Been a bit busy…

Sorry for the lack of updates ;  lately I´ve been a bit busy because I finally am taking commissions.

During the last 5 days I´ve been working on 4 glorious artworks for 3 wonderful fans.


Here are the samples:



This is the first paid commission I ever made and it´s for HealerCharm

I carefully drew what she wanted: Zudomon  (from Digimon Adventure One) embracing her Digimon character’s, Virgomon’s Ultimate form – Azuramon and she caresses his face as he goes to kiss her.
Since he´s Joe´s digimon I thought he may had inherited some of Joe´s traits as his  shyness (at least with cute girls!)  and made him blush a bit. Zudomon, in this case, is a very lucky digimon!

I also added , to my friend´s request, the crest symbols in the background.  Zudomon’s  crest of Reliability matching  Azuramon’s the crest of Faith.


2) Vuikusenmon Infinity Mode



AvdermisPrime was the second friend who commissioned from me so here I am posting what he requested in his artwork:

“Vuikusenmon Infinity Mode” , a alternate version of Sakuyamon.  This gorgeous deity is holding the Crest of Light staff and the floating cube is Mastemon Infinity Mode’s crystal. If you want to know more just visit AvdermidsPrime´s  page.

3)Meiccrakmon Infinity Mode


Also drawn for AvdermisPrime.

“Meiccrakmon Infinity Mode” , another version of meicocoonmon. What is floating behind the digimon is Mastemon Infinity Mode’s crystal. If you want to know more just visit AdvermidsPrime page


4) Digidestined Veronica and her digimons



This was one of the toughest challenges I ever faced but exciting as well.
This is a special drawing  of Ebonylion´s digidestined Veronica and 3 of her digital partners: SaintLeomon (OC), Omnegamon Zwart D cape (Variant), & GalacticLucemon (OC)

I was asked to draw GalacticLucemon being affectionate with Veronica  such as holding her or having an arm around her and SaintLeomon far from being pleased with that.
Well, I added some spiciness in the scene and shown Lucemon , with little sense of  shame,  whispering certain things at Veronica´s ears that made her blush!(by the way, Veronica is in her 20s)
SaintLeomon is about to burst like the Vesubio volcano in a moment or other. From his experience every Lucemon he came across , no matter the form or how “angelical ” he may look , is nothing but a weasel. Damned be him if he lets his guard down! Laughing

And then there´s Omegamon Zwart contemplating the scene and  wondering if intervene or not…

I situated the scene in the Heaven Zone and I betcha they are going to have lots of adventures there!


If you are interested on getting a picture from me just check  my deviantart gallery or e-mail me!


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