Meet ZeedOmegamon

Meet ZeedOmegamon by Ayhelenk

ZeedOmegamon is a superior form of Omegamon (fandmade, of course) and made his first appearance in a short story that compliments the main fic  Alphamon´s Challenge

and in Hikari Yagami helped Nova fight against Alphamon by miraculously summoning ZeedOmegamon in the astral realm.

Eventually , in the fic, Tia Yagami and Miyako Ishida ( Taichi and Yamatto´s reality 12 counterparts) accessed Zeed´s data as well and were able to make their Omegamon evolve into ZeedOmegamon. They will also pass the knowledge to Tai and Yamatto as well.

ZeedOmegamon , in the fic, shares a direct bind with  the Homeostasis.

Anyone is free to use this design , carpe diem! :blowkiss:


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