Going through the net

From chapter VI:going_through_the_net_by_ayhelenk-db025w7

Steve winked an eye.

“Oh no, no, no” Elizabeth pulled her friend´s arm, quite serious ” Steve, don´t tell me you are actually STILL PURSUING  that girl! ”

“But Lizzie, my intentions are pure…”

“And it´s Springtime in Hell! ” added Logan, not buying his friend´s words at all “You’re the wee hen that never layed away!”

“You’re the wee jerk that never learns!”put a laid a her finger, accusingly , at her best friend´s chest “You should leave them alone!”

“Easier said than done”

” It´s not okay to go after a girl who´s already in love with her boyfriend. Even if the boyfriend is a reverenced twat” Elizabeth was deadly serious “Quit messaging her and just face it,  she will never fall for you”

But Steve Worthington shook his head.

“And I seriously doubt he´s much better than I. He´s been so nice towards Sora that the poor girl cried in my arms the other day” he declared “He´s been neglecting Sora and whethever you like it or not, I am seriously considering stealing her away…Ouch! ”

This time he received a kick from Gabumon.

” Well done ” said both Elizabeth and Logan “Despite your wings, you are a spoiled rotten guy!”


“You can´t have her and you know it”

“Can´t help it, I am in love with Sora” Steve wasn´t bluffing. He had strong feelings for her for a long time…years, actually.

Elizabeth gritted her teeth yet she tried to slam some sense to her friend.

“But you are pretty aware about the rules, Steve. You know that as Supremes we musn´t attempt to mess up with certain threads of destiny, we are supposed to protect their destinies…not change them to our convenience!”

Gabumon and Mihiramon said nothing but the winged tiger tenderly rubbed his head against her waist. Elizabeth was being vocal yet gentle. She really cared about her teammates and was most of the times the motherly figure of the trio.

“Well, ask Nova and Ange about OMEGA” he said in a bitter tone “Our destinies were altered enough thanks to their selfishness, dont´t you?”

The memories of that time sent the shivers to the friends. Of course the mentioned bosses offered several alternatives to make up for their imprudence yet in the end the brits chose to become supremes.

“Of course I´m aware of that” Elizabeth shrugged off the bitter memories “But that´s in the past. We made our choices and moved on. And you won´t prevent me from oicing my concerns about the CURRENT YOU and that so called love. That will bring you nothing but disasters…”

“Give me a break, mama!”

“As if!”

“Cut me some slack, please?” he insisted but she kept shaking her head”Just wait until you, dear Lizzie, meet LOVE. You´ve been quite good evading it so far but you won´t be able to do it forever. And once it BITES YOU, you won´t be able to fight against the feeling much better than I”

Elizabeth, as a good teaser, limited to laugh it off.

“I am Britain´s Top Cynic!” was her response “I ain´t having any business with sentimentality ! I have much more worthy things to do than worrying about love!”

“Amen!” teased Logan and Gabumon at the same time “Pigs will fly first before someone is brave enough to fall for Lizzie!”

Elizabeth limited to kick  both her brother and digimon´s asses….


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