Shukumeimon and Akarimon

reencounter copy

Magnus and his Digimons defeated Lucemon but also ended passing

Akarimon almost lost it in grief after witnessing the deaths of her teacher and boyfriend when a mysterious angel emerged from Magnus´s leftover codes…

“Ma…Magnus?!” she couldn´t believe what´s going in front of her eyes “HOW…?! You…you are alive?!”

” Life and Death are just two sides of the same coin my beloved Akarimon” spoke the angel in a very sweet tone “This is my true form”

“Your true form?” she was so astonished that she could barely speak

“Magnus Takariyama ´s only one of my multiple incarnations. My name isel of Destiny and a keeper of Nexus…”

Akarimon gulped. So many emotions were racing inside her heart that initially she couldn´t grasp the meaning of his words. The she remembered what Homesostasis once told about the existence of other entities like him and Yggdrasil, one of them was Nexus and was far, far away from the average digimon reach. Normally no keeper from Nexus would openly interact with the inhabitants of the digiworld due to different jurisdictionbeen transiting through the digiworld without being noticed by Clavisangemon? Unless….Akarimon shook her head. That didn´t matter.

“ are still Magnus, right? Right?!” her heart beat faster than anything from her world.

“Yes” his smile grew wider “His feelings, his essence are within me. How could I leave without you…?”

That was enough for her and tears of happiness rolled on her face. She jumped to his arms and the couple shared the most amorous embrace….”


Meanwhile, the recently rescued digidestineds from reality 09, while not sure they completely understood what´s going on, they  were touched by the  scene. It was the first time Akarimon showed her tears and she looked so happy that the team was teary as well.

“Oh goodness, fairy tales exist in the end..” digidestined Josephine tried to smile but ended sobbing without control.
“They exist indeed” the silver haired Kiyo caressed her friend´s hair barely managing to contain her own tears. After so many battles, death and destruction witnessing something like this felt SO rewarding…!

“OH MY GOD! THAT´S A MIRACLE! A MIRACLE!” yelled google boy Taiki “This is so beautiful that I…I……!” and crying like a baby he rushed towards digidestined Hikaru and seek comfort. The brown haired, usually composed guy barely could breath when Taiki gave him the strongest hug of his life “Hikaru senpaiiiiii!!!!” and cried like a Magdalena.

“…okay. Just let it all go, leader-san” Hikaru thought he was used to Taiki´s sensitive persona but finally had to admit that Taiki Tatsuno would be the most emotional kid from the entire digiworld.

“Oh come on! REALLY?!” The only digidestined that wasn´t amused with neither the angelical scene nor his comrades´display of emotion was the blonde Haruki “You cry louder than the girls themlseves! Don´t you have any pride as a man?!”

Haruki received a wack from Hikaru´s digimon, Leomon.


“Whoever isn´t moved by Akarimon-sama ´s happiness is an asshole” declared Leo with a couple of tears rolling down his face “Watch out what you are saying next , Okay?!”

Haruki limited to cross his arms.


But not everybody was happy with this turn of events. Yggdrasil, who was also saved from Quartzmon´s influence, should had felt grateful. But he did not. Instead of showing gratitude, Yggdrasil  would demand both Shukumeimon and the digidestineds to immediately leave the Digiworld…


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