Creating new Life


It didn´t take too long since the King´s departure and the return of the Angemon who failed to guide her to the missing Magnus Takariyama.
Not Tempus Angemon anymore and unable to go back to his original Digiworld, Angemon accepted Kabuki Sakuyamon´s offer and lived in the temple as one of her apprentices.

Whilst the Renamons did not like his presence, both because they adored Nova and really felt sorry for her and also became terribly jealous about the Priestess being so friendly towards him, Ange had no problems settling down and gained another friend in Merukimon. The Olympic deity remained for a while in the temple, helping to rebuild the Digiworld after Piedmon´s death; Merukimon neither judged nor justified the angel´s fall out with Nova but declared that his peers in the Olympus XII were far more selfish and bothersome.

One day the Priestess , during one of her meditation sessions, was granted a new vision.

Instead of uneasiness , excitement flowed through her heart and gathered both Angemon and Merukimon to her presence. She also summoned two Swanmons to her temple and once everybody was reunited, the Priestess proceeded to give her intructions.

“You want us to do WHAT?” asked Angemon, puzzled.
“We are going to open the doors between our world and the ones that lead to other realms” explained the Priestess “It is time to bring on the Future through 8 new warriors”
“And you request our powers in order to fulfill that?” Merukimon respected the Priestess above everybody and wouldn´t question her.
“Angemon already trascended the limits of life, death and universes whilst you, Merukimon are the Messenger from the realms…life and death hold no limits to you either” continued Sakuyamon “Anubismon opened his door so it´s out turn…”

And gathered together, from Priestess to foxes, everybody joined their powers. The Priestess brought the essence of Yin while Merukimon summoned the essence of Yang, Angemon holding both his staff and the Priestess´s holy one together acted as the intermediary.

“Oh holy Powers of Infinity” prayed everybody together “Let the Glory of the Future take root in the light of hope that  ´s laying beneath 8 new digimons….”

Moments later a column of light showered the site, bringing 8 digieggs to life.

“Swanmons, you as caretakers of the Land of beginnings, you shall look after these eggs until the day new digidestineds will make it to our world…”






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