Akarimon and the child

Akarimon and the child by Ayhelenk

First of all, Merry Christmas!!!! :xmas:
This is a scene that comes after fav.me/dass8ka and parallels this one between toddler Magnus Takariyama and a wandering Angewomon fav.me/da5hbua

“If only I had awakened this power earlier than later, dear Magnus would had lived..!” Akarimon kept saying to herself, now as Holy Akarimon, while wandering through different universes looking for her beloved´s soul.

“I promise you, Akari-chan, that no matter what we´ll meet again. I may become someone else and may not remember a thing but I trust my heart will be able to recognize you…you´ll see” those were Magnus Takaroyama´s last words, filled with so much sweetness that Akarimon swore that she would defy the laws of destiny and bring him back to her side!

But after entering to Reality 01 she suddenly stopped sensing Magnus´s leftover codes. Desperate, she looked everywhere. But no matter how much she tried the trace was gone!

“Homeostasis, please, tell me what I can do!” she ended landing on a park, with her beautiful face covered in tears “Without Master Clavis Angemon´s guide I have no one to on! I only want to find my beloved…please, give me a sign that my quest isn´t in vain…!”

She was ready to give in to desperation when suddenly something collided with her legs.

“Ups!” a toddler Taichi Yagami , who had been chasing after his cat (the feline once again managed to escape from the house, ready to explore the outer world thanks to an open window but today Taichi made it his mission to get it back home!) , couldn´t help himself and trip. His little tushie hit the ground and the poor kid began to cry.

“Aww, little one. Are you hurt?” Akarimon couldn´t resist the child´s tears and picked the little boy, momentarily forgot about her own sadness. Taichi ´s eyes opened like they never did before, he was being cuddled by an angel!

“Uh-huh” he was so impressed by the sight that he was unable to mutter any coherent word.

Akarimon smiled. She never saw something so tiny, so cute in her entire life! So humans, at their early stages, could actually spark like stars! And this one, only by looking at his eyes, had nothing but a very beautiful  soul…

“But I can tell you are the courageous type” she kept saying “I can sense it withing your heart, shining brighter than any star in the sky ” her words immediately reached his heart and Taichi stopped crying “See? Now the tears are gone”

“No more tears!” Taichi began to giggle, her fingers were caressing his cheeks and they tickled “I like angels!”

Akarimon felt something warm bursting inside her chest. The little fella was so adorable that since falling in love with Magnus, she couldn´t recall having her heart that shaken.

“Were you this adorable, Magnus, when you were like this one?” thought Akarimon, closing her eyes. Oh! If only she could find him…! She missed him so much that could die…!

“Angel cry?” asked Tai, now caressing her face. Even as a toddler he could sense that he wasn´t the only one crying that day…

“…yes” she found herself unable to keep a secret from that tiny human.

“Your neko ran away?” for him, most of the times, his main source of distress was the family´s cat´s bad habit of leaving the house and wandering through the neighborhood. The last time the entire family almost went crazy, placing flyers all over the town  because somebody forgot to close the door and the cat sneaked away and it didn´t come back home for a wee. Akarimon looked pretty much like his mommy when unable to find the pet.

“No, I´m looking for my beloved…” she bit her lips, only thinking in him made her want to cry again ” His name is Magnus and I tracked his remaining codes to this universe…”

The confused look of the toddler made her realize that her explanation was beyond his tiny age. But she  was feeling so well being by his side! Nobody had such effect on her, not since her mentor Clavis ANgemon and then Magnus Takariyama. The latter was the one who opened her heart to love.

“Beloved?” asked Taichi, really curious.

“His name is Magnus and I love him very much”

“Ah! Just like mamma and papa!” Taichi showed the most adorable smile , ready to melt the north pole “Mommy loves papa and papa loves mommy”

Akarimon´s heart wavered. Magnus several times told her about human customs and how much he loved his family, beginning with his biological parents and his adoptive ones. He also confessed that his biggest dream was starting his own family.

“Until I met you I didn´t know what I really wanted” she remembered his words “When the right time comes I want to make you my wife …I cannot see myself  sharing this dream of mine with anybody else. Hopefully we will welcome two little angels to this world, hopefully as beautiful as you…” Akarimon would trade her wings and powers if that meant she was able to be with him again…

“Don´t you get it, Akarimon?” an invisible voice suddenly spoke to her. The angel , astonished, looked around but saw no one else in the park save for the kid ” Your coming to this world isn´t coincidental”

“Homeostasis, is that you?” her lips trembled.

“Hoe-home…what?” the child had no idea why the angel looked so agitated. Besides, she was speaking funny.

“When a trace is gone it´s because  another one´s appearance ” continued the voice “What your eyes cannot see, heart does…”

“How come?” she asked, completely baffled “I don´t understand”

“Neither do I” Taichi felt his head spinning, he tried his best to understand the angel but it was like trying to figure out what those things known as books were about. If mommy wasn´t there to read his favorite fairy tales, there was no way he could sort out the messy stuff spread on the pages besides the pictures. He was totally clueless and he didn´t loike it!

“The one you are looking for isn´t gone, his soul has already entered into a human seed” continued the voice ” And this child´s path´s is linked to his. They are fated to become the digidestineds from this world…

The crest of light suddenly showed up in Akarimon´s forehead and began to burn. Several images showered inside her mind, leaving her momentarily  thunderstruck. Her mouth opened wide but was unable to mutter any word, so impressing were the visions. The visions lasted for mere moments but for her it was as if Time was frozen. When the last vision faded, Akarimon finally allowed herself to smile. Several events were fated to take place and were inevitable, but…but…

“If he could do it, so can I…” there were many things at stake but she was certainly willing to take the risk. Besides, she was already growing a fondness towards the little one “What´s your name?”

“Taichi” replied the toddler

“Cute name!” she caressed his fringes “I like it”

“Thank you. Mommy picked it for me” he didn´t make it a secret how pleased he was “Yours?”


“Ak…Kari?” it was hard for him to get it, having never heard such a name before.

“It´s okay, dear” she kissed his little forehead “I´ll probably going soon by another name ”


Akarimon already made her decision and was more than fine with it. She would had to forgo her name, forms and powers but she was more than certain that she would meet Magnus again. She trusted his heart more than anything else and was confident enough in hers as well.

“Your neko will be waiting for you when you go back home, so no more wandering  by yourself, okay?” the tiny human shouldn´t be running through the streets all alone. It may not be the digital world but it was a given this other world wasn´t danger-free!

“Are you sure?!”

“I never lie” she placed another kiss on his forehead before placing him on the ground. Her body began to emit a pink light, much to Taichi´s astonishment.

“angel?” he was witnessing true magic unveiling in front of his eyes “angel are you okay?”

“Oh yes” Akarimon was about to begin another journey, the journey towards humanity “Please, take care of me when we meet again…”

The toddler could never explain to his worried parents what happened in the park when they finally found him. All he could say was something about an angel which the paretns, of course, dismissed it as a typical child´s imagination. Taichi had no choice but to listen to his mommy and believe it was a dream since angels only existed in dreams.

But when several months later the Yagami family welcomed a new baby, Taichi clapped his little hands and gleefully yelled:

“Yay! You came back Kari-chan! ”

And that day he looked forward to protect his new sister besides the cat…


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