Meeting the Wannabe Princess

I can´t help but enjoy drawing the current short story that compliments my fanfic
“YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!” yelled Nova the moment she crossed the door and her clothes changed into a prince type ” CANNOT IT BE CHEESIER?!”
Anubismon limited to point at the scene happening right in front of them.
“That´s the source of my problem””Ohh…now I wanna more cake and a new throne…and then I want this..that..” Nova´s mouth opened wide in unbelief when she found an unknown girl bossing Gallantmon. The fallen Royal Knight had been patiently listening to Mimi Tachikawa´s endless list oof requirements “Did you hear me?!”
“Yes, miss”
“Princess! I am a princess!”Nova and Anubismon exchanged a horrified glare.

novasface“Since that petty human showed up in my realm she´d been interfering with my job. And I can´t do anything against her while she wears the crest of Sincerity” sighed Anubismon “so as a fellow living human that´s messing around in my realm, will you please take her away from here?!”

Nova never liked the shoujo mangas and the shoujooesque type of girls always got on her nerves. Mimi soon noticed the visitors and her eyes opened wider than plates when she saw Nova.

“OH MY GOD!!! OUJI-SAMA!!!!!!” and did not hesitate to jump over the blonde “I FINALLY MEET YOU!!!!!!” and hugged Nova so hard that almost crushed her lungs.

Nova smirked nevertheless

“I could get a .45 and a shovel” she said  “I doubt anybody´s going to miss her…”

Anubismon and Gallantmon looked at her yelled at the same time: “WHAT?!!!”

“It´s a joke, dammit!”  Nova shook her head “Now , what the heck is going on here…?”


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