Reality VII Digidestined Masaru


During many of their interdimensional adventures,  there was a time that Nova Takariyama and Ange met the AU Masaru Daimon & Co Savers. After joining forced together to defeat a big baddie Knowing  the couple ended convincing the former Savers not only to join the Supremes (albeit in the reserve team and not as the main regulars) but also helped them to convinced to  rebuild DATS in order to protect both the Digiworld and ensure their children`s future as well. Masaru was the first to accept since he dreamed of his little girl, Minami, who was just a baby at that time, that someday she would become a digidestined like him. Yoshino felt the same as Masaru since she had a little boy of her own that she wanted to inherit the digidestined status as well. Tohma, who could never guess he actually had a child somewhere,  accepted if only to learn more about the events from other realities…

Masaru Daimon is now a   family man, he and can really call Tohma his bro (which the latter doesn´t appreciate) the day he married (or better say eloped with ) Relena Norstein.
He`s  38 year old and still loves skipping duty in DATS and  having a good brawl whenever is in the streets or having a hand-to hand with a rogue digimon in the Digiworld.
He loves his family dearly and enjoys driving nuts his daughter Minami who, in turn, inherited his fighter spirit and would gladly show up a good hand-to-hand against him.

Masaru glady accepted Nova Takariyama´s offer to form part of the Supremes´rooster and since getting a bracelet he learned to develop new powers. Yet it´s his bond with his wife, Relena the reason he can achieve a very special digievolution that normally would break up the rules: ZeedOmegamon. Because Relena turned to be reality VII´s human host of Yggdrasil Masaru got from her certain codes that none of his friends can achieve.

Nowadays Masaru has two concerns:
His Wife:  Relena was chosen, many years ago, as Yggdrasil new Host since the deity considered her the most suitable for his codes. If anything happens to her, the Digiworld will be in serious danger.
His daughter: Minami is her beloved child but also inherited some of Yggdrasil´s powers. He´s watching closely over her, especially the day she was granted a digivice of her own… ,


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