Meet Keruta Akirameta

Meet Keruta Akirameta by Ayhelenk


He´s one of the bad guys from my story, he´s an evil digidestined who follows Lucemon and Saturn Angemon´s orders without hesitation.
The fella is hateful, a true sociopath and he´d been hunting down several digidestineds and digimons from across the multiverse.

He is the complete opposite of Takeru Takaishi , going by  the Keruta name (which is an anagram of Takeru) and Akirameta (which means hopeless in Japanese) having long time ago relinquished his true identity.

Truth be told, his real name is Haruki Kuremi and is Kyoko Kuremi´s reality 09 male counterpart! (Which by the way, he despises her with passion. She was one of the first being captured by him)

He belonged to the first batch of digidestineds that were summoned by Clavis Angemon, a millennia ago, when a Quartzmon showed up in the digiworld and threatened to devour the world´s core Yggdrassil. The digidestineds fought against the villain but the task proved to be too much for them and ended being absorved by Quartzmon. Clavis Angemon had no choice but to summon someone else to both rescue the digidestineds and defeat the villain, his powers detected Magnus Takariyama traveling through the fabrics of the multiverse while testing his brand new digivice for the first time . Magnus accepted the mission and was given three companions, an agumon, a gabumon and a sweet digital angel called Akarimon .

Magnus succesfully accomplished the tasks, managed to rescue the imprisoned digidestineds and together defeated Quartzmon for good.

Everybody was delighted with the results save for Haruki. Instead of feeling grateful he was angry. He blamed everybody, especially himself, for not being strong enough to defeat the monster in the first place. His heart was filled with resentment and jealousy because Clavis Angemon ended summoning a wonderful teenager to do what a bunch of kids were unable to accomplish. And then, he blamed his own digimon, a Patamon for his inability of achieving true power .

The group was returned to their world (and the events took place 15 years prior to Tsurugi Tatsuno and the others´s arrival to the Digiworld) but instead of cheerfully remaining friends with the other digidestineds, he walked away from the rest after rudely calling them a bunch of incompetents. And instead of going home, he accepted   the Dark Side ´s call and became an evil Supreme.  In terms of evil, he´s way worse than Neo Saiba from V-Tamer and Kaiser Ken Ichijouji from reality 01.

He has no official digimon partner but needs none or so he says. Having a supreme digivice, the bracelet, is all what he needs to control any type of digimon.
Keruta seemingly follows Lucemon´s orders but you can never completely sure about his true intentions….

Here´s another shot of Keruta, joined by Saturn Angemon but I decided to modify a bit his costume.


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