The Power of Ai Hida

The Power of Ai Hida by Ayhelenk

Iori Hida´s Reality XII counterpart is a girl called Ai.
Composed, serious, the personification of politeness…that´s the image she worked so hard to project since her parents´s death.
Expected to inherit her grandfather´s dojo, she mastered the art of kendo since she was a little child.
Now 16, she should be satisfied with the predetermined path she´s been walking through…or not.

“Sometimes I wish I could do as Beethoven-sama and take fate by its throat…”

And a random act of destiny turned her into a digidestined, when a rogue Nagisa Ichijouji was selected to become the Kaizer and Tia Yagami´s group was overwhelmed by the latter´s evil forces. The Digiworld was calling for more champions and Ai´s grievous wish was heard by the spirits of the Digiworld…so she got Silver Renamon.

Unique among the foxes from Kabuki Sakuyamon´s temple, Silver Renamon wished nothing but to find out her true destiny. Why was she so different from the others? Why couldn´t she  shake the feeling of loneliness?

When Ai met her fox, it marked the meeting of two kindred souls. Just a single sight and both of them realized they met their match.

Wielding the crest of Destiny, when the blade finally became golden, Silver Renamon  reached a glorious , alternate Mega form from Sakuyamon :Kitsunemon!

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