Joining V-Tamer Taichi

Nova Takariyama was 17 when she was brought, by chance, to reality 02 a.k.a the V-Tamer world. Taichi Yagami, now 14, was summoned back to the digiworld in order to rescue his friends who happened to be kidnapped by a new, deadly foe. Most of the digimons went missing as well, even Zeromaru and Gabbo! . The google boy escaped in time and found his way to Lord Angemon´s castle.

“Sorry for always burdening you with our world´s affairs, Taichi-san” said Lord Angemon “If I could, I would leave the castle and join you in the rescue. But I´m afraid I must remain here and protect the ones who are remaining, besides my wife and child…”

And that´s when Nova Takariyama entered on stage, ready to give a hand. Despite not finding any trace of her missing brother in that reality, instead of either going back to her reality or trying another one, by Tempus Angemon´s insistence, she had no choice but to stay a bit longer.
Joining V-Tamer Taichi by Ayhelenk

“Thanks a bunch for helping me” said Taichi sometime later “It´s comforting having another digidestined by my side…but where´s your digimon?”

“I don´t have a digimon” she smirked

“But you are a digidestined, right?!” Taichi was puzzled, they were heading to the enemy´s headquarters all by themselves with no digimon supporting them!

“Yup..well, I have an associate” she smiled  “But he opted to skip the job and went snoozing somewhere else!”

Her smile seemed sweet but Taichi felt a shiver. After his several encounters with Neo Saiba he ended learning one thing or two about him, especially the smile. That was the smile of the madman, or in this case, madwoman. She certainly couldn´t wait to lay a hand  over Ange a.k.a her Angemon, a.k.a Tempus Angemon, a.k.a the Winged Nightmare and make him kneel in front of her feet.

“That jerk!” exclaimed Taichi “How could he do such thing?”

“Neah, it´s okay” she kept running “It´s just part of my training”

She shared an unusual relationship with her digital angel, he was more than a comrade. He, following Kabuki Sakuyamon´s orders became a mentor besides her guardian. Traveling through different timelines was just part of her preparation as a digidestined. She wasn´t willing to join this mission this time, since there were no clues of Magnus whereabouts,  but managed to offer another incentive that she couldn´t refuse.

“hum…okay. I am confident enough to make it inside the building without being noticed and such…but why are you so interested on helping when this is not your reality?” just a few hours with her and he learned that she wasn´t a sweet, meek , selfless girl. She was into the job but …

“If we manage to defeat the enemy in less than 3 days, I´ll have HIM doing 3 months of  laundry”

“You are kidding!” the more time he spent with Nova,  the more incredulous became Taichi-san.

“I wish!” her eyes sparkled in excitement “There´s a mountain of clothes piled on the spare room since we are usually really busy and the laundry machines in Juiliard are always occupied…” she made a pause “So we always fight about who´s the one sticking with that horrid task”

“And how´s that related with rescuing my friends?”

“Once they are free, I WIN. You don´t know how much of a relief will be for me not touching that individual´s tights for a while. Especially after all the fighting, it´s hateful how much a digital angel can sweat…”  she almost laughed when she noticed Tai´s horrified face “Yup, I spend a fortune every month only by buying deodorant…and let´s not mention the tons of shampoo and hair conditioner as well! Having an Angemon as your partner can be SO TROUBLING…!”

Not too far away, hidden under the shadows, the mentioned angel sneezed. Of course he wasn´t going to let them stray from his sight. If things ended going south he would certainly intervene…if she pleaded for help!

“No dear” he smiled as well, like hers under under his shiny smile there as a naughty spirit  “You are the one doing the 3 months´s laundry”

“AND I THOUGHT THAT NEO SAIBA WAS INSANE!” declared Taichi “Who the hell are you people?!”

Nova limited to laugh. In the upcoming years she would remember those early adventures with fondness, Taichi-san from reality 02 proved to be one of the funniest fellas she ever had the pleasure to work with. So it was a given that the google boy would join the Suprem rooster…


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