A Kiss from an Angel of Light


” I promise that everything will be okay” said the gentle angel after rescuing Takeru from one of his worst nightmares “Because I know your potential. You are an extraordinary young man whose heart is the most loving of all…”

Her words were so sweet! Whenever he looked at those pink eyes, so filled with warmth he felt reassured. They irradiated everything he longed for: Love.

“Thank you, Akari senpai…thank you..”

She smiled , every time she looked at that lad she could recognize the light of her beloved shining as strong as ever…

Magnus certainly chose a very fitting incarnation, Takeru Takaishi was a very noble and courageous young man and she couldn´t be prouder.

She had just rescued him from an awful nightmare after Blackwargreymon´s incident. Hadn´t she been there at that time he may had been called by the shadows and…she dared not to think in that. Now Takeru-kun was safe and sane and she would make sure nothing bad would happen to him during those uncertain times.

“Takeru-kun, remember this: no matter what, as long as you believe in your light of hope there´s nothing you can´t accomplish. Believe in your dreams, believe in yourself and do not fear about loosing Angemon anymore…because, we, angels, always manage to find the way back…”

His eyes opened wide but before he could say anything Akarimon grabbed his face and places a beautiful kiss on his lips.

Takeru almost fainted. It was his FIRST KISS!

“I am always around even if you don´t recognize me yet. When you finally learn to see through your heart, you´ll finally be able to recognize my other self….”


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