An embarassing hint of the future

This scene takes place sometime after

“It was awesome teaming with you, Nova-chan” said  a very satisfied the V-Tamer  Taichi “It was fun. We should repeat it!”
“Why not” smirked Nova “I can´t be bored when I´m hanging around with a Yagami”

In the end the adventure went much better than expected, the other tamers were rescued and Chaosmon was erased for good. The adventure proved to be quite satisfying to both tamer and supreme because they grew up considerably as both digidestineds and as people.

“It´s a pity you live in another reality” added the google boy “I may have asked you out”

“You don´t want to woo a brocon like me, believe me” there was no need to tell that she had a boyfriend waiting for her in her native reality 012…

“Thank you for your help” Lord Angemon and Nurse Angewomon, tenderly holding hands, profusely gave their thanks to everybody.
“Tempus Angemon, I hope next time we´ll meet under much better circumstances” added Lord Angemon “You are welcome here  anytime”
“It´s a promise” was the angel of Time´s response “But now, Nova and I must leave. There are several realities waiting for us”

Nova´s heart ached. She wished she could be there a bit longer…!

Teaming with Taichi and the others left her with a lovely feeling of friendship and comfort that didn´t feel for a long time. It kinda reminded her of the old times, before her brother Magnus went missing.

She sighed.

Nurse Angewomon noticed the girl´s reluctant expression and caressed her cheek.

“I shall miss you as well, sweetie” the nurse was a very gentle Angewomon , one of the few that Nova actually liked. Unlike the others the nurse treated her with an incredibly sweetness and without a trace of contempt “Before you leave though, let me show you something that will cheer you up…”

“Really?” the girl´s eyes opened in excitement “Can´t wait!”

“And I was dying to show it to you…” much to everybody´s shock, save LordAngemon and Tempus Angemon, the nurse took off her helmet.

“OH MY GOD!” the digidestineds opened their mouth wide , it was the first time an Angewomon uncovered her face!

“She SO looks like YOU!” Taichi thought he was dreaming, his eyes couldn´t stop looking at them “Are you sisters or what?!”

They were almost like twins, their faces were nearly identical save that Angewomon´s hair was in another tone of blonde and was way taller.

Nova dared not to say a thing. Her eyes threatened to fall from their orbits due to the shock.

“Whatever destiny has stored for you” added the female angel “In the end, it´s worthy. Right, dear?”

“Absolutely” Lord Angemon couldn´t resist the impulse of kissing his wife ” A bright, happy future lies at the end of the road…”

And they exchanged several kisses, much to everybody´s amusement. Well, almost everybody.

“Shoot!” Taichi then proceeded to look at Nova and Tempus Angemon “So that means that you two are also going to…?”

“ANGE!” the girl shouted before Taichi could finish his phrase “I WANT TO LEAVE. NOW!”

Tempus Angemon hid a smile.

“I thought you wanted to stay a bit longer…”

“NO WAY IN HELL!” her face was so red that there was little differences between an apple and her ” COULD YOU OPEN THE DAMNED PORTAL, PLEASE?!”

Tempus Angemon obliged.

“Of course” he wondered why she became so grumpy in a sudden. He, like her, was a bit dense at the time and couldn´t get that they were getting a hint of the future..their future!

But Taichi caught the subtlety and before the supreme pair jumped to the portal, he managed to yell the following words:



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