The Power of Nagisa Ichijouji

The Power of Nagisa Ichijouji by Ayhelenk


Ken Ichijouji´s  reality nº 12 counterpart is a digidestined called  Nagisa Ichijouji.

A cool beauty, always studious, always composed. She used to follow her elder sister Hideko and wished to be as great as her until the fatal day Hideko died in an accident.
In the midst of her grievance, Nagisa ended inheriting a memento from Hideko that eventually would become her digivice. Like Ken, Nagisa was also fated to become the Kaiser in her timeline although her reasons to had fallen into the Dark side were a tad different: She wanted to force Yggdrasil to revive Hideko no matter what!
Instead of Wormon, she got a Cyberdramon as a partner and only God knows how much mischief this pair caused in both human and digital worlds!

Of course, Tia Yagami and her group were summoned once again into action , this time joined by the second string of digidestineds lead by Daisuke Motomiya. Nagisa ended seeing the light and when her heart chose to follow Good instead of Evil, Hideko´s second memento manifested at the moment as the Crest of Kindness. Hideko, though, wasn´t done and a miracle happened: the elder sister was brought back from death, only to be reborn as Kazemon!

Willing to become a digispirit and make up for all the harm caused in her name, Hideko will always stand by Nagisa´s side as her second partner.

And when Nagisa´s twin digivices reach the golden light, Cyberdramon , infused by kindness, will turn into Jikan Justimon and Kazemon will assume the AncientKazemon form….

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