Angewomon meets her human self II by Ayhelenk

This takes place sometime after Angewomon meets her human self by Ayhelenk

“Okay. A winged psycho messed up with the realities…everything is up and down…” grumbled Nova “My brother is missing since ages, I found myself dragged among a bunch of rejuvenated kiddos…”

“I still don´t get how you managed to keep your adult form when every single digidestined is back into the childhood years…”

Nova sighed.

“Yep, I´m still an adult yet I´m screwed up” Nova´s eyes kept glaring at the enemies that were surrounding them. Her mood was as warm and cheerful as the North Pole “The kids still retain their adulthood memories while the last 7 years were erased from my mind. I´m a 25 year old woman but I am stuck in my 18s…”

“For all I know you are a brat” smiled the angel , crossing her arms “Unless you show me what´s under your sleeves. Is that bracelet just a mere jewellery or are you finally going to fight?”

Until that moment Nova kept most of her stuff hidden, having opted to boos everybody around instead of actually displaying any of her tricks. But now, angel and woman, who at that time weren´t aware of the likeness they shared, decided to put aside their difference and work together as a team for Hikari´s sake.

“…” and Nova´s  digivice began to shine and the girl´s eyes flared so much that could start a fire “I am ready when you are ready”

“So shall we begin the party?” asked Angewomon, preparing her fists as well


And Lucemon´s minions would get a good beating from them…


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