Greetings from the Digispirit of Light

“You were summoned as the one who represents the holy equilibrium between good and evil, light and darkness… The 10th will always need their 11th and despite not being like them, you are needed as well…if you manage to convince them that division is a mistake and unity is the key, then you´ll eventually have your wish granted as well…”

Yet when she was sent back home, Shizuka Kimura forgot everything about her adventures in the digital World.
The Digital business wasn´t over yet , for neither her nor the frontiers. When a revived Lucemon managed to screw up several timelines from several realities, Shizuka was called back to duty once again. When in the midst of a battle she casually madecontact with one of her cousins´digivices , the Digispirit of Light emerged.

As soon as he saw her, much to everybody´s astonishment, he knelt before the girl and with a tone filled with emotion he would say:

“Welcome back , Kimura-sama…welcome back our 11th…”


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