The Power of Akio Inoue

The Power of Akio Inoue by Ayhelenk
Miyako Inue´s Reality XII counterpart is a fella called Akio.

Handsome yet a bit of a weasel, a  dreamer and sometimes a fool. He  avoids helping in the family business like a plague because, according to his own words, it´s a popularity killer.

And a random act of destiny turned this egoisitcal guy into a digidestined, when a rogue Nagisa Ichijouji was selected to become the Kaizer and Tia Yagami´s group was overwhelmed by the latter´s evil forces. The Digiworld was calling for more champions and Ai´s grievous wish was heard by the spirits of the Digiworld…

Fate wished him to get the cutest digimon, a Marine Angemon.
Only to discover which kind of soul was really sleeping inside the cutie: Erosmon!

Thousands of years ago Erosmon used to be Venusmon´s most pampered disciple until the day he dared to say he was the most handsome deity from the entire Olympus!
Venusmon was so pleased with his words that immediately placed a curse on him and declared that he would only resume his form when he met someone whose egoistical nature would match his…hence, Akio!

Erosmon, though, before being stripped of his god-like form managed to place a spell over Venusmon herself

“I´m placing the Love curse upon you, my mistress, so you shall fall madly in love with a handsome IDIOT!”

Venusmon would fall irremediably in love with Makoto Tachikawa…

When Akio learned to begin cherishing other people besides himself, wielding the crest of unconditional Love, the blade turned golden and Erosmon finally came back to stage after so long….


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