Breaking down the illusion


Another scene from  a short story in progress.

“What are you so afraid about that brought you here and insist on playing the princess role?” would say Nova almost losing her patience with Mimi “The prince you are yearning for…is not me. Please, I beg you, stop lying to yourself! Running away to a world of illusion will give you nothing! Go back where you belong and try to overcome your fear once at all…!”

A temporary juxtaposition happened between Nova Takariyama from reality 12  and Mimi from reality 01. Nova passed out for some moments during a gruesome battle against Piedmon while Mimi passed out for sometime when Myotismon put everyone in the convention center under a sleep spell. Mimi by accident ends having an out-of-body experience and will briefly meet Nova in Anubismon´s realm. Nova´s trying to gather back the Royal Knights that fell under Piedmon´s blades and begging Anubismon to fasten their revival. Nova will initially not appreciate Mimi´s presence but Anubismon will insist Nova on helping her find her way back to her reality or he won´t let her meet with her fallen comrades.
Mimi , when finally wakes up, she´ll find out she´d been asleep for few minutes bu she´d gotten a new push and newly found determination from her extraordinary adventure to resume her own battle…

The short story can be read here:… (soon to be concluded) . It´s quite a peculiar short story but I like writing strange stories :) (Smile)


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