The Clock


From the short story “The Illusion”

When it comes to the Beyond limits are nothing. The Great Clock of Life and Death from Reality 12  kept tickling; be it clockwise, be it anti-clockwise but never stopping its course. At least that´s what one of its appointed guardian, Anubismon, made it sure it never happen  in all his thousands of years at duty. That was expected from him and wholeheartedly believed he could do it without a stain in his book..

If only Fate wasn´t so unpredictable! Nothing´s more capricious than a twist of Fate.

” I wonder what would happen” manifested Anubismon once a couple of Millennias ago ” when the hands  stop”

” A wonderful mess ” was his superior´s cheeky response “Nothing that couldn´t be fixed but it shall represent a real pain in the ass for you, that´s for sure.”

“How come?”  Anubismon was a newbie at that time, having being delivered to that bizarre, inhospitable plane by his superiors as a replacement. The previous Anubismon  requested to be relieved from his duty because he wished to be reborn as a new digimon; the current Anubismon still wondered how anybody could grow tired of one self´s form when being a deity was anything an average digimon aimed to become. He could never muster the question to his ancestor because as soon as the new Anubismon entered the stage the other immediately vanished into a shiny dust of codes and headed back to the Digiworld.   A being known as Shukumeimon  volunteered to teach the replacement the ropes.  At first he was impressed, having heard that that was one of the Digital Angels in charge of a holy place known as Nexus which was beyond most of the deities reach, even Yggdrasil and Homeostasis.

“Oh no, I wouldn´t want to spoil the fun” Shukumeimon smirked at that time. Anubismon, usually a composed, sober deity dreaded Shukumeimon´s shiny smile.” It´s inevitable, someday you will screw up and the clock will go naughty” Of course the newbie God of death refused to believe such thing and swore he would do his job without fail and make Shukumeimon eat his words.

During the time he was under his guidance Shukumeimon did nothing but tease the apprentice,  testing the latter´s temper with an endless set of jokes. How Anubismon managed to go through his training without murdering his master…well, he did try it twice but Shukumeimon would simply outsmart him and laugh his socks off.

When the training was finally over Shukumeimon announced it was time to go back to Nexus; before departing he said to his disciple:

“No matter how dedicated you are, there will be times that the Clock will mess up. You may think you can control the Destiny of souls. But that´s your mistake. Each soul is magnificently different, most prone to screw up your perfect world…

And much to the Digital version of Anubis´annoyance his words proved to be true.


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