Destined Lovers

Destined Lovers by Ayhelenk
A millennia ago , in a far far away reality they used to be Lucemon´s most loyal soldiers.
Events happened.
They saw the light, switched sides and helped the 11th to reunite the 10 legendary warriors.

Much, much later they would join the battlefield once more in order to defeat a much worse threat…and they couldn´t help but split ways.

Through a cycle of death and incarnation, reborn in distant realities, following different timelines it was unlikely they would ever meet again.

But Destiny had other plans and via unconventional, extraordinary circumstances they were reunited once again.

She was reborn as a human, he as an hybrid.

Initially they did not recognize each other yet somehow they couldn´t be apart much longer.

And when they finally were able to open their hearts to love and dream of a wonderful Future, Past would catch up to them…

Now they have no choice but to gather every available digidestined and digimon, ready to take down Lucemon and his minions once at all…


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