Bagramon and Shukumeimon


Before reality 06 ´s present events, Bagramon used to frequent Nexus. He would seek for  one of the few individuals he looked up to:Shukumeimon.
Shukumeimon was a guardian of Destiny from countless of realities and what Bagramon liked the most about him was his apparent impartiality.
Once  allowed inside the Hall of Mirrors he was greeted, like always, by a smiling Shukumeimon .
“You´ve been frequenting this place more often than usual. And more than  allowed” said the blond angel.
“You are the one I feel I can confide in so bear with it” smiled the other angel as well “I see that you are busy” he pointed at the sphere of light that Shukumeimon was holding in his hands.
“Not busy, just mesmerized”
“How come?”Bagramon lately was having second thoughts about his role as his reality´s God´s closest angel and that uneasiness was growing bigger and bigger every day. A part of him felt horrible because of those feelings while the other was shouting at him certain things that should not be even considered. But the sphere´s glow  momentarily distracted Bagramon from his issues and began to watch as well.”I see a little girl. Is she the reason of your being mesmerized?”


“I don´t see anything remarkable in a mere human” Bagramon frowned “What does that peculiar specimen have that caught your attention?”

“Watch and see”

Shukumeimon was following the events from reality 04, when a little girl called Shizuka was summoned to the Digiworld from ancestral times in order to gather an army and free the digiworld from a fallen angel called Lucemon. the_first_adventures_of_shizuka_kimura_by_ayhelenk-dabrdl1

She was tasked on reuinting the so called Ten Legendary Warriors and convince them to unite their forces and defeat Lucemon for good. Accompanied by Bokomon, Neemon, Patamon, Salamon and Lopmon the girl set to a quest and gather the mentioned warriors.
Lucemon, furious, sent people against her until two  of his most loyal angels Angemon and Angewomon switched sides. switching_sides_by_ayhelenk-da7akdi

“She´s not a digimon but she ´s worthy a thousand of them. Summoned by Yggdrasil´s will  because she was the only one, at that time, that had a perfect balance of light and darkness in her heart. And that´s why the warriors were finally able to defeat our fellow winged comrade…”

The scenes went like a flash and even the harsh-tempered Bagramon was impressed.

“Not bad , not bad” declared the bearded angel “For someone so tiny she´s got a lot of guts!”

“I see that you like her already” teased the blonde angel “Pity she cannot be your partner…”

“Don´t push your luck, Shukumeimon-sama” warned the other, incensed “And I don´t want a human partner. Not her, not anybody. Got it?”

“Fine, you cannot have her anyways” smiled the Nexus´s keeper “I am about to pick the threads from that event ” continued Shukumeimon in a more formal tone  “Shizuka Kimura offered a splendorous beginning and I´m going to take advantage of it and join a new adventure myself”

Bagramon frowned.

“What do you mean by that?”

The other angel´s smile grew wider.

“I am going to have some fun so I´m leaving this place again and assume another form. Or forms”

His tone was as soft as melting butter but Bagramon felt quite bothered. He kinda could see where it would lead…

“Don`t tell me you are going to become a human AGAIN!” that wasn´t a question but a supposition.

“Uh-huh” nodded the blonde angel”You are so good at guessing!”

“You are really a weirdo. Humans stink and yet you meddle with them” Bagramon shook his head several times “Are they really that amusing?”

“Of course” nodded his friend “There´s no way you can get bored. You should try it as well”

“I cannot see myself becoming one of them!” Bagramon shook his head, he had his pride as a high ranked angel! Why should he lower himself like that? Humans were considered one of the lowest levels in what he knew the cycle of evolution and digievolution.

“…never say never. Besides, from what I´m sensing you seem to be a bit tired of your current role…”

Bagramon´s throat ached. Damned be Shukumeimon and his ability of looking beyond the apparent! Of course  once a visitor is allowed inside of Nexus there was no way to hide a secret. The visitor´s entire self´s past, present and future will be scanned at the spot and there´s no helping with it.  Instead of trying to hide it Bagramon shrugged his shoulders and went ahead with his questions:

“Is God´s Justice supposed to be so determinant?”

“Usually, yes”

Bagramon bit a lip. Of course Shukumeimon would give that kind of answer, Bagramon himself would say the same to whoever dares to question Homeostasis!

“Even if it contradicts its own rules?”

Shukumeimon remained silent.

“Sometimes I wonder…what´s the meaning of true Justice?”

Shukumeimon turned around and offered a soft, gentle smile.

“That´s something you must seek for yourself” was his response and Bagramon sighed. That wasn´t the response he expected to hear from his friend.

“Easier said than done. Come on! ” insisted Bagramon “I would love to hear it from an angel of destiny´s lips. You, angels from Nexus, are neither subjected to Homeostasis or Yggdrasil´s will”

Shukumeimon began to laugh.

“And that´s why we aren´t subjected to offer any kind of explanation” but after staring at Bagramon´s eyes he sighed as well. Bagramon wasn´t in Nexus just for the sake of hanging around it was obvious something was bothering him and was in dire need of advice. He let go of his magic sphere and properly faced Bagramon” Very well. I will say this: Sometimes it´s all a matter of perspective. And when you are stuck in what you may call an unreasonable chessboard, chained to something you believe is destiny set in stone then…”

“Then what?”

“If the current game leads to nowhere…just kick away the chessboard and bring up a new one. Many will be bothered, consequences may fall upon you…you may lose everything….” Shukumeimon ´s eyes never averted from his friend´s , Bagramon´s wings trembled with his words “But eventually you´ll come up with your answer”

“YOU ARE KIDDING, RIGHT?!” the lecture left him shaking.

“I am just reading your threads of destiny. They are quite amusing ” Shukumeimon could see the impending future and actually looking forward to it ” I am neither supporting or condemning your actions. Your actions will trigger a helluva of changes in the Digiworld and will set up several people´s destinies as well…yeah, I can´t say it´s going to be a boring story”

The dark skinned angel clenched his fists. There was no way to deny, even to himself, that lately he´ve been harboring a resentment towards his reality´s system. Homeostasis wasn´t the deity he expected to follow and there was no way to pretend things were okay in his book anymore. There were two paths and he had to choose one. Once the decision´s taken,  there´s no way back.

“What would you do if I allow myself  go against God?”

“As long as you try to settle things in your reality, I won´t interfere” declared the blonde angel “But be warned that when you take that path, you won´t be allowed back in Nexus…”

“I can´t say I am surprised” Bagramon felt sad thinking he may never come back to that splendorous place anymore.

“well” continued Shukumeimon in a more casual tone”  I won´t be here either so it´s all the same”

Shukumeimon´s words sent a wave of curiosity and sadness to the other angel´s heart. So he was doing it in the end!

“When are you leaving?”

“Soon” was Shukumeimon´s laconic answer. Bagramon sighed once again, no matter how insufferable was this angel he was his best buddy anyways. He was going to miss him!


“If we happen to meet again…and if we happen to be in different sides…” Bagramon mumbled “I am fairly confident we´ll see each other again but you may not like what you see…”


Shukumeimon offered his hand and Bagramon accepted it. They kept still for a good while savoring the moment.

“No matter what, I´ll always consider you my friend”


And the moment of the departure arrived. Bagramon left Nexus afterwards and returned to his reality. It didn´t pass a lot of time when he rebelled against God and received his punishment.
The scourge of God took away one of its eyes and half of its body, and the fallen angel had no choice but to replace it  with an artificial body cut from Yggdrasil. As the “Sage of Death” he would cause terror in the Digiworld seeking to erase the “Unreasonable Justice of the World” that God constructed and  banish Goditself  from the world with its “New Justice…until a new set of Digidestineds were summoned, in the distant future, to put a stop to his plans. He would meet death and just like Shukumeimon predicted, he was reborn as a human….

Meanwhile Shukumeimon went ahead with his plans and chose to be reborn as Magnus Takariyama, the first Digidestined from reality 012


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