A farewell kiss

From the Dream:

” I can´t be by your side anymore, Hikari.  In fact, when you open your eyes I´ll vanish from your memories as well”

The girl was dumbfounded. How could a fragment of her own self affirm such a thing?

“No dear, I am somebody´s else astral projection…in fact, I am rejoining Takeru-san. My current self…”

And without waiting for her response, Magnus gently pushed Kari to the other side and bid farewell to her.

“Sayonara, Hikari-chan. I know you are going to grow into a fine woman…”


He was vanishing in front of her eyes and Hikari´s heart couldn´t resist it anymore.

The chosen of Light ran after him and much to Magnus´s astonishment, she managed to catch up and pushed him to the ground.


“I must, sorry Hikari-chan”

“But…but..I STILL DIDN´T TELL YOU THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!” and without thinking she grabbed his cheeks and much to Magnus´s surprise she kissed him!

“You are cruel, senpai” she whispered “You choose to leave when you managed to steal my heart…”


Magnus smiled and softly caressed her cheeks.

“Thank you” and he gave her back the kiss although on a cheek “Hopefully you will also love and cherish my current self. In fact, he´s much, much better person than I ever was…and you don´t need to remember me to discover that…Sayonara, Hikari-chan”

And Magnus finally left, leaving Hikari with a kiss and a promise of the future.

The morning arrived and Hikari, as soon as she woke up, the memories of Magnus senpai vanished. But her heart still could feel the tender touch of the kiss and for a long, long time she longed for it…




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