To my fellow readers

I wanted to apologize for not posting new chapters yet but after re-reading the old ones I had the need to change some parts . Hopefully you will like the changes !

But I promise that soon you will have more to read and the TRUE adventures will begin from chapter XV-XVI.

I can´t say my fic is the greatest but I am putting my heart in it, treating it as an independent Digimon season. (sort of season 8 or something? 😉

Still havent´t watched Tri although I´m guiding myself through some summaries and spoilers. I WISH the Tri series will grant us, fans, the TAKARI once at all!!

This fic will always be Takari while trying to stick by the canons. For now, I am delightfully messing up with all the realities, their digidestineds and digimons and giving them a helluva of a ride.

The Future waits to be reached yet the Past is coming back to bite the Present´s ass.

Somebody approached a resurrected Lucemon from reality 04 and convinced him that to fulfill his dream of a “heavenly” reality he must bring something called the Omega Effect and mess up with everybody´s timelines.

At the same time, an angel from Homeostasis, known simply as the ANgel of Destiny is carrying on his own plans.

The missing Magnus Takariyama plays a pivotal key in this insanity but at the same time all the clues point to a certain event in reality 04, a Millennium ago, when the 10 Legendary Warriors welcomed an 11th…

These are the key words: Destiny and Justice. Hope and Light. Alpha and Omega. And then, the Final Judgement…

I am not sure how many people are reading this story but even if there´s only one person that likes it…for me, it´s worthy. For now all I can do is say : THANK YOU!

Any comment or suggestion is always welcomed and you are free to contact me via Deviantart, e-mail, Facebook or whatever …I´m always open to suggestions!

By the way, I also hope you are liking my illustrations. Sometimes I´d rather draw before writing because it helps me to visualize the plot…

Meanwhile, stay tuned and have fun!


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