Clavis Angemon from Reality XII ´s realm





A Millennia before the Digimon Next manga´s events, another angel served as Yggdrasil ´s closest one: Clavis Angemon.
From his realm, besides the Digiworld´s affairs,  he constantly protects the “Zenith Gate” which is sealed by means of 360 doors. But he also protects something even more important, the threads of time and space that connects his reality with others…and the entrance to Nexus as well.

The young female angel is Akarimon, his apprentice and if anything happens to him she´ll take his place as the Keeper and as Yggdrasil´s protector.

One day a Quartzmon showed up in the digiworld and began to corrupt Yggdrasil. He summoned a group of digidestineds to stop him but the group ended being trapped as well.
Unable to leave his post then Clavis ANgemon ended summoning an outsider from another reality, a lad called Magnus Takariyama to carry on the mission the other kids failed to accomplish. Akarimon was ordered to become Magnus´s guide and much to Clavis´s surprise, the pair ended falling in love…





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