Angel in Juilliard


When Nova Takariyama was 14, her elder brother Magnus was going to participate in a science fair and for that he created a digivice and a strange machine that supposedly could open a door to another dimensions. Magnus tested the device and his invention proved to be a success…it worked so well that he ended vanishing in the portal and only his digivice came back home! Nova, horrified, became the digivice´s next user and she too ended being dragged to another world…( , &

She spent a year trapped in that foreign land called Digiworld, searching for her missing brother. The girl initially wasn´t interested in the digimons´s affairs, Nova only wanted to find Magnus and go back home. But weeks passed and she realized she couldn´t keep a blind eye on the events anymore, especially since a bastard from another Digiworld called Piedmon was causing a great disaster since he managed to steal the 4 Gods´s powers and due to a Taomon´s request, Nova had no choice but to embrace the digidestined role and gather an army (, )

The war proved to be gruesome and many digimons, especially the Royal Knights, ended falling one by one like dominoes pieces to Piedmon´s swords. Even she met a horrible fate .( ) But a miracle happened in the end and the girl was returned to the land of the living once more! ( , )
The horrible Piedmon was defeated and  thanks to the light of hope of Takeru Takaishi, Nova Takariyama and a resurrected Angemon…thanks to the children´s powers, Angemon became Tempus Angemon ( ) and permanently erased the monster from the living realms.

The Gods were restored to their rightful forms and of course, sent Takeru back to his world (although they erased partially his memories so the kid always thought that everything was a dream) and declared that Tempus Angemon should become Nova´s partner and help her looking for Magnus.

But Tempus Angemon, instead of helping her tracking Magnus, he ended teleporting her back to her world ( and declared that Takeru was his only partner.
Nova, heartbroken, through her digivice,she ended summoning a Gate of Destiny and stripped Tempus Angemon from his cosmic powers and revert to Angemon. Then, he was sucked to the digiworld and Nova´s will sealed all the gates so he would never be able to go back to the human world…


2 years passed.

Nova, now 16, is already used to her new life in New York. A full year in the digiworld and having several digital codes embedded in her system awoken her certain powers, once back in the human world and the girl was suddenly much stronger, with an extraordinary  IQ , skilled in several fields, a psychic…there wasn´t anything she couldn´t accomplish.

But Magnus wasn´t there.
And Nova could care less about her newfound powers when she didn´t have her beloved brother by her sude…and despite having  new friends, despite being cherished by Tia Yagami´s group Nova  couldn´t stay in Tokyo anymore. Tokyo was filled with memories of a person that nobody  (except for Nova and Ryo Akiyama)remembered. Why Magnus Takariyama´s elements were erased from the collective memory, even Sakuyamon was unable to explain.
So unable to cope with such reality, Nova  needed to change the environment or she would go crazy…and with some manipulations, she finally managed to get her ticket out:
a special scholarship to Juilliard!

With Miyako Ishida´s grandfather´s connections (he was a famed conductor) and already having impressed everybody with her sudden skills in music, playing like a pro the piano, the violin and other instruments..of course Nova Takariyama would get her way to Juilliard. She was 15 when she finally traveled to USA.

“Until I find you, brother…I´ll fulfill your dream in your stead…” she said the night before departing to the States.


For 2 years she believed she had no business with the Digiworld.  Having  initially sealed all the gates between the human and digital world it was a given that she wasn´t going to be involved in a digital adventure anymore…or so she thought!

Right after her departure to the USA, the gates were re-opened by Kabuki Sakuyamon and summoned a new batch of digidestineds to fix the current messes. Tia Yagami and her group became the digidestineds and did a great job protecting the balance between the worlds.

But once you are a digidestined, you can´t quit. And it´s  a matter of Fate that sooner or later Nova would be summoned to duty once again. A new menace would threaten, again, the holy equilibrium in the Digiworld and Tia´s group needed the former King´s help whenever she was ready or not.

And it was unavoidable that Angemon was ready to reclaim his status as Nova´s partner; after spending almost 2 human years confined to  that foreign digiworld, living at Kabuki Sakuyamon´s shrine ( , ) and regretting his initial rudeness, the Angel was more than willing to get his second chance in life.

And Sakuyamon agreed, it was time for him to make amends with Nova and help her fulfill her mission.
A random attack from a group of wild digimons in New York helped to reunite Angemon with Nova but she was LESS than thrilled with it. In fact, the first she did after the battle was controlled was to RUN AWAY from him.

The girl wanted to have nothing to do with the angel who years ago dared to lie to her and willed to leave her behind instead of fulfilling the Gods´orders. She dreaded him now and hoped everything was a bad dream.

But in no time  he FOUND HER. The moment she was back in her dorm in Juilliard, the winged nightmare was already and with greeted her with the brightest smile:

“What took you so long, partner?”

“NO WAY!!! ” Nova almost exploded “HOW DID YOU FIND ME?!”

Of course the one who ratted her whereabouts was no one other than  Kabuki Sakuyamon , Nova´s former teacher and Ange´s former superior. Th priestess considered it was time for those nutheads to make amends and start all over again. If Nova really wanted to find her missing brother Magnus, Ange was the only one who had the power and abilities to take her through the multiverses and look for him.

Yet Nova only wished to have the defunct  Alphamon as her partner and was waiting for his revival. Digimons always come back from death, right? Even after waiting for 2 years the Royal Knight must had emerged from his egg and ready to go to her…right?

But in the end the wait `proved to be in vain because she was finally informed that Alphamon was gone for good and his soul had been reborn in another universe. So Nova had no choice but to accept Angemon as her partner whenever she liked the circumstances or not.

The first weeks proved to be heavenly, as sweet and romantic as a honeymoon: , ,


“Okay, lI give up. YOU WIN ” declared Nova one afternoon. The classes were over and training  was about to take place. Ange promised Sakuyamon to train the girl in the fighting arts before the awaited journey. Sakuyamon considered they needed to establish a true bond otherwise the mission would fail, besides Nova needed to strengthen her body and mind before ever attempting to jump through different realities.

Yet Nova was far from being in love with Ange. Nope, she was more than willing to make his life as miserable as possible.

“Juilliard is big enough for the two of us” she continued, in the sweetest tone. The angel frowned under his helmet. Her voice was shiny, pristine. Her smile was as sweet as chocolate cake and her eyes sparkled like jewels. But after living in a temple with more than one dozen of boisterous , ass-holy-damned foxes that constantly made his life miserable…he certainly learned one thing or two about recognizing a suspicious smile. The Renamons were the absolute masters of fakey smiles and Nova´s was pretty much like theirs.

“almost 900 people , I think, are blessed by this institution” he replied nonchalant “So yes, Juilliard is big enough for the two of us even if you, missy, cheated to get a spot here”

Her cheeks momentarily turned purple, he was such an ass!

She wasn´t going to bother to explain that she was merely using her brother´s spot. Magnus Takariyama was the one supposed to be in Juilliard and she, fearing he would miss it when he came back, went through Miyako Ishida´s connections and a bit of digital manipulation to get a scholarship in Juilliard in his place. When her brother ´s found safe and sane she was more than ready to give him back both his digivice and his spot in Juilliard. Nova was just taking care of his scholarship…

“As I said, you can stay in my dorm as my new comrade. You won´t need to sleep on the sofa anymore, there are more than enough beds ” her dorm was the only one in the whole building that hosted no roomies. Nova dreaded sharing what she considered her space with anybody and with some tricks under her sleeve she managed to scare away any potential roommate by making everybody believe that dorm was cursed. Until Angemon arrived!

Two weeks passed since his arrival and Sakuyamon ended pressuring the capricious girl to relent on her stubborn attitude  and treat Ange with more respect. Otherwise she would never recover her digivice…

“Are you sure?” he still kept examining her smile. He was damned sure she was hiding something.

” Yes. And I also agree about you joining some classes ” her words surprised him. He remembered saying something like that but as a joke. But he wasn´t a human and of course there was no way he would mingle between humans. He was a digimon, he belonged to the digiworld and was just going through a nefarious karma of assisting a brat that was obsessed with her missing brother. As if he would try to live as a human! Her smile grew wider. She noticed his puzzled expression and his discomfort. So she extended the bag she had been carrying since her last minute escape to a store ” For starters, NO MORE HELMETS”


“Sakuyamon made it clear, you are my trainer in digital business. I am your trainer in human matters. And I can´t keep you holed in the dorm all the time” she actually felt a bit guilty about that, for real. While she had her classes the angel had been stuck in the dorm, either eating or watching tv. That was a dreadful way of treating him and of course Sakuyamon did nothing but harshly reprimand Nova for her carelessness. A digimon was a living being, no matter if the  creature was made of blood and bones or data. It was a matter of dignity and respect.

“But aren´t you afraid of us being discovered by the school´s authorities or the press?”

“Whatever. From now on, mister, no more helmets” she shrugged her shoulders with apparent indifference “Wear human clothes, behave like a guy and it will be easier for everybody”

And her hand pointed at his helmet.

“Could you take it off, please?” that wasn´t a question. That was an order “Besides it freaks the hell out of me , unless you take a shower you constantly wear that thing even when you go to sleep. And don´t you dare to pull a Gabumon excuse, that thing must go if you are going to learn about human customs”

She gently shove her CK bag, she was also going to make him change clothes because the tights were also off place. It was almost nauseating for her seeing him wear the same stuff everyday even if his angelical clothes sparkled as if recently cleaned. Nope, either he began to wear other clothes or she would go crazy.

“Some people already squinted around the halls and asked me who´s the cosplayer that´s staying in my dorm. I can´t keep telling them that you are perfecting your costume for San Diego Comic Con. They are not stupid”

Angemon had no idea what was a Comic con or the word cosplayer but after letting escape a deep sigh, he took off his helmet.

Nova´s heart almost exploded when she saw the face, he was HOT! It was her first time seeing his face but hell! That fella was a walking God of Beauty!
No wonder her boyfriend, Ryo, was so uneasy about her having Ange as her comrade…she shook her head. She wasn´t going to let any stupid hormone to make her stray from her true intentions.

“Okay, here´s a new set of clothes.  I am not sure if I bought the proper sizes and such…of course we´ll be buying more. A lot more!”

Ange took the bag and cautiously examined the pieces that Nova bought hours ago. Just a little squint at them and his face showed a strange expression.

“What..are…those…?” he whispered, unable to hide his horror. Nova took the effort to pick the most horrendous, unfashionable, the worst representation of the 80s she could ever find. They didn´t even come from Calvin Klein. She just bought the whole stuff in a second hand store and put them inside a CK bag. Krusty the Clown owned more stylish clothes!

“I combed the entire store, looking for something that will for sure represent you” declared the girl showing her best fake innocent expression “They are so colorful, so vivace! Like a song!”

Ange´s eyes were opened wide. Those looked nothing like the stuff he watched in Tv or even the other students´outfits. Nope, those things could burn anybody´s eyes. So hideous!
And he was supposed to wear THOSE?!

“You can always check up the internet if you don´t understand how to wear them…I can´t offer you any help in those matters otherwise Ryo might misunderstand…”

Ange stared at her and then at the clothes.  He couldn´t get what she was going to gain seeing him donning those hideous clothes but he was more than willing to take the challenge.

“I´ll be right back” he grumbled and fled back to the dorm.


She didn´t get a response but as soon as he left the site Nova erupted in a maniacal laugh.

“He´s going to be the most popular guy from Juilliard” she kept laughing ” I give it a week and he´ll finally quit!”

But Ange was more stubborn than the girl herself.The week passed and not only he did not quit but ended asking for more clothes…

For a good while it was hard to find out who was the most childish from the duo. Tia Yagami and the rest of the gang ended concluding that both were equals in terms of immaturity and bratiness and their constant brawls provided the digidestineds with enough material to chase away any moment of boredom….


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