Attraction by Ayhelenk

This scene centers in Shizuka Kimura, cousin of digidestineds Koji and Kouichi from frontiers. She ´s been dragged into the adventure as well and by a twist of destiny she became Frontier Angemon´s comrade.

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“I still don´t fully understand how were you made me change forms even if you aren´t my digidestined” smiled the now recently turned Crusader Angemon “But thank you very much, Shizuka-chan!”

Shizuka´s eyes shone like stars. A minute ago they were surrounded by  a bunch of Arkadimons and the angel, due to exhaustion ended losing his Magna Angemon form. But seeing Shizuka fighting the best way she could, never letting go her sword, determined not to die without having given all she had…no matter how hopeless was the fight, no matter if she was a mere human..her bravery inspired the exhausted angel to give it one more try…and the digivice she was holding close to her heart reacted to their feelings and the miracle happened!

Angemon turned into an ultimate  form never registered in the digiworld before and the threats were taken care with the Templar sword…

“You are welcome, angel-san!” she was so relieved that began to giggle “By the way, that look certainly fits you!”

The reality 4 Angemon looked at himself and seeing so many red instead of the usual blue puzzled him.

“You look like the digital version of a Templar soldier, only with wings” joked Shizuka “And let´s not forget the attitude as well!”

“The attitude?” he frowned under his helmet

“You look badass but in the end you are still the same dork ” she winked an eye

“In your dreams!” he ended pinching her nose, as a punishment “You impertinent girl”

“Ouch!” she protested in an over dramatically way “My nose is off limits, baka!”

They exchanged a challenging stare but ended sharing a good laugh. Then , without thinking, their hands moved by themselves and in a moment or other, they were doing the typical shoujo scene of holding hands while looking at each other non-stop. It was as if someone pulled a spell over them, making  them unable to pay attention at anything else.

“You are quite good handling the sword . Better than what I expected” the angel was trying his best to give a compliment
“Before I joined the hockey club, I used to train at the kendo club” she sighed. She wouldn´t confess that took part of the kendo club for almost 2 years due to her having had fallen in love at first sight with the captain and hoping to catch his attention she joined the club. Blessed with a wonderful talent at sports, she ended becoming one of the stellar members of the team, having won several championships and everybody´s blessings…she thought it was enough to make him fall for her only to discover, one morning, that the beloved captain had another person in mind…the following day, a heart broken Shizuka quit the club. The she tried falling in love with other guys to no avail, until she joined the hockey club. Until now she was so busy with the training, the spartan and most of the times, dangerous training that she believed she finally got over her unfortunate luck.

“No wonder you were so familiarized with the sword, you are a box of surprises miss Kimura…” his finger pressed tenderly hers. Shizuka couldn´t help but tremble with pleasure, he was sooo damn hot…!

Several images came across her mind, almost all of them involved sugar scenes that would put in shame many pocket love stories…her smile vanished and without notice, she put away her hands.

“Shizuka-san?” the angel wondered what was wrong with her. Why she looked upset?

The girl let escape a sigh filled with sadness.

“I can´t do this” she stepped back “We ..I…the more with are together…”

Angemon gulped, sensing her distress but having no idea how to make it go away. Her eyes were sparkling with intnsity but her lips were trembling at the same time…as if she was going to cry in a minute or so.

” We are in Wonderland and the earlier we defeat that winged asshole known as Lucemon..the better” she embraced herself “Because it´s painful being with  you. You are so wonderful, so gentle that it would be easy to fall heels in love with you…”

Her words were so surprising that literally punched a hole in his world!

“And I can´t affor to fall for you” she whispered, almost desperate “Because sooner or later we´ll have to part ways. Because it won´t take forever until Alice wakes up back in her world…and I can´t keep dreaming forever…”

And she turned around and walked away from him, leaving Angemon completely shocked with her words.



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