Echoes from the past: Digidestined Haruki


When Magnus Takariyama by chance arrived to reality 09, a Millennia before the appearance of google boy Tsurugi and his firneds. Clavis Angemon summoned Magnus to the Digiworld despite Magnus was supposed to have landed in the Digiworld from reality 12 and gave him the task of defeating a digimon called Quartzmon which arrived from nowhere and was attempting to take possession of

Several digidestineds that were summoned before the lad ended all failing to accomplish the mission and became preys of Quartzmon themselves!

One of the captive digidestineds  was  Haruki Kuremi. (and is Kyoko Kuremi´s reality 09 male counterpart)
Handsome, rich and a quarter french he´s supposedly the most fortunate but…no. He grew up in a strict household where discipline was the daily bread and received no love from neither his father nor his mother. Surrounded by servants all day he grew lonely, bitter and arrogant.

He´s 15 when he was brought to the Digital World by Clavis Angemon and was partenered with a Patamon.

From day one, though, he did not get along with his teammates pretty much like Yamatto Ishida. But unlike Yamatto instead of learning to loose up and open his heart he persisted in his arrogance. He expected the others to RECOGNIZE his skills, because he actually proved to be a quite skilled tamer (the most powerful of the bunch) and being called the leader instead of google boy Taiki.Why the youngest kid of the group was the one granted the title when HE was WAY much suitable for the role! He often clashed with  the others, especially digidestined Hikaru who defended Taiki´s posture the most and when his own Patamon sided with them Haruki ´s jealousy reached dangerous levels.
Eventually his jealousy  ended bringing misfortune over the entire group when they eventually failed to defeat Quartzmon because their hearts could never achieve the needed bond.
Quartzmon kept them trapped for such a long time and was about to consume Yggdrasil´s Core that Clavis Angemon, the closest angel to the Computer Host at that time, had no choice but to summon another digidestined in order to free them and finish the job. Hence Magnus Takariyama from reality 012 was brought to the Digiworld from reality 09…

Magnus´s unexpected death and Akarimon´s grief brought a huge impact in Taiki´s group…except Haruki. He was the one who never shed a tear about the tragedy and would claim instead: “If I was allowed as the Leader and you did what I said he would had not died! ” and not satisfied with that he would deliver the cruelest words at his Patamon: “If I were given another digimon, I would never LOSE! I wish you never EXISTED”

Patamon´s heart was shattered into thousand of pieces and feeling no love from his partner he decided he had enough and dissolved into codes.

His teammates never forgave him for that.

Akarimon, despite the grief, assumed her new role as Yggdrasil´s closest guardian in Clavis Angemon´s name (who also passed away) and sent the digidestineds back home. The Digiworld was in peace again and it lasted for almost a millennia so the Taisho Era digidestineds were never summoned again…

Unlike the others, Haruki never made it home. When he was being lead to his original world an invisible force took over him and disappeared since then.

But he would eventually reappear as one of Saturn Angemon´s followers and would be known as Keruta Akirameta. He´s digital hunter and he takes pleasure hunting down…digidestineds. So for now he´s a bitchy enemy and will bring a lot of trouble…

Patamon, meanwhile, after passing away due to his grief, instead of being reborn as another digimon in his native reality 09 Digiworld…he began anew in reality 01…right after Takeru Takaishi´s Angemon´s sacrifice. When the new egg was formed, reality 09 soul´s entered into the egg preventing the other one from rejoining his original body. And since then he became Takeru Takaishi´s second Angemon while the original one was sent to reality 012 and reborn as a new Angemon…


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