This scene is situated during Nova Takariyama´s first adventures as a digidestined. She was summoned against her will to a world called Digiworld and was tasked by a Taomon to form an army and free the world from a madman called Piedmon.

In order to gather an army she first needed to gather the scattered Royal Knights and make them regain their will to fight. The first one who agreed to pick up his sword and go against the tyrant was Gallantmon , Nova decided to assume the role of a king and managed to convince the Royal Knight by suggesting a new code of honor so he would be able to fight against Piedmon without any hesitance.

She would eventually gather almost all the warriors and they would become not only her followers but teachers as well, especially in the sword arts.

But Taomon always insisted that warrior skills weren´t enough to win a war, the spiritual aspect needed to be trained as well.

So on certain occasions,  Taomon chose to dedigivolve into Renamon and taught her how to meditate.



“To win the war it´s essential learning about your true self. Because it doesn´t matter if you are a digimon or a human, each soul can hold the key to unimaginable powers…if you can open your heart…”

“Do you think I will be able to discover my own powers?” she was at the first stages as a digidestined, when the digivice was nothing but a troublesome puzzle. Since Magnus wasn´t with her she had to discover the bracelet´s secrets all by herself, by instinct. Sometimes it felt as if she had to jump from a cliff with her eyes completely bandaged, risking everything until she was able to unlock one or two secrets.

“Of course, king-sama” replied the fox in a quite gentle tone “Otherwise you would had never made your way to our world…”


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