Reality XII Digimon Kaiser



Once upon the time, Like her reality 01 counterpart,  Nagisa Ichijouji became the Digimon Kaiser.

It happened  during one of the endless nights she couldn´t sleep since Hideko´s death. Nagisa was 18 and still unable to move on. If only they didn´t fight that day…if only she didn´t run away from Hideko…if only she could see the car…Hideko would had not have sacrificed herself in order to save her younger sister…

“You can bring back your sister from the Death Realm” whispered an invisible voice to her ear
“HOW?” Nagisa still wasn´t sure if she was awake or asleep at that time but she´d been praying for so long for a miracle…
“If you go to the Digiworld and become the new King, then your wish will be granted”
“A King?” she frowned ” Are you kidding?”
“No. A girl like you once followed that path and was granted the crown…unfortunately she rejected it in the end. Since then the Digiworld is waiting for a new King…will you take the challenge?”
“So you say that if I take over that world and get the crown I can REVIVE my oneesan?!”
“Yes because becoming the King will mean becoming Yggdrasil…”

And Nagisa Ichijouji was then granted a digivice and a group  of Digimons that swore loyalty to her cause no matter what.
“I refuse to be a shadow of Nova Takariyama” she would say sometime later “Instead of a King, I shall become the Digimon Kaiser. Because I am not a savior but a conqueror…”

What Nagisa didn´t know at that time that her followers were none other than the Seven Demon Lords and were more than willing to make use of her for their own purposes…

All she knew was that in order to achieve her goal she had to conquer everything even if that meant destroying the Digidestineds from that reality, including Nova…

Reality XII The Former


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