Alteration of Destiny

ears ago, Meiko traveled to Tokyo searching for her digimon.

But the Supreme who wielded Clavis Angemon´s Key , Steve,  unwittingly changed destiny.  Believing he was following his superiors´orders intercepted the Digimon when it was about to enter the city.

“Please, tell me you are not the threat I was told you were” mumbled the digidestined.

Meicocoonmon ´s response was turning into the deadly Meicrackmon VP.

“Just a sight of you and the air´s rotten” Steve chose not to change forms instead he summoned his higher´s self Key “I´m sorry but I´m afraid that I must carry on with my duty….EXECUTION OF TIME!!!!!!!!”



When Tempus Angemon and Nova learned what happened instead of going back in time and undo Steve´s action they decided to let things follow their course.

“Whoever impersonated me is a much bigger threat than any current crisis in reality 01” said Tempus Angemon “Until we figure out who´s the main responsible we´ll let this reality live in another paradox”

“Your actions were regrettable, Worthington” added a quite disappointed Nova “You could had began another Omega effect!”

The British digidestined said nothing.

“While we are speaking Mikagura and Faust are already on their tasks” Tempus Angemon could already see them in action.

Mirei and Mastemon lost no time and tracked down Mr Gennai.

Gennai  was supposed to be carrying on his own plans when he came across Mirei Mikagura and Mastemon in the Digiworld.

“Who are you…?” he didn´t finish his phrase when a powerful punch from Mastemon came across his face. He ended laying on the ground , barely able to move.

“I dread puppets” declared Mirei adjusting her glasses “Especially obsolete ones”

“Shall I finish him off, Mire-sama?” asked the female angel. The mere sight of Mastemon sent the shivers to Gennai´s system.

“I am not screwing up like oniisan did” Mirei shook her head “Just a slight RECONGIGURATION of his obsolete date is enough…”

At the same time Digidestined Faust and his Sorcerymon  headed to the human world. More exactly to the so called Incorporated Administrative Agency.

“I can forgive being followed and investigated because of my past as a villain. I understand it” smirked Ludwig while letting his Sorecerymon do his job and it was hunting all the people from the organization “YET. Sie sind alle verdammt Arschlöcher”

“YOU ARE GOING TO REGRET THIS!!!” exclaimed Maki Himekawa , the last to be captured. She tried to escape only to fall miserably on the floor “YOU DON´T KNOW WHO YOU ARE DEALING WITH…!”

Ludwig shrugged his arms, unfazed with the woman´s angry yet terrified expression.

“I care nothing about your past as a digidestined neither your cause. Rebooting a Digiworld is crap when I am among the ones who can alter entire REALITIES” he made a signal to his digimon and  just like he did with the others, Sorcerymon used his wand and everybody had their memories erased. The agency vanished.

And neither Maki, nor the other digidestineds from the past would ever remember about Digimons…

“Done” Ludwig left the building without looking back. Not even once.

Time passed and Meiko Mochizuki arrived to Tokyo.  But in the end she never found her digimon.


Destiny was altered  once more and Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon eventually would have to answer for that….


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