreams, protecting me all the time. Now he´s gone and I must rescue him…I won´t stop until we find him!” her tone was deadly serious and touching at the same time. The lingering affection towards her glorious elder brother was evident. “We made a promise for the future. I will be his best man the day he gets married and he´ll be my bridesmaid the day I´ll tie the knot”



“What?!” Ange blurted a laugh “Are you kidding?”

“Nope” Nova smiled “We aren´t the kind of people who like to stick by the usual norms”


“Like the King role you assumed when you became a digidestined”



“You are really an out-of-the-world girl” he kinda find admirable that trait of hers. ” I wouldn´t had minded if I had met you before the other kids”


For a long minute he waited for her response but the air remained silent.



The soft sound of her breathing indicated that she already fell asleep. He was the one who usually fell asleep first today, apparently, was her turn.


“You brat…” slumber was already taking over his system and Ange couldn´t stop his yawns “will I…someday…get what´s in your mind…? ZZZZZ”


Before succumbing to Morpheus ´s spell Ange could swear he could see the ghostly silhouette of a very ebautiful female angel watching over them…


None of them could dream about the floating Angewomon being actually Nova´s past incarnation….



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