Meeting in a dream


This scene takes place after  Mimi and several people are captured by Myotismon ´s spell and fall asleep. Mimi ends having an astral travel to another plane and ends meeting Nova Takariyama who at that time also passed out during a gruesome battle against Piedmon . Nova, overwhelmed by the villain´s godly powers,  is trying to find out her fallen comrade souls and accelerate their resurrection process so they fight against him once again. But she only manages to find Gallantmon and while struggling to come to terms about them not able to revive and finish their mission they come across a terribly confused Mimi!

meeting_in_a_dream__close_up_by_ayhelenk-db9s9kpThe chosen of Sincerity showed up confused and with a momentary amnesia which will make Nova grumble for a while.

“Humph! I have no time dealing with wannabe princesses” Nova would say “. Like it or not, I am going to make sure you REMEMBER so I can return to my own battlefield at once…!”

With a help of Gallantmon´s leftover codes Nova would finally be able to send back Mimi to her own reality and the chosen of Sincerity would have no choice but to switch from princess to warrior mode and save herself…


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