Kentaurosmon and the King


Gokigen na chou ni natte kirameku kaze ni notte 
Ima sugu kimi ni ai ni yukou
Yokei na koto nante wasureta hou ga mashi sa
Kore ijou shareteru jikan wa nai 

Nani ga wow wow wow wow wow kono sora ni todoku no darou 
Dakedo wow wow wow wow wow ashita no yotei mo wakaranai
♪ ♪ ♫♫
The girl who dared to called herself the new King was singing for Kentaurosmon.  He was among the noblest yet one of the hardest to bond with, having had his heart shattered in pieces since the Clown took over the Gods`powers and everyday the Digiworld was losing more and more of its edge.

No challenging to any duel would win this Holy Knight`s attention from neither Nova nor the other Royal Knights. So instead of forcing things, Nova decided to open her own heart by singing the only song hat would cheer her own broken heart during the endless nights when she could not sleep. The song Magnus would sing to her since they moved to Japan…neither she nor Magnus knew who was the author but having heard it from a random  someone playing it under the stairs of the train station one random morning while heading to school; the Takariyama siblings ended liking it so much that  memorized it to heart. Since then Magnus  would often play it in his piano for Nova and then passed it to his friends.

Mugendai na yume no ato no nanimo nai yo no naka ja 
Sou sa itoshii omoi mo makesou ni naru kedo
Stay shigachi na imeeji darake no tayorinai tsubasa demo
Kitto toberu sa on my love
♪ ♪ ♫♫

Ukareta chou ni natte ichizu na kaze ni notte 
Doko mademo kimi ni ai ni yukou
Aimai na kotoba tte igai ni benri datte
Sakenderu hitto songu kikinagara 

Nani ga wow wow wow wow wow kono machi ni hibiku no darou 
Dakedo wow wow wow wow wow kitai shitetemo shikata nai
♪ ♪ ♫♫

The Royal Knight´s heart , initially covered in the darkness of fear began to feel warmer. The song had a déja vù feeling and at the same time the promise of a much brighter future or so he could perceive it despite not understanding the Japanese words.

“Why are you doing this, child?” asked the Royal Knight

“Because I am willing to jump higher than anybody and break the boundaries…”replied the girl “I am here to remind you that there´s a Future waiting to be unlocked…”

Mugendai na yume no ato no nanimo nai yo no naka ja 
Sou sa itoshii omoi mo makesou ni naru kedo
Stay shigachi na imeeji darake no tayorinai tsubasa demo
Kitto toberu sa on my love
♪ ♪ ♫♫

Mugendai no yume no ato no nanimo nai yo no naka ja 
Sou sa itoshii omoi mo makesou ni naru kedo
Stay shigachi na imeeji darake no tayorinai tsubasa demo
Kitto toberu sa oh yeah 

Mugendai na yume no ato no yarusenai yo no naka ja 
Sou sa joushiki hazure mo waruku wa nai ka na
Stay shisou na imeeji wo someta gikochinai tsubasa demo
Kitto toberu sa on my love 
♪ ♪ ♫♫

For Nova was the reminder of the happy old days and was more than willing to give everything she had to recover them. Those were the feelings fueling Nova´s heart and her sorprano voice was going to make sure that  Wakada Kouji´s song would be heard in every corner of that Digiworld. It was meant to reawaken the light of hope in every single digimon´s heart and call each to rebel against Piedmon and reclaim their freedom. That´s what Kentaurosmon got from her.

“Then count me in in your cause, King-sama” declared the warrior and gently picked the girl from the ground “I shall follow you until the very end…”

The girl ´s smile never shone so much like in that moment.

“Then will you sing with me, Kentaurosmon-san?”

“I will”

And for a good while the King and the Knight sang to their fullest to the sky, to the nature and their own people. The other Royal Knights who´d been maintaining their distance until them joined their singing as well…

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