Going against Angewomon



When Lucemon goes against several universes at the same time…secrets once well kept in the dark will  emerge to the light.

Once in the very distant past, Ten Legendary Warriors joined their forces altogether in order to stop Lucemon´s madness.
But in order to succeed, a human intermediary was needed.
A human whose heart was capable of wielding both light and darkness was needed.

When Shizuka Kimura, at that time 9, was dragged into the Digital conflict she had no choice but to accept the challenge.
Accompanied by Bokomon, Neemon and three rookies known as Patamon, Salamon and Lopmon Shizuka began her quest.

The first Warrior to be tamed was Ancientgreymon fav.me/d9wvgpe , which was sort of a miracle because he almost burned the girl from head to toes. But Shizuka was gifted with something unique: her oratory skills.The second Warrior that agreed to join the cause was Ancientmermaidmon fav.me/db1k6f1.
The third was AncientKazemon who had no trouble joining the group since Lucemon made her feel sick.

The fourth was none other than Ancient Sphinxmon who initially did not want to join any cause until his riddle is solved. Shizuka´s group wasn´t the only on trying to woo Ancient Sphinxmon, one of Lucemon´s generals, an Angewomon with a staff of Light wanted him as well.

“I´ll join the party who correctly guesses my riddle. Otherwise , please, get lost”

The digital sphinx was someone with a very peculiar, personal philosophy and was the hardest to impress.

Angewomon was the first one to offer an answer but failed to answer correctly.
Shizuka offered to answer the riddle since she, the only non powered member of the group, at least she should be given the chance to be useful. And much to everybody´s surprise she offered the correct answer. The digimons were thrilled and Ancient Sphinxmon sighed, finally giving in.

“I gave my word and I shall join your cause, human. I´m still puzzled that someone so tiny and apparently insignificant  could answer my riddle”
“My grandpa loves riddles and always have one in store whenever I visit him” Shizuka´s heart was still beating like a wild horse. She couldn´t believe she really did it!

“He´s the one who behaves like a madman!” yelled AncientMermaidmon “He´s destroying everything!”
“He whipped for good my tribe!” Ancientgreymon was more than ready to fight against Angewomon and her army of Angewomons. Yep, the staffed one had gathered her army “WHAT KIND OF HOLY DEITY KILLS AN ENTIRE POPULATION  WITHOUT GIVING A SHIT?!”

“YOUR PEOPLE WERE CORRUPTED !” replied Angewomon “And if corruption isn´t taken care by burning its roots it will tun into a massive wave of destruction!” Angewomon  , until that day, never questioned Lucemon´s actions. He was the purest of the angels and Yggdrasil  even blessed him as such, letting him descend to the world and set things in order. The different tribes were constantly fighting against each other making Yggdrasil´s core suffer. And Lucemon did as requested, set peace in the Digiworld. But lately the little angel was taking his view of law, order and justice into another level…a bit extreme, sure. But how dare those people call him evil?!

“Angels are supposed to protect everybody!” cried Shizuka “The so called Lucemon is no angel at all and we´ll prove it!”

“ONE LAST CHANCE” Angewomon spoke at Ancient Sphinxmon ” Shine with us or seek your destruction with them”

The mentioned digimon limited to smirk.

“I can tell that you are a honest one” he spoke at Angewomon “You really believe in the cause and I can tell that you wouldn´t retort to violence unless forced to” then he looked at Shizuka and her group “But the little one also shines with honesty. So here I am, facing the two sides of a coin. And both hold the truth. But if I were to measure which truth is the correct one…then I shall believe in the little girl…”

And so Ancient Sphinxmon joined the legendary 10 warriors….


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