Darcmon meets Digidestined Logan


Darcmon was supposed to retrieve Yggdrasil´s armor from reality 05 and ended being Koed . By the time the female angel finally opened her eyes she got the fright of her life when the first thing she saw was a giant feline ready to jump over her.

“WHAT THE …?!”

“She’s a bonnie lass, no doubt about it” Logan Montgomery spoke “Baihumon, could you tell me why every time I come across a beauty she turns into a psycho?!”  and the lad sighed as if really feeling sorry.

“YOU…! YOU…!” Darcmon ´s eyes flamed. She remembered fighting against a group of digidesineds called supremes and the blue haired boy was among the rats. In her years as a digital angel, save for the hateful group of digidestineds led by Takuya Kanbara, never suffered the humiliation of defeat until she came across those nasty humans. “HOW DARE YOU?!” she was furious. Where was the black haird rat that dared to transform into Seraphimon and treated her as if she was a marionette? She already dreaded humans but wanted the mentioned Steve Worthington´s head above everything!

“Gonnae no’ dae that! ” exclaimed Logan and Baihumon did not waste time and growled with such intensity that the ground trembled under their feet. Darcmon could not move. Her heart almost froze in fear. There was no way she could overpower a digiGod! Even if she was at the peak of her powers (which she was not, her mind was still a milkshake) she was no match against Baihumon. Logan apparently was well aware about that fact because he never uncrossed his arms “Wee angel, you´d better behave like a good girl and stay calm”

“I DON´T CARE WHO YOU ARE BUT SOONER OR LATER YOU ARE GOING TO MEET YOUR DEATH!” Darcmon may be terrified but fear did not prevent her mouth from speaking up “Master Lucemon is unstoppable even if you have a God by your side!”

“Aye, right. But in my book, miss, yer a chancer ” added the boy, now showing a sober expression. He seemed calm but he was quite angry. Never mind waking up in a messed up Digiworld and without his friends on sight. Nope. He was used to strange adventures and bizarre circumstances. He was doing his best not to explode since the moment he discovered he was 14 years old again and THAT was INSULTING ”  I can´t wait to stamp my signature punch all over that asshole´s face, I hate being 14 again! Cannot drink the goddammed beer, drive my car..cannot even elope to Gretna Green with my girl!”

“I don´t recall you having a girlfriend, Logan” said Baihumon

“I would have one if I didn´t have a cursed winged tiger as my digimon!” Baihumon usually accompanied Logan in his Mihiramon form and like Cyberdramon he was a feisty digimon. Logan could never relax, he always had to have an eye over Mihiramon and make sure he wouldn´t cause mischief (which unfortunately he did quite often) and despite his attempts he could never hold a long, everlasting love relationship because every potential girlfriend ended being scared to death of Mihiramon. “Thanks a lot, mate!”

Baihumon growled again. As if he cared !

” Let´s go to the point, miss angel”

“My name is DARCMON you useless human!”

Logan clenched his fists. He was trying his best to behave like a composed gentleman but the angel wasn´t helping. If given the chance she would jump and slit his throat in a matter of seconds…

“Your name is the ugliest thing ever. No wonder you are so ill mannered” he finally uncrossed his arms and uncovered his bracelet which was in fact a digivice “Whatever, I don´t really care. While you were sleeping my digivice assimilated your codes. So now you´ve got two choices: follow me as my new partner or become Baihumon´s food”

“WHAT?!!!” Darcmon was livid.

“Oh, you still don´t get it? Let me phrase it this way: my digivice rewrote your codes and now you are under my spell. Lucemon isn´t your master anymore. I AM”

“YOU BASTARD!!!!” Darcmon finally lost it and rushed to attack the insolent digidestined. But she couldn´t lift even a foot from the ground when she suddenly was greeted with an electrical wave that almost fried her feathers. “ARRRGHH!!!! YOU MISERABLE! YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR THIS!!!”

Logan knelt in front of her and shook his head.

“No madam, you are the one who´s been in the wrong side and contributed with this madness. And you dared to impersonate the Boss and had us attack Masaru Daimon . You swore loyalty to a monster that wants to destroy every single reality. And I´m 14 again, DAMMIT! ” his fist hit the ground. He wouldn´t lay a finger over a lady, feathered or not, evil or not.” So you have a lot of stuff to fix. Choose: Follow us as our new comrade or become Baihumon´s food”

Baihumon smirked. Had he  assimilated Darcmon´s codes into his system it would ´ve been the equivalent of a banquet. But that would go against Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon´s orders since they did not approve of such actions. They even forbade that custom among supremes calling the practice barbaric and there were other ways to increase one digimon´s powers.

” You are dreaming if you believe you are going to win this war” grumbled Darcmon.

“Your decision: Join us or die” Logan spoke softly yet his eyes were ready to start a bush fire.


By the end of the day Logan Montgomery had a digital angel in his list of partners….


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