The Two Faces of an Angewomon II

A Millennia ago, from reality 04, an Angewomon was one of Lucemon´s generals  until she meet a Digidestined named Shizuka swho compelled her to switch sides
Eventually she would make her way to Reality 012, completely weakened and disheartened and was about to succumb to oblivion when a casual meeting with a toddler called  Magnus reawakened her heart and she ended being reborn as a human.

While Nova remembers nothing about her past life as Angewomon she´d eventually regain some of her past abilities including certain attacks that no other Angewomon possess. In the past Angewomon used to summon a violin of light and when she played her notes, she was virtually unstoppable.

Nova expected to follow her brother´s passion with the piano yet her heart ended leading her to the violin…


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