Greetings from a bad boy

The Reality VII Yoshino Fujieda, like her V counterpart, became a police officer after DATS´s disbandment. Now 22, even if there are no digimons in her life that doesn´t mean she has it any easier.

Not when she constantly has to deal with Kouki Tsubasa, former Byo-Hybrid digidestined and one of Kurata´s villain. He oddly took a liking to her since the first time she chased after him due to him recklessly riding his bike without a helmet.

Since then, he did everything to catch her attention and if that meant breaking the rules…

“WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?!!” Yoshi yelled one day, just when she was about to have her lunch break. She was going to head to her favorite diner when she found out a shirtless Kouki sunbathing on her car!

Greetings from a bad boy by Ayhelenk

“Waiting for you, of course” he smirked “How could I go around without having my favorite officer chasing after me?” and he shamelessly winked an eye at her.

“GRRR!!! GET OUT FROM MY CAR!!” her cheeks were red havanero , such was her indignation.

“But it´s so comfortable, brand new model isn´t it?” he kinda liked the vehicle, it was much better than the usual model.


Yoshi ´s eyes were the same as a furious tigress. How come she had the bad luck of being pestered by that insufferable fella?! A day wouldn´t pass when she, during her patrolling routine, would be greeted by that fella and since he believed himself to be a Daredevil on wheels, she had no choice but arrest him..if he ever let himself to be caught! It was irksome for her pride as a member of the law that no matter how much effort she would put on the chase, he, like a cursed roadrunner would always escape in the end.

“Nice! “he stretched his arms like a cat “And why are you drooling?” he couldn´t resist his impulse of teasing her

“I AM NOT!” nope, she was on the verge of having a nosebleed. That jerk ´s anatomy was perfect ! He could pretty much become one of Michelangelo´s subjects had he lived in the Renaissance …that chest! Those muscles…! Yoshi forced herself to unglue her eyes from him. God forbid her but neither Tohma nor Masaru ´s bodies could match his….wait! It wasn´t time to be appreciating that jerk´s six pack!

But while she was struggling to maintain her cool, Kouki , in a feline way, jumped from the car and his lips greeted hers with a surprise kiss!

“YOU ASSHOLE!!” Yoshi greeted him back with a slap on his face “STEALING A KISS FROM AN O9FFICER?! I AM SO GOING TO ARREST YOU!!”

“CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, DOLL!” and like a cheetah he ran to his bike, conveniently parked a few metres from there and took off like the maniac he was.

“YOU BET I WILL!!!” and Yoshino did not waste any second and entered her car, ready to chase that fella “I´LL CATCH YOU NO MATTER WHAT!!!”

And like always, she began a frantic race against Kouki Tsubasa in order to restore order in the streets…

But Destiny had plans for this unconventional people, love was just right on the corner. And the day Yoshi would finally get her hands on him she would get more than a rebel without cause behind jars….by the time he paid his mountain of tickets he would had stolen Yoshino´s heart. Years later after their gunshot wedding they would be blessed with a son.

Higashi Tsubasa would eventually follow his folks´s path by becoming a digidestineds…

The Reality VII


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