A happy re-encounter in New York



When Nova Takariyama was 14, her elder brother Magnus was going to participate in a science fair and for that he created a digivice and a strange machine that supposedly could open a door to another dimensions. Magnus tested the device and his invention proved to be a success…it worked so well that he ended vanishing in the portal and only his digivice came back home! Nova, horrified, became the digivice´s next user and she too ended being dragged to another world…(fav.me/d9v746m ,fav.me/d93stkv & fav.me/d9827ix)

She spent a year trapped in that foreign land called Digiworld, searching for her missing brother. The girl initially wasn´t interested in the digimons´s affairs, Nova only wanted to find Magnus and go back home. But weeks passed and she realized she couldn´t keep a blind eye on the events anymore, especially since a bastard from another Digiworld called Piedmon was causing a great disaster since he managed to steal the 4 Gods´s powers and due to a Taomon´s request, Nova had no choice but to embrace the digidestined role and gather an army ( fav.me/d9ylwkf, fav.me/d9c26qw )

The war proved to be gruesome and many digimons, especially the Royal Knights, ended falling one by one like dominoes pieces to Piedmon´s swords. Even she met a horrible fate .(fav.me/d9e17po ) But a miracle happened in the end and the girl was returned to the land of the living once more! ( fav.me/d9ee2r6 , fav.me/d9f2cig )
The horrible Piedmon was defeated and  thanks to the light of hope of Takeru Takaishi, Nova Takariyama and a resurrected Angemon…thanks to the children´s powers, Angemon became Tempus Angemon (fav.me/d8jrevm ) and permanently erased the monster from the living realms.

The Gods were restored to their rightful forms and of course, sent Takeru back to his world (although they erased partially his memories so the kid always thought that everything was a dream) and declared that Tempus Angemon should become Nova´s partner and help her looking for Magnus.

But Tempus Angemon, instead of helping her tracking Magnus, he ended teleporting her back to her world (fav.me/d9zq5kf) and declared that Takeru was his only partner.
Nova, heartbroken, through her digivice,she ended summoning a Gate of Destiny and stripped Tempus Angemon from his cosmic powers and revert to Angemon. Then, he was sucked to the digiworld and Nova´s will sealed all the gates so he would never be able to go back to the human world…


2 years passed.

Nova, now 16, is already used to her new life in New York. A full year in the digiworld and having several digital codes embedded in her system awoken her certain powers, once back in the human world and the girl was suddenly much stronger, with an extraordinary  IQ , skilled in several fields, a psychic…there wasn´t anything she couldn´t accomplish.

But Magnus wasn´t there.
And Nova could care less about her newfound powers when she didn´t have her beloved brother by her sude…and despite having  new friends, despite being cherished by Tia Yagami´s group Nova  couldn´t stay in Tokyo anymore. Tokyo was filled with memories of a person that nobody  (except for Nova and Ryo Akiyama)remembered. Why Magnus Takariyama´s elements were erased from the collective memory, even Sakuyamon was unable to explain.
So unable to cope with such reality, Nova  needed to change the environment or she would go crazy…and with some manipulations, she finally managed to get her ticket out:
a special scholarship to Juilliard!

With Miyako Ishida´s grandfather´s connections (he was a famed conductor) and already having impressed everybody with her sudden skills in music, playing like a pro the piano, the violin and other instruments..of course Nova Takariyama would get her way to Juilliard. She was 15 when she finally traveled to USA.

“Until I find you, brother…I´ll fulfill your dream in your stead…” she said the night before departing to the States.


For 2 years she believed she had no business with the Digiworld.  Having  initially sealed all the gates between the human and digital world it was a given that she wasn´t going to be involved in a digital adventure anymore…or so she thought!

Right after her departure to the USA, the gates were re-opened by Kabuki Sakuyamon and summoned a new batch of digidestineds to fix the current messes. Tia Yagami and her group became the digidestineds fav.me/daj3deq and did a great job protecting the balance between the worlds.

But once you are a digidestined, you can´t quit. And it´s  a matter of Fate that sooner or later Nova would be summoned to duty once again. A new menace would threaten, again, the holy equilibrium in the Digiworld and Tia´s group needed the former King´s help whenever she was ready or not.

And it was unavoidable that Angemon was ready to reclaim his status as Nova´s partner; after spending almost 2 human years confined to  that foreign digiworld, living at Kabuki Sakuyamon´s shrine (fav.me/d9x7062 , fav.me/d9xb4po ) and regretting his initial rudeness, the Angel was more than willing to get his second chance in life.

And Sakuyamon agreed, it was time for him to make amends with Nova and help her fulfill her mission.

A random attack from a group of wild digimons in New York helped to reunite Angemon with Nova.

A bunch of savage digimnons were rampaging through the Big Apple and Angemon showed up in time to save Nova from a madman Metalseadramon´s claws. She was so astonished at that time that she couldn´t help but being caught.

“HAND OF FATE!!!!!” a shiny beam showed up from nowhere and impacted the mega digimon, forcing him to let go of his prey.

“!!!!!!!!!!!” Nova was too shocked to even scream for help. She was literally falling from the clouds, like a rock. The skyscrapers became a blur, such was the speed of the fall. Yet she didn´t open her mouth. Everything felt so bizarre, so unreal that she was sure she´s dreaming the entire scene!

And like in dreams, she didn´t meet the ground. She sighed in relief when she found herself surrounded by pristine wings and a pair of powerful arms caught her right in time. In a tone filled with emotion the newcomer said:

“Long time no see, partner….”

It was supposed to be a happy reunion.  He´d been waiting for this for more than a year.  How many times did he imagine this moment?
Every time Angemon pictured the re-encounter she would smile at him and ask what took so long. She would even mutter one joke or two (that´s what Tia assured ) and he would reply with a joke as well and declare he was more than ready to become her digital companion. Nova would then shed some tears and say yes and apologize for exiling him like a bug….

Reality spoke otherwise.

In a true Macaulay  Culkin – Kevin MacCallister fashion, Nova opened her mouth and gave the most inspirational horrified yell of her life.

“EEEEEEEEEKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Soon afterwards the  so called winged nightmare would crash in her dorm in Juilliard and would make himself home… fav.me/da0bn5l



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