Takari Love of Future Past

Magnus Takariyama by chance arrived to reality 09, a Millennia before the appearance of google boy Tsurugi and his friends. Clavis Angemon summoned Magnus to the Digiworld despite Magnus was supposed to have landed in the Digiworld from reality 12 and gave him the task of defeating a digimon called Quartzmon which arrived from nowhere and was attempting to take possession of Yggdrasil.fav.me/dap6ily

Several digidestineds that were summoned before the lad ended all failing to accomplish the mission and became preys of Quartzmon themselves!

In order to rescue the fallen digidestineds and Yggdrasil, Clavis introduced him to Agumon and Gabumon and they would be guided through the entire quest by Clavis Angemon´s personal assistant Akarimon.

What Clavis never expected was the fondness Magnus and Akarimon would develop toward each other ..Love. Such a powerful, pure thing that they even swore, as soulmates, Eternal Love.fav.me/dass8ka

Tragedy happened though and Magnus Takariyama sadly passed away after fighting a Lucemon…

Akarimon, heartbroken, swore that she would track down  her beloved´s soul and after selecting the next angel as Yggdrasil´s closest one she took off. Their bond proved to be powerful because she managed to follow Magnus´s leftover codes through the fabric of realities and lead her to reality 01 human world. fav.me/daszpyl

She learned that her beloved was about to reincarnate as new boy and after an unexpected meeting with toddler Taichi Tagami she decided she would reincarnate as a human as well!

Years later, because of the Digiworld´s crisis,   Hikari Yagami and  Takeru Takaishi would meet as the youngest members of the bunch Digidestineds , shining with the symbols of Light and Hope.

With an eye towards the Future, Magnus and Akarimon would sometimes leave their slumber state and watch over their current incarnations…


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